April 24, 2013

She's walking!

About the time Charlotte turned 10 months, she decided to try moving around on the furniture.  It didn't take her long at all to decide to let go and stand for a few seconds, then longer.  And now she just goes where she wants. She can turn and stop and get just about wherever.  Now she just needs to learn to stand up by herself and how to walk in her new walking shoes, which she doesn't like at all.  I put them on her and she just sits down and tries to kick them off.  She gets pretty mad, and I shouldn't laugh, but it is too funny not to. :)

April 01, 2013


The Easter bunny came on Saturday this year, while everyone was napping. If we had been more on the ball, the bunny would have come the night before, but we weren't... We decided to take the great idea from a friend as we like the idea of having the bunny separate from what should be a Christ centered day.  It made Sunday morning so much better than hectic candy hunting and candy hyper kids in church only wanting to talk about what they got/found for Easter and replaced it with a quiet Sunday morning and day talking about the Savior.  I think it is a tradition we will stick with.
 Charlotte and her bunny-sock monkey.
The boys with their baskets.  They each got a ball and a small toy.
Ready to hunt outside
 They each got one side of the yard to hunt in.
 Gabe loved finding buried treasure in the rock box
Looking for the last one
 Found it!

 Easter morning, ready for church
 Loving their sister