February 20, 2013

Skirmishes and Mortification

I will post about Charlotte and the plague that has swept our house soon, but for today my mind is stuck on one thing. 

  Let me just preface this story and say that I am not that great a housekeeper and my in laws keep a wonderful home, so I always try to do a little deeper cleaning before they come over, but it just didn't happen this time and things that even normally I would get to haven't been done in about two weeks when we all started to get sick. My house was not clean to my standards let alone anyone else's.

So, to the story. With Charlotte getting so much worse over such a short period of time on Monday evening, I hurried and packed a bag for her, and we quickly arranged for my mother in law to come stay the next day with our kids as we didn't know how long Charlotte would need to be in the hospital for.  As I walked out the door I asked Adam if he could apologize to my MIL for the state of the kitchen as our dishwasher is broken and the dishes had piled up with all of us being sick.  It was all I had time to think of before rushing out the door.

What didn't occur to me until it was too late was the state of the stove top.  There is back story to the stove top and here it is.  We have a rule in our house that whoever cooks doesn't have to clean up.  But a while ago I started to find it a bit annoying that when Adam cooked the stove top got so messy.  Maybe my biased opinion, but I thought it got way more messy than when I cooked.  So I off handedly told him that he needed to clean at least the stove after he cooked. No biggie and I really don't think he even remembers this conversation, but I have let the stove top just stay dirty thinking eventually it will bug him enough that he will clean it.  Which hasn't happened in quite a while.  An embarrassingly long while.  Truthfully, it really wasn't something I was terribly upset about, but having said it was his job, it gave me a good excuse to let that chore go and not think about it.  I hate cleaning it since its a gas stove and everything has to be taken off and scrubbed to get clean.  I really want a glass top that is so much easier to clean.  Maybe next tax return...  Anyway, since he usually cooks and I rarely have occasion to do more than boil water on the stove, I just didn't think about it.

But let me tell you, I am thinking about it now.  When I got home yesterday I could barely function.  (turns out my cold had advanced to a sinus infection, ear infection, and walking pneumonia)  All I wanted to do was sleep and I could have probably slept standing up, I was that exhausted.  I had a really hard time paying attention when the home health guy came by and set all the machines up.  After a while Gabe made him laugh when he told him it was time for him to go.  I made Gabe apologize for being rude, but in my head I was thinking, please can this be done so I don't have to force my mind to think anymore?  My brain was shutting down from all the stress of Charlotte being so terribly sick and me being pretty sick and sleep deprived.   But after my wonderful MIL left, I walked into the kitchen with my amazing dinner that a friend brought and saw the stove top.  My head hung in shame.  My sweet MIL, who came on her birthday no less to take care of my sick kids while I was in the hospital with Charlotte, had cleaned my stove top.  It shines 'like the top of the Chrysler building'.

So a 'battle' my husband didn't even know was being waged was lost and I am mortified.   Not to mention the state of the rest of my house from having everyone sick the last two weeks.  Not a pretty picture. 

I am still kind of surprised today that that was the one thing my mind focused on out of all the worries and stress at the end of that day.  But  I am so grateful for my in-laws and how much they love and care for us.  I am doubly grateful that she was able to come at such short notice to help out and went above and beyond to do those little things like help Porter with his homework and clean my stove top.  I love you guys and my kids think their Grandparents on both sides are the greatest.  I must agree. :)  And thanks also goes to my Mom who brought me lunch and distracted me from worries for a while at the hospital. 

February 13, 2013

Eight months - sitting and crawling

She has finally decided to like sitting up. For the longest time she would pull herself over because she didn't like sitting. If I put my legs around her so she wouldn't fall, she would grab my legs and try to use them to stand or lay down....
  But now she loves sitting, especially when her box of toys is in front of her. And she is really close to crawling. She half crawls, half army crawls right now, but it gets her where she wants to go.


Valentine Dance

Porter's class did their Valentine Dance for the parents today.  He was so cute!  Very excited to show off his moves.  They danced to Achy Breaky Heart and Mr Chestnut.  The other class did a cute dance to You've Got a Friend in Me - a much better song choice than Achy Breaky, but the kids had fun.  The lights were low so the pictures aren't that great on my camera, but I had to get a few to document it.