November 18, 2012


This week has been one of several firsts for Charlotte. 
First first, she had the flu.  Poor girl was her sweet happy self the whole time, but we ended up washing just about every blanket and pair of pajamas and burp cloths we own before she was feeling better.  Then the rest of us got it, except for Porter, who must have great antibodies, because it was a doozy of a stomach bug.  We are SO grateful to all be feeling better now.
Second first, she learned to sit up on her own.  I don't think we had even really tried it before yesterday, and she took to it like a champ.

Third first, since she is sitting up we pulled out the highchair for her to sit in the for first time. 

She loved watching the boys playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. )
Fourth first, eating food. Porter and Gabe and I made some pumpkin bread yesterday and she seemed interested so I gave her a crumb as her first official food.  She promptly spit it back up again a few minutes later onto Adam.   Today she got her first bites of rice cereal.

She liked sucking it in, but it will still take her a while to get the hang of swallowing it.


November 13, 2012

Porter's version of the Thanksgiving story

So, there was this place...Mexico, or no, just far far away.  And they had a king named Bravo.  And he told everyone they had to go to his church, but everyone didn't want to go to his church.  So they got on the Mayflower and went and went and turned the wrong way and then they landed where the Indians lived.  And they built a big Mayflower building, but that year half of them died.  Then some guy taught them how to grow food.  So the next year, they picked all the food and sat down and had a feast.

At least he got it mostly right. :)  It was fun to hear him retell it after learning it at school today.

November 12, 2012


This happens at our house all the time now. 
I wonder just what point she is trying SO hard to get across.
Probably that she is mad the walker won't move on the carpet
like it will in the kitchen. lol

November 06, 2012

Five Months Old

One Month
 Two Months
Three Months
 Four Months
 Five Months

November 04, 2012


I sent the boys down to get ready for church and this is what Gabe came up with.
At least he got it half right.
In his defense I think his shirt and pants haven't been folded and put back in his drawer yet.