April 23, 2012


Its almost 90 Degrees, the AC is on, and the boys are playing in the sprinkler.  How did summer get here in the middle of April?

The boys, a little shy of the water at first.  Maybe let it get my feet wet, maybe my hair.
 Maybe just get my hands wet.

 Gabe is a lot braver now this year than last. Last year he wouldn't do more than get his feet wet.  This year, he was soaked in ten minutes.
 Of course Porter is already asking if he can turn the water up and move it to the slide. :)

April 21, 2012

Moving Day!

Nope, we didn't move out of our house.  We moved bedrooms to make room for a nursery. Now that we have our own house where we can decorate in our own style and have room to do it, I am more interested in decorating and creating a space for my kids.  Being new to the freedom to have a style has left me wondering what my style is. :)   The boys left no doubt what they wanted.  Western.  For Charlotte, we are going pretty girly and I have had fun picking things out.

We decided it was better to have the boys downstairs and put the baby's room upstairs for a couple reasons. She will be in with is for quite a while at night and since I am upstairs all day, it made more sense to have the crib up here for sleeping in the day.  Also for daycare/nannying next year, we thought it would be better to have a baby/child's room available upstairs instead of in the basement.  The paint colors that are already up are more suited to this arrangement anyway and saved us time/money/effort that way.

So one day this week Adam surprised me.  I was really tired and went to take a nap once he got home.  He came to wake me about an hour later and I found that he had been really busy getting things dismantled for the move.  He also had already called a friend to come help with the heavy lifting.  I was so happy to see it being done.  The boys were pretty happy to get 'jobs' helping out and especially to be getting a new room.  I basically made sure people had ice water and watched everything being done.  It was so nice.  I can't tell you how good it feels to have this project crossed off the 'to do' list.  Thank you SO much to my fantastic hubby.  Love you Babe!

The dismantling.

Moving things in downstairs.

Moving in upstairs.

Bringing order to chaos.  Rebuilding.

Happy little helper. He kept getting tools out to play.  Adam would ask him to put it back and he would say ok and put it away.  A few minutes later, he was back and playing with a different tool.  Apparently to him the request not to play with the tools only applied to the one he had in his hand at the time of the request. :)

Starting to come together.

What we have so far.  I still have the curtains to sew and some decor to put up.  Another post will show the finished project.

Yay for pink!  I have had a lot of fun looking at girls' clothes and I am grateful for everyone who has given me a little something to help out.  You have given me such cute things that I am sure she will look adorable in.  Thank you!

It was late by the time we got the beds put back together, so we didn't get the beds made, but as you can see, the boys couldn't have cared less.

They have really loved their new room.  One more room they are allowed to play in. :)

Boys bed made with their quilts. I get so many compliments on them. Thanks Mom!  The unfinished wood you see at the top is a secret hiding nook for Porter that Adam made.  What a great Dad!

The western look.  We are still working on it, but for now, they are happy.  We will probably add/move/delete as we go.

April 20, 2012

I love being a Mom

So the last couple days Gabe has had a little stomach virus and we have been using Desitin to help out with diaper rash.

Last night after getting him ready for bed, he turns to me an says, " I still have Daffodils."

I repeat back, not understanding, "You have Daffodils?"

"Yup, on my butt."

Understanding dawns. " Oh, you mean you have Desitin?"

"Yup, Daffodils... on my butt." with a big grin. As I am laughing he starts singsonging, "Daffodils on my butt, Daffodils on my butt." and dancing around.

Oddly enough, its these moments that make me glad to be a Mom.

April 18, 2012

Week in Pictures

This week was a pretty busy one. First we needed to get all the yard clean up done before the city was ready to come collect it. Adam and Porter got busy and loaded ten bags with leaves and debris that had been blown into our yard over the winter as well as grass clippings. And the big pile of branches from trimming the huge spruce last year as well as trimming our pear tree this week. That is is whole lot of green waste. Who knew we had so much?

Our flowers have all started blooming and I am loving seeing them each day. I love how vibrant the red tulips are. Even closed they are so pretty. Thanks again to the previous owners. And the pink ones (I forget what they are called) smell so good. All I have to do is walk to that corner of our yard and the aroma makes everything sweeter. Ignore the weeds. I am blaming all the rain and being pregnant for ignoring them myself. :)
This was taken about two weeks ago. The grape hyacinths are blooming even more now and they are so beautiful. And the tulips I transplanted last year came back this year, yay! I don't have a completely black thumb after all. Unfortunately though, the other things I planted last year didn't fare so well. All the silver mound I put in hasn't come back, so I only have the one I planted the first summer. Neither has the creeping myrtle, though maybe it will later. (fingers crossed) So that corner of the yard doesn't get a picture because it is so sad looking...

Adam was giving the boys mysteries to solve the other day so I went and found a magnifying glass and they loved trying to find clues. Gabe kept wanting to either have it right on his eye or right on the object. It took a long time to convince him it would work better to have it somewhere in between. He was pretty surprised when he finally figured out how to move it back and forth to change the size of what he was looking at.

Porter discovering that is was time to vacuum (in my opinion). He was finding way to many 'clues' on the ground.
The gloves from the yard work. Gabe found them Sunday morning and had fun putting them on.

April 09, 2012


We left our camera out in the cold overnight, so we didn't get many pictures of the morning hunt (the battery had to recharge), but we did get a couple later. I wish I had gotten pictures of the night before because my sisters surprised me with a pedicure and facial for my birthday. It was great, thanks girls!
At the ward's egg hunt the boys saw someone else using his basket as a hat, so they thought that was a great idea.

