June 27, 2013


Six years old and Porter already has his first love note from a neighbor girl.

June 21, 2013

Random cuteness

She seems so sad in this picture, but I swear she was happy.
 She has a few curls in the back like Gabe did and I am loving it.
I can't wait for it to get longer and see if the curls sticks around.
 Her hair does really strange things when the elastics are taken out.
This day she had one pony tail and when I took it out,
it looked like a mohawk the rest of the day.
And I love her expression in this one.  She was hamming it up.

June 20, 2013

Gabe is 4!

Gabe decided he wanted to try a water blob for his birthday and it turned out great.
They were a little shy about getting on at first, but that didn't last long.

 It didn't take too long before it had a couple holes,
but it still held water pretty well and it just made it even
more fun for them to get wet while jumping.

Charlotte was pretty happy just to sit to the side and watch.

When things died down a little bit, she was able to get on.

When Adam got home he took her on and she really had fun getting all wet with him.
Gabe got a new bike and helmet for his birthday.
I love how hard he was concentrating to get his helmet buckled for his first ride.

He got one smile in and then he wanted to give me a thumbs up.

He couldn't keep his eye open in the sun and smile
and give me a thumbs up at the same time, although he tried a couple times,

Pretty happy boy.

She's 1!

Charlotte turned 1 a couple weeks ago.  We didn't do a whole lot other than go to the park.  She got her first pigtails that day even though her hair probably still isn't really long enough for them.  They are just too adorable so she gets them often now.
We forgot to give her her cupcake, so she got it the next day after Gabe had his birthday party.
She literally ate that cupcake in less than 90 seconds.  I couldn't even get a picture of her with it before she had grabbed it and was munching away.

 She didn't even get a bib until she was almost done. 
It was hilarious to see just how fast she downed it.  She really enjoyed it.

June 14, 2013

I'm having your baby

My heart is breaking today for a sweet friend who lost her baby too soon.  She wasn't able to carry her to term and the doctors weren't able to save her.  I can't imagine that pain.  Beautiful little Minnie went back to her heavenly home almost before she was ever here and much, much too soon for her parents to get to know her as they would have loved to do.  Thanks be to God for the plan of salvation or I don't know how they would get through it.

I know many parents who are unable or struggle to have their own children. It is a very common story it seems lately.  I wonder if it is really happening more and more or if I am only just in the baby years right now and noticing it more.  I found a show recently called I'm Having Your Baby and have been watching a few episodes in my free time.  It is a heartwrenching, and in my mind beautiful, show about women (and some men), who struggle for one reason or another with the decision regarding an unplanned pregnancy.  They have decided on adoption.  I cry just about every time I watch it.   And sometimes the parents change their minds and while happy for them, my heart goes out to those parents who find out in the final hour that the child they hoped for isn't coming to them.

  It makes me want to go have a baby for all the parents out there who's arms are empty.   I can totally understand people who decide to be surrogates for other parents.   If I fit the criteria for what agencies are looking for, I would think seriously about doing it.  Pregnancy might not be the easiest thing.  It can definitely be hard, but with our last daughter we got only a very small taste of what it would be like not to have more children when we miscarried so many times, and I can only imagine what others have gone through with that pain being multiplied many times over.  We have our three beautiful children when so many don't and I wish I could fix that for my friends and loved ones.

Being a parent isn't an easy job, but it is such a blessing, and one I want for everyone who desires it for their family.

June 06, 2013

Adam's Turn

Howdy this is Adam, just wanted to do a quick update. As we have already mentioned, we have to move, so I am trying to get back into teaching again.  After going to the temple I was impressed that Wyoming is the way to go so I have been applying left and right.  It is stressful not knowing where I will be the end of summer.  I wish I could just get a job and not worry about it, selling the house is stress enough. 
I got a call for an interview a few days ago, and I was set to drive out to Wyoming to take it.  But after praying about it I felt like I should not go, and so I didn't.  Which was tough.  Now I have to trust that someone else will call me for a job and I did not just blow the only chance I was going to have. 
I have this vision of telling this story later, about how my prayers were answered and now I have a way better job.  But right now I have nothing but stress, and I continue to send out applications on the wind.  I have a better understanding of that scripture, "Lord I believe, help Thou mine unbelief."  I know this is just the middle of the story, the end will be awesome.  But no matter what comes, it is always my choice to have faith. Things are going to be ok, the Lord will provide a way.

June 02, 2013


Yesterday I took Gabe out to dinner and a movie for his birthday coming up this week.  He loved Epic and then we watched the ducks from the patio at The Crepery while we ate our food.  It was a really fun evening just he and I.

Just a few blocks from home I saw a garage sale and I slowed down to see if there was anything interesting.  I guess the person behind me didn't notice me slowing down and as I looked in the rear view mirror, she was coming up fast.  I hit the gas, and I am sure she hit the brakes, but it was not enough to prevent the collision.  She hit my bumper and a pretty good clip. 

Other than a few things getting tossed around, we were both fine, so I got out to see how she was.  Other than being shaken up she said she was fine.  She looked to be only just out of high school or just into college.  Both of our bumpers had a bit of paint transfer, but other than that, no damage.  She asked me if I was 'going to call the cops".  I said there was no need, and I could see the breath leaving her in relief.  She was so relieved she asked to give me a hug.  She hugged me and went on her way as I went mine.

I got to thinking.  She was sure I was going to get her in trouble.  And so relieved that I didn't.  Is it just that our society today is so out for blood that anyone would take advantage of what was obviously an accident?  It could be argued that I caused it just as easily as it could be argued that she did.  Or had she been in trouble before and was afraid of more consequences for another incident.  Or both?  Either way, or if there was another explanation altogether, I am glad my first instinct wasn't to get upset.  Maybe another day she wouldn't have found me as charitable.  I know I have my days when the least things can set me off.  But I am glad it happened that day so I could give her that relief instead of giving her whatfor.  I need to remember that it could just as easily have been me behind her and on the receiving end of whatever consequences someone wanted to hand out.   I want to be the difference I would like to see in the world.  To create positive change and not be the perpetuator of the world's ills.

I have been thinking a lot lately about our move coming up.  We are planning on moving to Wyoming once our house sells and Adam gets a new job.  We have prayed about it a lot and feel like its what we are supposed to do.  There are no temples currently in Wy.  One is announced in Star Valley, but we will most likely be no where near there.  The few places we have looked into have a small membership.  Cheyenne, for example, is about as big as Logan.  It has three church buildings and nine wards.  Total.  That is a big change from just about anywhere I have lived.  Even Vegas had churches pretty much everywhere.  And NYC was getting a temple just as I moved.

As we will probably be the only members on our street wherever we go, it is even more important that we live how we would like the world to be.  To be the changes we want to see in our world.  I know that we are doing the right thing in moving and I am starting to get excited about starting over and learning a new town and meeting new people.  I hope that I am up to the challenge of being an example of my faith to those who may be unfamiliar with the lds community.  I hope I can give my kids the knowledge and experiences and strength to be examples and good friends to those they will meet and grow up with.  (Its interesting to think that my testimony has been strongest when surrounded by few members. Somehow its easier to let things slide when surrounded by the church and I have questioned a lot more living in the 'bubble' with the culture here -but that's a whole other topic for another day.  I wonder if it is like that for others and if it will be like that for my children?)

  I know that we can succeed wherever we are.  Following God's plan to the best of our ability means we know we can count on Him to make up the difference for anything we lack.   We are sad about leaving our ward and the friends and family we have here, but we are up to the new challenges coming our way because we know we are doing what is best for our little family.