March 18, 2013

Spinning My Wheels

So, someone not too long ago said to me that I am a really good organizer.  My reply was that I was just really good at getting everything to fit behind a door so no one could see it.  Today I had to do some actual organizing of everything behind the doors.  Its too bad on days like today that it feels like I am only spinning my wheels.

 I have worked really hard today to get some things looking better.  My pantry is much better organized now and everything is more accessible.  My food storage shelves are all organized downstairs and on a level the kids can reach so that I don't have to go help them every time I need a can or box of something.  I put away the bassinet that hasn't been used in a couple months and cleaned underneath my husband's side of the bed.   None of that shows to anyone but me, so it feels like I worked really hard for very little.  Later today I will fold about 6 loads of laundry and I will be really proud of all the empty baskets before they fill right back up again.  I will empty the dishwasher and fill it right back up again.  Later on this week I hope to organize the storage under the stairs and clean out my craft closet.  All great things, but nothing that really shows.   We did a bunch of yard work this weekend and normally that will show, but later this week it will snow again and cover it back up too.

I see and hear of all kinds of people accomplishing goals and doing great things, and I just spin my wheels.  Don't get me wrong, someone has to do the laundry and dishes, and someone needs to take care of all the behind the scenes stuff, but I feel like I need more purpose in my life right now than just the 'get up and do it all over again' things I am doing right now.  I need a goal to work toward that makes me feel like I am accomplishing something lasting, not just something that I will have to do again tomorrow.   I don't know what that is yet.  Hopefully soon.

March 09, 2013

February wasn't all cruel

February may have ended pretty harshly, but it began rather romantically, at least for me.  Adam decided to surprise me every day leading up to Valentine's Day with a little something and called it the 14 days of Valentine's like the 12 days of Christmas.  Every day I got a little note and a gift.

On the 1st day of Valentine's my true love gave to me
     Sugar free candy

On the 2nd day
     A really neat poem (that he wrote himself.  It was folded up how we used to when we were young and on the back he wrote, "this note is grade school love approved. :)  )

On the 3rd day
     A double batch of (homemade) pretzels

On the 4th day
     Mason jars (which then got switched for more sugar free candy since there was a little mix up.  He was replacing a jar that got broken, but since I already had another one, he switched it out.

On the 5th day
     Five golden rings!  No, just kidding, only one necklace  (this are verbatim from the notes. :) )

On the 6th day
     A card from your kids (they colored it and he helped them sign it, even Charlotte)

On the 7th day
     A music cd  (with romantic instrumentals)

On the 8th day
     A movie at home ( that I could watch by myself without the kids and he even stopped at the theatre and got me some popcorn.  Love theatre popcorn. )

On the 9th day
     Beautiful flowers  (which I saved the bulbs from and will be planting in the yard)

On the 10th day
     A unique puzzle ( a princess puzzle that I had to put together and flip to find his handwritten message on the back about how I am his princess. Brought me back to high school in a good way.)

On the 11th day
     A thank you card

On the 12th day
     A gift card to

On the 13th day
     Wonderful memories  (This was my very favorite.  He wrote to my family and got memories from everyone which he then typed up and gave me in a little box.  It was very touching to read them all and remember good times.  I will put it in my treasure box of memories and keep it to look back on.)

On the 14th day of Valentines my true love gave to me
     His heart - also dinner and chocolates  (well maybe this one is my favorite.  I am so grateful he chose to gift my with his heart and accept mine in return.  These two weeks just showed me even more how much loves me.)

What a wonderful husband I have!  He treats me like a princess every day and always finds little ways to show how much he loves me.  Its been almost seven years now and we always marvel that it can't have been that long as it seems to have flown by. May we look back in fifty years and still feel the same way.  I love you so very much Honey.  Shmily!

