July 22, 2012

Charlotte's blessing day went wonderfully and we are so grateful for everyone who came and took part.  It was a really great day.  We got some great pictures, so here they are.  Thanks Donald, for taking so many, so we had a lot of choices. :)

 The fam

 Mom and Dad Sampson

 Mom and Dad Gibson

 Mom and Lottie

 I think this one with Mom shows the best view of her dress from the side.  Mom made it for me when I was blessed and she put a new ribbon and bows on it to dress it up for today.  It turned out so fabulous.  Thanks Mom!
 Gibson side

 Sampson side

 This blanket is one that Charlotte's great Grandmother Cole made and has been used in lots of baby blessings.  Thanks Grandma! You were missed today, but a part of you was here. Love you.
 The stake just did a pioneer trek and got back on Friday. 
 Bishop thought she looked like she just got back too. :)

 Dad and Lottie

Mom Sampson and Lottie
Almost a smile.  Back in her 'comfy clothes' after church. :)
The booties you see here, which we also under the blessing dress, were made by Aunt Leslie out of yarn from Great Grandma Cole.  So she had something from several generations for her special day.  Thanks Leslie!  We love them and they were a perfect fit for her long feet. :)

July 21, 2012


We finally got the nursery completed.  Most of it has been done for a while, but I still needed a couple items for the wall and the curtains I had been procrastinating needed sewing.  So, here are the pictures.

 Changing Table

 Name craft that I made and a cute sign we found at Hobby Lobby.

 Close up of the sign

 Quilt rack DI find.  $8 and now I can display all our lovely quilts. 
Big thanks to our family, Mom especially for beautiful blankets for our kids.

 My Mom did this quilt and set it aside for the first to have a girl (since we all wanted it).
I was lucky enough to be the first and I LOVE it. :)
Each square has a different embroidered little girl on it.  Gorgeous!
I am using it as a tapestry because I want to keep it displayed.
 Porter helped pick this project out and choose flowers to go in it.
He loves helping on projects.

 Height chart from Grandma Gibson. 
Pretty soon Charlotte will be tall enough to be added to the bottom. 
She is getting taller by the second, I swear.

 And the biggest project - the curtains.  I finally found the material that I wanted.
I had gotten the light pink some time ago, but wasn't totally satisfied with it.  Then I saw the striped flower material and got excited to get it done.
The bolster made the bulk of the project, but I love how it turned out.  I had to do it twice because I didn't realize that the green foam was showing through until I started to staple the material tight.  Out came a whole lot of staples (thanks honey!) and we put a layer of batting over the foam and put some more staples.  Perfect.  We stapled the divots in so then I didn't have to have buttons sewn in; I just glued in some great pearl beads we found.  Thanks go to my husband for getting it mounted for me.  I used little pink door knobs to hold the tiebacks and cream ribbon with a little pink ribbon threaded through for the ties.

You also see the table that was my project a while back in a previous post. 
 Missing from the pictures is the rocking chair which is currently downstairs for
nighttime feedings until she is sleeping through the night.

July 16, 2012

July 03, 2012

Family Reunion

The family reunion was the weekend before we had Charlotte, so I am just now getting around to posting pictures.  I wish I had taken more, but as much as I loved being there, being nine months pregnant didn't leave me with enough brain power or energy to think of taking more.  These are the only ones I got; at the alpine slide and mini golf.  Everyone had a blast.  And thanks to Grandma, my boys got to go again because they loved it so much.  Sara even got to go a third time because she was  nice enough to get pictures taken of her going with my boys and they gave her the wrong ones, so they let her go again to get her own picture.  Thanks Sara!  The pics are on the fridge. :)

 We also did Mountain High Pizza Pie - a tradition when in Jackson Hole.    The whole weekend was really fun and it was great to have everyone there, something that hasn't happened in years.  Thank you everyone for making it great, and special thanks to Sara who spearheaded it this year.  We are looking forward to next year.