August 24, 2015

It's the Little Things

Friday evening I got into a project that needed to be finished the next morning and forgot to eat.  The next morning I was rushing out of the house to pick up one last thing for that project and my husband stopped me to ask a favor.  When I asked what he needed, his reply was, 'Will you eat something?' He had realized I would be skipping two meals before I did. It was one of many moments that show me how much he loves me.  He puts my welfare first and always makes me feel special, even on days when I don't return the favor.  We had a moment this weekend when I was upset about something small.  He could have just left at his usual time and let me get over it on my own.  Instead, he stayed much later than he usually does, made dinner and cleaned the kitchen, watched a show with the kids, brought them down to say prayers, and tucked them all in before coming to sit beside me and just talk, about the kids, about us, about our feelings.  It was really wonderful. With him being gone through the week, those chats are what I miss the most.  When he is home he is making up for lost time in so many ways, but mostly with the kids, which is the most important thing.  But I love those rare moments, when it's just he and I and we talk about more than just mundane things.

I have a few friends who have recently gone through quite a bit of drama with their significant others and it made me feel very lucky to have my boring little life.  It may be hard that we are not together every day, but I love that when we are together it is good, it is sweet, it fills me up and gives me the strength to go another week to seeing him again.  And it's the little ways he shows me he loves me that do it.  He gets up with the kids on Saturday to let me sleep in.  He makes sure the kids get all their chores done and then vacuums the house.  Then he spends some one on one time with whichever child's turn it is. He makes sure I get a chance for a nap if I need it.  He makes sure every child gets tucked in with a personalized lullaby.  I am always impressed with the songs he comes up with at the kids' request.  It's something I think they will never forget.  In so many little ways he shows me that he puts his family first.  He puts aside all his needs when he is home and tends to all of ours. 

It's the little things that add up to the big things.  He inspires me to be a better wife and mother because he is such a good husband and father.