September 25, 2014


 Porter wanted to sew something this summer, so we sewed burp cloths.  They have come in really handy and they were a great project for a beginner.  He did really well.

 Charlotte has been very jealous of everything we got for the baby.  She tried to take it all for herself.

 Super heroes in their towels after the pool.

 Family reunion.
 Paddle boating.  It didn't work out too well for me.  My nine months pregnant belly just got in the way of my legs, making it really hard to paddle.  I am sure I look pretty funny. lol

 What does a duck say?  No, not Aflack.  He says quaaack....
  Tea party.
 First day of school.


We went to Cheyenne this summer for a little vacation/job interview. The job didn't pan out, but we have a good little vacation with the kids anyway. There was a children's museum inside a buggy museum that they enjoyed romping around in. And we went to a working buffalo ranch and they got to hand feed bison out of a train.

They rounded them up with a 4 wheeler and sent them toward the train.

They ate the pellets right out of your hand which, understandably, made my kids pretty nervous.

And this is what our car looked like after driving through Wyoming.  Yuck!

Summer Fun

Playing in the pool. It was so hot being pregnant in the summer, I gave in and bought a pool, and never regretted it for a second. The kids had a blast and I got to cool off at the same time. Bliss.
The boys did T-ball/baseball for the first time this summer.  Porter really got into it.  Gabe, not so much.  Mostly I heard how hot it was.  I have some pictures of Porter too, but I think they are on Adam's phone, so they will have to go on another post.

Picking strawberries and a farm.  Gabe was pretty wary of picking any because of the cotton that got caught in all the plants.  He thought it was spider webs.  But once Porter announced a competition for getting the biggest strawberry, he was all about telling ME which ones to pick.  :)
We had a visitor for a couple days.  She crawled under our fence, and after talking to several neighbors we found out she was a stray everyone had been feeding.  We got the shelter to take her in so they could find a good family for her.  It's too bad we have allergies here, because she was the most snuggly cat with such a purr!  I hope she found a great family.
32 week pregnant.  I finally figured out how to dress a little better during what is probably our last pregnancy.  Wish I had figured that out 8 years ago.  :/ 
Summer fun at the cousins.  Playing in the pool and jumping on the tramp.

Finally made it over to In and Out.  It did not live up to memory, sadly.  It was okay, but nowhere near what I remembered.

More pool fun.

Playing Catch Up

It's been forever since I sat down to update the blog, so it will mostly be pictures just to get them saved for memory. Here is Charlotte's birthday and then Gabe's. Charlotte got her own cupcake on her birthday, but basically shared Gabe's party. It won't be too long before they are insisting on separate parties, but while they are little, they can have a co-celebration.

We set up a water blob again this year and used a much better tarp.  They hada blast with cousins and friends.

We got a fire pit from my SIL for Adam's birthday, so we roasted hot dogs and then later smores.  It was smoky, but lots of fun with friends and neighbors.

 Gabe decided on an ice cream cake this year.  I will never argue with that, yum!

 Sneaking some frosting.

 His new scooter, with an engine revver.
 Ready to race!! Vroom, vroom!