May 29, 2013

Boy Will Be Boys

Grandpa and Grandma Sampson gave Porter a fishing pole for his birthday and he has been practicing how to cast ever since.  A few weekends ago Grandpa Sampson came up to take him fishing at a stocked pond here in Logan.  The boys had a blast.  The fish nibbled off the bait without ever being caught, but the boys didn't care.  They also didn't care that it drizzled the whole time.  They just loved being with their Dad and Grandpa having a boys' day.

 At Grandma's helping serve the rice.
 Remember these Grandma Sampson?  I can't believe they have lasted this long,
but both the boys have loved the 'slippery jammies'.

Eleven Months

I just realized its been over a month since I have written anything and Charlotte turns 1 year old next week and haven't put up her 11 month old pictures.  She is growing like a weed.  She is walking everywhere and starting to climb everywhere too.  I came upon her climbing into one of our living room shelves the other day, pleased as punch with herself.  So cute. 

Some pictures of the last month.
 Eating pancakes for the first time.
 Eleven months that day.
 She crouches down to get what she wants really well now.
 Modeling her gift from Aunt Kim.
Grinning for the camera at Grandma Sampson's house.  We went for their Memorial Day celebrations and a missionary farewell for a cousin.  Everyone had a great time.
 Crouching down to see just what everyone is doing.  She wants to do it too, whatever it is.
Just another gratuitous picture of her being cute. :)