November 06, 2013


I have discovered I have a serious bias when it comes to costumes.  The minion was great.  The pirate was fun.  But the fairy?  So cute!  I couldn't get enough of it.  Girl's Halloween costumes are just more fun.


Playing with the fluff or smiling because she can't see her feet.  Maybe both. :)

 AARGH!  Ready for trunk or treat!

Give me candy!

 Ready for the hordes.  We thought we bought too much candy, but in the end, it was just enough.

Notice both hands full of candy?  Porter held her bag for her and people would put candy in it, but then couldn't resist her little half smile, and put candy in her hand too.  Her bag and her pockets were bulging.
 Happy pirate

Different candy in the hands.  Every time I would empty her fists and pockets she would have people hand her more.  We even had people we didn't know ask if they could take her picture.  She was the bell of the ball and couldn't have been happier.  She rarely has so much freedom to just run around on her own.  I just let her wander the parking lot and followed where she went.  She probably got about twice as much candy as each of the boys at the trunk or treat because she got candy multiple times from the same people. 
They made up for it though, by trick or treating all the way home.  Loving their stash.  

Random and Lost Teeth

Charlotte loves to play with hats.

 Trying on the skirt I made for her Halloween costume. 
She couldn't see her feet, but she likes playing in the fluff.
 Twelve yards of tulle may have been a bit much. lol
I love it anyway.
 My first pieced baby blanket.  Not perfect, but pretty good for a first effort. 
Thanks for teaching me Mom!

The boys went to the dentist recently and he pointed out that Porter already had teeth behind his front teeth and they needed to come out.  They had been wiggly for a while, but Porter wasn't anxious to get them out.  We finally convinced him he needed to pull them.  The first tooth was pretty dramatic.  He watched several how to's on Youtube and decided he wanted to try and shoot it out with a nerf gun.  So Adam tied it to a nerf dart and they shot the gun a couple times.  Not enough to pull the tooth.  He then decided he wanted to try tying it to the dog and taking her for a walk.  We got as far as tying it on and he got scared.  So when he asked me untie the tooth I just gave it a quick yank.  Out it came and once he saw how simple it really was, he was a little surprised.  It was a lot less scary than he had anticipated and not painful at all.  

 We looked for his little tooth box that he had gotten at school to hold the tooth, but we couldn't find it.  What we did find was this left over Easter egg, so we tied some floss through it and hung it on his door with his tooth.  The tooth fairy left a note and thanked him for the tooth and for hanging it on the door because it is awfully tiring wiggling under pillows to find teeth.
 He was so happy about it that he wanted his other tooth pulled the very next day.  He decided he wanted to tie it to a door, by himself, and slam it shut, which he did.  He was very proud of himself.  He wanted to know what the tooth fair does with teeth, so after a little research on legends, the tooth fairy answered him with another note.  The very shiniest of teeth have magic in them and the fairies take the teeth and release the magic into the world.  He was happy with that explanation. 

My little Minion. :)

Gabe's First Fieldtrip

How did we get from this tiny little guy?
To this big guy ready for his first preschool fieldtrip to the firehouse? He had been with us when Porter went in preschool, but this time he was official.  Time flies. 
She is ready for her first fieldtrip too. :)
Get out of my shot!

He wasn't crazy about the idea of getting in the ambulance, but I thought once he got in he would think it was fun.  Nope.  As soon as I took this picture, he started to cry and wanted out.  He was not happy to leave my side that day.  

This guy put on all the gear and told them about it.  He said a lot of kids run and hide when they see a fireman in their house, so they try to make sure the kids know they are the good guys if there is a fire and they should go to them, not run away.  He wanted them to know firemen aren't scary.  Gabe wasn't having any of it though.  He wouldn't go near him.

He knelt down and let all the kids come touch everything so they wouldn't be scared.
 Notice Gabe is missing from this picture...

He got a tiny bit more comfortable when looking at all the tools firemen use.

He finally got happy when they gave him a fireman hat.

And then not....

There's a smile!

Jen's Wedding

As I said in a previous post, one of my best friend's got married recently.  They had a lovely ceremony in a park.  The flower girls were as cute as can be.  Don't you love the wagon and that sweet chubby baby?  Jen looked amazing and she married a great guy.  I am so happy for her.