September 19, 2013

Who Is That Masked Man

     We have a lot of superheroes in this house.  We have Batman, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Superman.  The list could go on and on.  But one that doesn't get near the attention he deserves is Super Dad. 

     Lately Adam has been working a lot of overtime.  He gets up in the morning, gets the boys up and moving to get ready for school.  He takes Porter to school on his way to work and by the time he gets home is bedtime for the kids, so he says prayers with us and then tucks in everyone, singing songs and giving loves.   He doesn't get a lot of time for himself.

     This morning he didn't need to leave quite as early for work and I asked him if he would like me to take Porter so he could sleep a little later.  No thanks, he said to me, and he got up just as early as usual and took Porter to school.  Then he came home and got Charlotte up and made breakfast for all of us.  French toast for the kids and eggs for me.  And he did the dishes too.  Then he went off to work and will come home again today to tuck the kids into bed and then listen to me for the rest of the day as I recount what I learned in my classes and how the kids did in their school maybe getting a few moments to talk about his day in there somewhere before its time to go to sleep for us too.  

     Just about every moment, he is doing something to make our lives better, either working to provide for us financially, or working to make us feel loved and appreciated.  He is my super hero.  Thanks honey!  Just keep those glasses on or the rest of the world will find out who you are and demand you save them too. ;)

Rub A Dub Dub

Gabe decided to give them a bath in the 'tub' one morning.
Charlotte is not a super smiley baby.
But I love how when I was taking this picture she just happened to decide to smile while her mouth was still full of milk.  As we say often in this house - silly baby.

My little minion

  The after school club has been Despicable Me themed this month, so when I got him this costume, Porter was pretty excited.  Halloween is now taken care of for him.  Gabe wants to be a pirate, so that is pretty easy.  What to do for Charlotte?  We have a bumble bee costume, and a frog costume in her size from previous years, but I kind of want something a little more feminine.  Ideas?