September 26, 2012

Kitchen Floor Remodel

I did not want to remodel our kitchen floors.  When we first looked at the house we loved the floor.  It had just been redone and we really like the look of the tiles.  It was one of the reasons we bought the house.  And then.....  several months after moving in we started to notice the grout cracking in places.  In the last two years it has been a constant annoyance.  The grout would crack and come up and the kids would start pulling it out.  In the end I was sweeping up grout just about every day.   We knew that in just a few months we would have a crawling baby in the house and we didn't want her choking on grout that we had missed.  So the decision was made that it had to come up.
It took us a while to decide what to put down in its place.  We knew the tiling job was probably not very good, but we also suspected that our floor had too much give in it for tile to be a good idea anyway, so that was out.  Wood isn't a great idea in kitchens because of the water factor.  We considered laminate for a little bit, but that has the same problems as wood if it got too wet.  So, we ended up deciding on vinyl planks.  We went to look at our options, but every type of wood look that we liked was special order and we didn't really want to wait that long.  There were some great looking tile like options, and we finally decided on one we liked.  Coincidentally, it looks very similar to the tile were were going to pull out.  Its freefloating so we were't going to have the same problems with the floor moving and it was also one of the easiest options to install.
Adam's dad was able to get a weekend free and come up to help us.  We can't thank his parents enough for all they did to make this remodel possible. We really could not have done it without their help.  Really and truly.  Thank you SO much!
First, we emptied the kitchen into the living room and the baby's room.  It was quite the mess for a couple days and I was quite out of sorts for the weekend until everything got put back together.

Starting the demo.  We knew a lot of tiles were loose, but we had no idea just how easy it would be to take up this floor.

Turns out the mortar didn't stick to anything.  There were only little bits and pieces here and there that actually stuck to the tiles and it was easily knocked off.

All in all, I think we saved 70 full tiles and had maybe ten that broke or weren't salvageable. If anyone needs tile, just let me know.  We are selling them for half what they are in the store.

Underneath we found backer board, which would have helped, if only they had used mortar to fix it down. A few screws is all that was holding it to the floor, so we basically had a floating tile floor.  As you can also see they must have had too dry a mixture or waited too long to put the tiles down.  You can see all the trowel lines from the thinset that didn't even get moved by the tile when they layed it.

The linoleum underneath. 
 Hard at work.
 Taking up the last of the back board.
 No wonder they wanted to cover it up.  Yuck!

Putting in the plywood underlayment.

Taking a much needed snuggle break.

Making the floor our own. 

 The boys had fun coloring a bit and we all put either a hand or foot in.

Yes he is!

The floor is in!

Finishing up the last paint touches to the kickboards and trim.

Everything done but the last of the clean up.  It was a whirlwind weekend and the men worked very hard to get it all done. Thanks guys!  The new floor is great and with any luck we won't have any problems with it for a lot of years to come.
Loving the new floors all for her.  Now she can crawl to her heart's content and we don't have to worry about it at all. 

More Random

I have very cute kids.  Here are some cute pictures of them. :)
 Lolli's first jeans.
 The Divvy Up always has great costumes for my kids.  I will be sad when they get too big for me to be able to just grab something in their size and they are happy with it.  A bat and Curious George.

 So adorable.

 Gabe lost a battle with the pavement  the other day.  He has matching scrapes on both knees and a bruise across his forehead in addtion to the great warwound on his nose.
 Snuggling with Sis.

Everybody likes to snuggle with the baby, even Daisy.

Labor Day Weekend

Josh's little girl, Anna was blessed Labor Day Weekend, so we went down for it and stayed the weekend with Adam's family after for Labor Day breakfast; a family tradition.
 On the way down we didn't expect anyone to fall asleep, but Adam turned around and this is what he saw.  Porter had grabbed my pillow and made himself ?comfortable? and fallen asleep that way.

 Cousins born within a week of each other.  Such cuties! :)

 King of the mountain at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They had a lot of rocks for landscaping and the boys spent a lot of time playing with them.  The hill wasn't nearly as high once the boys got done digging in it.

We went back to school shopping while we were there and happened across these pajamas.
Gabe is always saying, "I'm batman!"  Now he has the outfit for the part, cape included. :) 
 He liked them so much he didn't want to take them off the next day
and he wore them to walk Porter to school.

Random photos from summer

I haven't been able to post on blogger for a while and now that it is fixed I am trying to catch up.  So you get a lot of random photos in a couple posts.
Aunt Robyn sent the boys some really cute shirts.  They love them, thank you so much!

Yes, I am important.  You better believe it!
 Ward swim party.  Her first time in the pool.  She was neither happy nor unhappy.

 The boys love the pool and I think if they had a choice they would spend the summer there.
  Looks like Gabe just disappeared out of his clothes. :)
I decided our bathroom downstairs needed a paint job.  The upstairs bathroom had been done by the previous owners, but the downstairs bathroom needed some help.  As you can tell by the weird green grey paint in the picture.
 The after photos.  We went with 'milktoast'.  I think the color turned out pretty nicely.

 Porter's first day of Kindergarten.  He was VERY excited

We had a visitor to our house.  This is the garbage monster from Ellis Elementary.  They made videos about fighting the garbage monster and keeping the school clean.  A friend of ours wanted to ask our a girl to homecoming and they both went to Ellis.  She lives across the street from us, so he asked if he could use our house for his idea.  He lined the street from her house to ours with garbage and left a garbage bag and a note to clean up the garbage.  When she got to our house he was waiting in the costume with the sign that said, "I will feel like garbage if you don't go to homecoming with me", and a bouquet or flowers made of newspapers.  It was really fun to be a part of it.  She, of course, said yes.  Her response was from what I heard was,
"That was a pretty 'dirty' way to ask a girl out, but yes. "

Summer Fun

We had a great fun summer.
 We went to the fair.  Porter was just barely big enough to go on the trampoline.  We couldn't convince him to try any tricks until his turn was over and then he was upset that he didn't do anything but jump.  Maybe next year.

 They love trying out all the big equipment and sitting in everything.
 I think their favorite thing was riding the horses.  We'll have to do that again with them.  I wondered if Gabe might be a little nervous, but as you can see by his huge grin, he had a blast.

  The weekend after the 24th?  we went to SLC to gather with Adam's family and got a couple great pictures with Great Grandma Cole.  My kids talk about her all the time and love her so much!

And some random photos of Gabe that I pulled off my phone.