August 30, 2013

New School Year

Porter started first grade this last week.  He is loving it.  He got to be line leader this week and he loves eating at school and getting three recesses.  He has already earned 10 soar slips and gotten a prize for being a good example and helping out. He got to pick out a little stuffed teddy bear that he has carried everywhere with him since he brought it home from school yesterday.  They had a picnic today and got to bring one stuffed toy and he was overjoyed that it got to go with him to school today.   Does my heart good to see how much he loves school, his teacher, and all his new friends.  He says Mrs Ingabritsen is the best teacher ever!

Also this last week, my mom made the boys a teepee and was able to bring it to them.  As soon as Gabe heard Grandma had finished the teepee he ran to his dad shouting, "Grandma finished out peepee!  Grandma finished our peepee!"  I just about fell out of my chair laughing.  They love it and especially love setting it up in the playroom and having picnics in it, taking naps in it, or piling their blankets up in it and watching a movie.

Gabe also started preschool this week.  He was SUPER excited.  He smiled so big the first time that I could barely see his eyes.

We got a better one just outside the school to drop him off.  He ran right in an started making friends right away.  Adam gave us all blessings at the beginning of the year and something stood out for me in both boy's blessings.  He told them that they would both be good friends to other people in their class and good examples.  To Gabe he said that he could help other kids who might be nervous about preschool to feel better and to have fun.  When I dropped him off there was one little boy just wailing for his dad who had to sneak out the back door so his son wouldn't go running out after him.  Broke my heart.  I wasn't in tears over Gabe going because he was SO excited, but I could have cried for this little boy.  Gabe went right up to him and said hi, told him his name and started showing him around and leading him to where the toys were.  It was so touching to see that blessing in action.

Adam said I should put my picture up too since I too started school this week.  Yup, I am going back to finish my degree. I am doing it online and working towards a Psychology degree with a minor in Family Studies.  I have two years left full time, but we'll see how long that takes going part time.   So far we have all had a whirlwind first week and I am hoping that things continue to go well for my boys and that I can get a hang of this whole learning thing again.  

August 06, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

For the last couple of weeks Charlotte has been teething, complete with runny nose, out of control drooling, and a slight fever.  In the last week, all three of the teeth she was getting finally came through.  And then Friday night her slight fever shot up above 104.  There was even one night that it read 106 (scary!), but when I checked again it was 104.6.  I think I tested the side she was sleeping on so it was hotter.  With medicine we kept it down over the weekend, but with no improvement by Monday, we called and got an appt with her pediatrician.

 All day Monday, she laid on me or slept in her bed, only rousing enough to eat a bit for meals and then falling back asleep.  Her only symptom being the fever, the doctor couldn't really see anything wrong.  Her lungs sounded fine and her oxygen levels were at 100%.  Her ears looked fine and her throat looked fine.  She just sat in my arms and only put up even a little fuss when he wanted to look into her ears.  (She doesn't like it when I hold her still to take her temperature or when the doctor checks her ears)  Even for that, she didn't really fight it too much.  We were getting to the end of her last dose of medicine and she just sat limply shivering in my arms, poor little girl.  With no other obvious symptoms, he sent us for some blood work to see if we could get some more info. 

The plan was to go to the lab there in the office and get the tests done and then go back to the doctor and get a shot of antibiotics.  However, they didn't have someone at the lab who had ever done the test more than once and never on a 1 year old, so they decided to send us over to the hospital lab to get it done.  The problem being, they weren't going to give her the shot until after the test was done and it was already 5 by the time we left the doctor's officeto head to the hospital, so we weren't going to be able to do it until the following morning after the test results were in.

So we got going over to the hospital lab.  Thankfully they had cartoons on and the boys settled in right away to watch while I went around the wall to where they do the blood tests. (Let me just preface this by saying, the last time they gave her a shot she really fought being held on the exam table and screamed about the shots themselves.)  I laid her on the table and held her hand.  She looked at me and over at the nurses - two great guys who were so gentle with her - and tried to pull her arm away.  When she couldn't, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.  Even when they had to search around for a bit to find her tiny veins, she didn't do more than whimper once and go back to sleep.  They got what they needed and we headed back home.  The test results for the WBC count were supposed to take about an hour and they would let us know.

We didn't get a call through the evening, so we assumed everything came back okay and we would hear from the doctor in the morning about it when we went in for the antibiotic shot.  But just after 11pm, we got a call from her doctor.  He had just gotten the results and her white blood cell count was over 30,000.  It wasn't until later that I would do some research and learn just how serious this number is.  The two most likely causes of a number that high are a very serious infection or leukemia.  Scary.  He called as soon as he got the results and didn't want us to wait until morning to do further testing and get her started on some kind of treatment.  That time of night, the ER was the only option, so he called over and got us set up to go in.  I was a little annoyed when we walked in and the tv on the wall was tuned to a late night talk show and they were talking about porn.  Ironically at 11:30 at night it was only me with my little girl and another father in there with her little girl and a cut finger.  We both could have used some cartoons instead of the late night show they had on.

They got us in and looked her over.  Oxygen levels still 100%, her fever seemed like it might have even broken as she was a little sweaty and starting to perk up.  I think they took her temp and it was about 94.  They even took it twice to make sure.  Crazy.  Still nothing out of the ordinary.  He did think one of her ears looked a little irritated, but since its the only thing she fights having checked, it wouldn't surprised me if it was a little red from her fighting them.  They did a urine test and it was normal, so they decided to do a chest x-ray just to cover all the bases.  The x-ray tech didn't see anything, but the doctor took a look and said it looked like a little bit of pneumonia.  He thought it was most likely viral and since a couple members of my family have recently had walking pneumonia, it seems probable.  They gave us some antibiotics to have her take for a week and sent us home.

In the morning she seemed to be doing well, so the doctor said just to keep an eye on her and only bring her in if she doesn't seem to be improving.  So far she hasn't needed anything for a fever today.  Her temps have stayed normal on their own.  She has slept the day away, only waking really to eat, but she is back to drinking more, so as long as she is hydrated and resting, that is probably the best thing for her. 

The doctor is still concerned that the slight occlusion on her x-ray showing a bit of pneumonia is not enough to fully explain her incredibly high WBC count, so we will go back in and have them tested again once she finishes her antibiotics and hopefully they will be back in the normal range. 

I think we have had all three of our children given x-rays for possible pneumonia and all with much worse symptoms than just a fever, but this is the first time it has turned out to actually be pneumonia.  It is a little nervewracking to think that it can have so few warning signs.  I am so glad we took her in and SO grateful for a doctor who is ready and willing to be up all night waiting for test results and making sure my child gets the best care no matter the hour.  He was on the phone with me first thing in the morning to talk over the results and make a plan with me for what to do for her and to make sure any questions I might have were answered.  Dr Hyldahl for anyone in Cache Valley who needs a good pediatrician.