Charlotte - nine months

Charlotte is now nine months.  In the last month she has has RSV which kept her down for a little over a week, but after that she took off with milestones.  She has been able to sit up for a while with support, but had very little interest in doing it.  She would rather lay down so she could scoot or roll where she wanted to go.  A couple weeks ago, she decided she liked sitting in one place, but didn't really get how to move out of sitting to laying back down.  It didn't take her long to figure it out though.

Within the last two weeks she has begun crawling in earnest.  She can get herself just about anywhere she wants to go, but thankfully she is still slow enough I can catch her before she gets too far.  Here she was crawling over to see the boys out the front door where they were riding bikes.  She really really wanted to be out there.

And then in the last week she has started pulling herself up on us or the furniture.  Somtimes she will even let go of our hands and stand for a second or two.  She has taken a few falling steps, but nothing really like walking yet. 

I just love her expression in this picture.  :)

And this is what she looks like when she is really pleased with herself.  She yells and grunts sometimes with frustration as she is getting herself pulled up, but when she finally gets to standing, she gets really excited.

March 02, 2013

Febuary is the cruelest month

This is Adam posting today, just wanted to write down a few things from February.  February was not very nice to us and I am glad it is over.  It was a lot of normal challenges all bunched together and I really hope March is nicer to us. 
Early in the month, Amanda, Charlotte and Porter all got a bad cold, which was not so fun, but manageable.  I got the cold a little later and I still have it.  By Valentine ’s Day they were mostly better, and we a had a nice holiday.   But right after that Amanda and Charlotte got a fever and got much worse.  Charlotte ended up with RSV and had to go to the hospital for a day, only released with an oxygen tube tether and monitor.  She was miserable and did not sleep well for over a week, which means we are very sleep deprived.  Speaking of miserable, Amanda was getting worse and worse and when she went in to the doctor, they diagnosed her with sinus infection, ear infection and pneumonia.  Even after antibiotics she was still rather sick.  She is only now getting better from that after they gave her the better antibiotics.  Then our dishwasher died on us and we had to get a new one.  After we paid for it and before it got delivered, my car died as I was driving to work.  It took a couple days to get fixed and I learned the joys of Logan’s bus system (pro tip: there are no joys to riding the bus).  But the car is working now and will probably continue to do so. Probably.  I installed the new dishwasher myself which made me feel very handy, until I found the huge leak in the pipes under the sink that I cannot fix myself.  This has been quite a month.  And to top it all off Amanda had to get surgery yesterday to get a lump removed because they were worried about cancer.  Afterwards the doctor said it was benign and nothing to worry about, but that did not stop me from worrying all month before we found out.
                Although it seems like I am complaining a lot, we did have help for which I am very grateful.  We had family and friends bring us dinner which was much needed (and delicious).  We had neighbors watch the kids a few times and Mom Sampson and Mom Gibson both came on different days to watch the kids.  A friend drove me to pick up my car from the mechanic and saved me an hour bus trip.  We even got some extra help from parents.  And my dad came Saturday to help me fix the leak and also got us a new faucet.  Lots of challenges, but lots of help and blessings too.


Charlotte in the hospital with rsv.  Thankfully she only had to be there one night. 
 She was so sick, and was on oxygen at home for a week after that, but she is doing great now. 
What a little sweetheart.

The nurses were so good with her and we were so well taken care of.  It was a sleepless night there between stress for her, the constant beeping monitors, getting up with her, and not feeling well myself, but somehow morning came and we got through it.

The bars on her crib made me think of a book I once read.  In it the child viewed the crib as a jail cell.  That is what this crib reminded me of with its really tall bars.  At least they were easy to lower for her.

She had to have a pulse oximeter on her foot all the time for the first two days and it beeped incessantly.  It seemed her oxygen would dip down below 90 just long enough for it to register and start beeping only to jump back up by the time we went over to look at it.  Or her heart rate would go up and get it beeping. (They set the heart rate alarm way low and it always went off.)  Thankfully after the first absolutely and completely sleepless night at home, the doctor allowed us to just check it a few times a day.  What a relief!