October 26, 2012

Things Porter Says

The other day we were driving home from school when Porter asks, "Mommy, why do you call it a crockpot?  That pot you have, why call it a 'crock' pot?"

My off the cuff answer "Because it is a pot made of crockery so they call it a crockpot."

Porter's response?  "Oh, I thought it was because the pot was as big as a 'crock' odile......"

So we have started a reward system with Porter that has really gotten him over the hump of his adjustment to my not working with the boys anymore and getting a new sister that takes a lot of attention.  If he has a good day when he doesn't do anything extremely naughty, he gets a sticker on his calendar and a half hour of undivided attention from Adam or I with his choice of activity; reading a book, talking, watch a program etc.  At the end of the day we talk about the choices he made that day and see if he did more good/helpful/thoughtful things than unkind/naughty things.  He has gotten pretty good at identifying the good things he has done in an effort to make sure he gets that sticker. lol   

Anyway, last night he came downstairs to have some time with me and Gabe wanted to come along.  Porter turns to him and says, "Ok, lets go have a conversation about your day."  He tells me he is going to go talk to Gabe and see if he has been good enough to spend some time with him.  They talk about what good things Gabe has done, like playing with Porter and helping him do jobs.  "But you had some rough spots in the day too, like hitting me when we were playing on the trikes."  In the end, Porter decided Gabe had had a good enough day to join him in his half an hour.  It was pretty funny to listen to him repeat to Gabe all the things we have been going over with him.  Something is sinking in, hurray!  And Gabe enjoys that one parent having time with Porter usually means him getting time with the other parent.  Umizoomi was just too much of a draw last night lol.  Which meant Adam got some downtime while Charlotte slept.  Win/win.

October 15, 2012


So, I am not crazy about pictures, being in them specifically. I love pictures of my kids, but not pictures of me with my kids.  But after reading a blog post about a Mom that gets in her kids' pictures despite her insecurities so that her kids will have pictures of her when they get older, it has given me a lot to think about.  I want my kids to have pictures with me.  But I also want to be able to look at those pictures and not cringe.

Adam's parents gave us a gift certificate when Lolli was born for a family photo.  I want so much to use it, but I also want to really like it... so I am making a goal.  I need to start getting back to pre-baby, pre-miscarriages.   This is my physical goal.  Family pictures by springtime.  I have six months to get to where I am at least more comfortable with getting in front of the camera.  That is a seperate goal, a mental one.  I may not have reached my end goals by then, but I hope to be a good way to being there. 

I am putting it out there to give it life.  If it stays just in my own mind, it is just a thought, not a goal, so there you have it.  My major goal is not a number on the scale, but to feel better physically and mentally about myself.  Its a harder goal than a specific weight goal, but I think I am ready to tackle it.