December 05, 2012

Porter Porter Man!

I am about to brag on my son so if that isn't the kind of post you care for, feel free to move on, but since it is my blog/journal, sometimes I just need to remember these times.

Porter is such a great kid.  He has had some rough spots in adjusting to kindergarten, a new sibling, and not having his best buds over every day to play anymore, but I think, knock on wood, that we have mostly gotten over this particular hump. 

He absolutely adores his little sister.  Anytime I need help with her, he is the first to jump in and entertain her.  He is always asking if he can hold her and play with her.  He can't wait for her to be big enough to play with him.  He sings her songs and dances for her.  It is sometimes pretty hilarious to watch.  He is the only one so far to make her really laugh and he loves that he can.  He wakes up in the morning and comes and gives her a big smile and talks to her until he gets one back. 

He has settled into his new daily routine now without the twins and is starting to make more friends here in the neighborhood.  He always wants to go out and ride his bike just in case some kids might see him and come play, and they usually do.  He is a little sad that it is getting colder now and he can't do it every day. 

He loves primary and always comes home talking about the lesson.  This last month he has been pretty focused on a lesson they had on service.  He is always asking me who we can serve and what other things he can do. Even before the lesson he would often come and ask if there were any jobs around the house he could do.  We have made bread, brought in the neighbors garbage, done lots of chores, and made cookies for friends and neighbors.  He never tires of doing projects for someone else.  If anyone reading this has some ideas for what an eager five year old can do, send them my way.  I am running out of light bulbs. :)

It took a little time and talking, but he has figured out that every grown up at school needs to be listened to the same as he listens to his parents or his teacher, and he is doing really well in school.  He is passing off his pages left and right now and I will brag even more on his grades since every test page he has brought home has had 100% on it.  His teacher says he is very bright and she loves having him in class. In fact, they have an Elf on the Shelf named Herman that watches the classroom.  Every few days, Herman will leave a candy cane with a note to a student who is doing particularly well and today Porter got one.  He was SO proud and so are we.

I am so proud of how well he is doing.  Sometimes I tend to focus more on the bumps and what we are not doing right.  I am always second guessing our decisions and how we raise our kids, if we are doing good enough, teaching them enough, getting through to them about the most important things.  Its tough for him being the first and admittedly experimental child.  We have to try a few different things before we find what works and feels right for us.  I am sure we will continue to make lots of mistakes along they way, but hopefully I can look at all great wonderful things he is and does more than the little mistakes or bumps along the way.