Easter morning. Porter was too busy concentrating on his loot to move to a better spot for a picture or smile.
One of the girls got a My Little Pony and Gabe was stealing it all morning long to comb the hair and play with it.
Later on we were introduced to the Easter tradition of Boiled Egg Baseball. I think there were about 15 dozen eggs boiled the night before, a few colored for the kids and then set aside for the next day. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the carnage in the field. A great time was had by all as you can see. We had to take Daisy in after a while because she was too interested in eating all the eggs.
Now that is some concentration!
Porter at bat
Determined to make contact with that egg


Thursday and Friday were Porter's and my birthdays. So we celebrated by going to a movie together; Mirror Mirror. We both really enjoyed it. Porter ate so much food I thought he would burst, but I guess he is headed for a growth spurt because he has kept it up over the last several days. Adam gave me this beautiful jewelry*. Love it! Thanks Hon! He also took the next day off so he could give me a break and helped clean up the house before we left for the weekend so I could come home to a clean house and last night when we got home, I appreciated it once again.

*So, Porter and Gabe and I were shopping the other day and we stopped to look at this necklace. We all liked it and I was tempted to buy it. Luckily I didn't. I didn't realize then that Adam had already seen this same necklace on a different day and bought it for me. Interesting that we never looked at it together, but he knew I would like it. And he was right. :)
For Porter's birthday he got to pick out a bike. He has been ready for one for a while, but since his birthday coincides with the warmer weather, we held out until now. He loved the helmet so much we had a hard time getting him to take it off.
He is still learning how much strength a big bike takes over a trike, but he loves it and is learning fast. As you can see in the picture, he picked out his own clothes that day as well. So we get socks and crocs and mismatched everything, but it made him happy.

April 02, 2012

We're alive

Haven't posted in a bit, so I thought I would let everyone know we are alive and well. It has been a great conference weekend. So nice not to have to get anyone ready for church or pack a diaper/snack/distractions bag. And it seemed like a lot of the talks were just what we needed right now. I love it when that happens, because it means I was at least a little in tune with the spirit while I listened.

Pregnancy wise everything is moving ahead. This week marks moving into the third trimester. My initial worries about miscarriage are behind me and I am looking more and more forward to having this little girl here in my arms.

She is a mover and a shaker and the boys have had a great time feeling her kick. Gabe isn't patient enough to sit still and wait for it yet; he really wants to feel it, but just can't keep his hand still in one place long enough. Porter, on the other hand, loves to snuggle up and sit with his hand on my stomach 'just in case' she kicks. He has felt it once or twice and thinks it pretty neat. The first time it happened, he was amazed. I loved seeing his reaction and his realization that there really is a little baby in there. They both love to give the baby hugs and the other day Gabe just walked up out of the blue and kissed my stomach and said, " I love you baby." Aw, just melted me. Porter told me last night, " I am so glad we are getting a girl. I always wanted a sister, and not we get one". They will be great big brothers.

It is spring break this week, so I am hoping to make more progress on the kids' rooms. Most everything is cleaned out of the boys' new room. Just one or two little items need to find new homes now. I am excited to get things shifted so I can start with decorating. Porter and Gabe want a Cowboy room, so we have been looking at material for new curtains. Thomas the Train just doesn't cut it anymore. :) I have a lot of western items already so we can just put those up and they will be all set. I picked up some material for Charlotte's curtains, and just need to get them sewn. Hopefully this week. I am not a big fan of pink or girly colors for myself, but I find myself excited to put lots of little girly tchotchkis in her room just because. I will have to curb that as I am also not a fan of having to dust everything.

Porter is doing well in preschool. He is reading a bit now and well on his way to being ready for kindergarten. We had an orientation last week at his school and he got a few things to work on for the summer. He was a little disappointed that he didn't get to see his classroom or meet his teacher yet, but I guess that will come later on in the summer. He is very excited about going to school. He turns five this week and knows that is the key to school. lol His only request for his birthday was making cupcakes with Grandma Gibson. What a sweet kid.

Gabe is doing well too. He is finally growing and is now too tall for his size 18 mth pants. Finally. I am happy this coincides with the weather getting warmer. He has plenty of shorts so if we can just make his current pants last just a bit longer, we can switch over to shorts for the summer. He is still just as sweet as always.... most of the time. Just as Porter did right before 3, Gabe has hit the terrible 2's and hit them hard. I can hardly turn my back without him getting into some kind of mischief. He is very quick with an apology, but I don't think he gets yet that 'sorry' doesn't make it ok to do whatever you want. Porter is definitely getting his comeuppance now that Gabe has no problem retaliating. It has been interesting/hilarious/frustrating to watch.

Ooh, I almost forgot. Us. Adam was in the top 1% of the company at work, so that earned him an all expense paid trip to Florida for the two of us. We are both looking forward to the vacation. We didn't think we would get one this year with the baby coming this summer, so it works out perfectly. Hopefully the doctor doesn't change his mind about giving me clearance for the flight. That would be a real bummer. Keep your fingers crossed. :) And woohoo, way to go Adam for being so awesome! I love that he works so hard at his job and that he gets rewarded occasionally for it. This job hasn't been an easy one for him, but he always puts his all into it. I am glad to see them acknowledging that.

So that is us. Doing well, keepin on keepin on. :)