January 30, 2013

January Doldrums

January.  Nothing much has happened worth blogging about and I haven't taken many pictures.  Mostly we have just stayed inside out of the frigid temperatures, only venturing out for school and when necessary the grocery store.  So here are the few pictures from the month.
 One of Charlotte's first baths with the boys.  She doesn't sit up terribly well in the tub yet, but she is too big for the baby bath, so Porter holds her while I wash her.  He loves being the big brother and helping with her.

 Snuggling in blankets on cold days.

 Building a snow-Charlotte instead of a big snowman. 
Delicious dinner from Adam. Yum!

January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

Cousins born a week apart.  Twins!

Snow Plowing with Grandpa

 Yummy Stringcheese

Rides behind the 4wheeler

Christmas Eve jammies

Christmas Morning

She stole daddies candy.  Mine!

 Kim's adorable creation.  We love it!

 To infinity, and beyond!

Christmas night at G&G Sampson's

Buzz jammies, Buzz wings, and Buzz Lightyear = VERY Happy Boy

January 05, 2013


Charlotte loves the jumper

Porter loves that he sometimes gets to do this job.