March 19, 2012

Crafty Project

Once I embarked on this craft, I told Adam we couldn't change the baby's name because I had already bought all the letters. :) We had talked about this name just after our last pregnancy for if we ever had a girl. I assumed by the time it came around there would be another name that appealed. That hasn't happened. Even though we have looked at a lot of other names ( once we found out how popular it was, we tried really hard to find something else we liked as much), nothing else we have tried on for size has felt right. This just feels right.

I had seen a few different ideas on etsy and thought I would give it a shot. I knew that I may not be able to do it better, but I could certainly do it cheaper, so I went out, bought all the supplies, and got painting. The hardest part was deciding what scrapbook paper to choose. I think I got a few from each craft store in town and then had to narrow it down to the best coordinating ones.
I painted all the blocks in 'vanilla' and the letters in 'espresso'. I almost left it just like that because I really liked the contrast, but I couldn't resist girlying it up. :)
I still haven't made the final decision on which colors will go with which letters or just how I will display it. Do you know how long a 9 letter name is?! It takes up the table to display it in the smallest configuration. lol Good thing she will get a shorter nickname.

So, without further ado ...... The name we have picked for our daughter is........................

The paper designs are much prettier in person. Some have sparkles and some are shiny. But my flash just washes everything out, so you will just have to visit to see how great it really is once we have the bedroom done and figure out how we are putting it up. :)

These are all the configurations we have come up with. I have it set up so it can be every other one aqua then pink. I originally thought I wanted them tilted, but maybe I should turn them so they will fit closer together? Any ideas are appreciated.

March 08, 2012

Make my Day

The first of my spring flowers are up. That just made my day. This is the most sheltered of my flower beds, but it is a sure sign that spring is really coming. Yay! I was surprised that most of the ornamental grass stayed green all the way through winter.
And you can see behind these white ones that the tulips are still making their way up. These are the ones I transplanted here last year, so I am excited to see some of them made it.

March 07, 2012

Calgon Take Me Away

So this is a complaining post. If you don't want to hear me whine, stop now. You have been warned...

I will be the first to say how wonderful pregnancy is. We are so grateful to be pregnant and already love our little girl. I love feeling all the kicks and movement, telling me she is doing well.

However, I have hit a point where it seems that nothing about my body works the way it should. Everything aches, I am tired all the time, and, of course, nothing fits anymore.

I have struggled with bursitis in my right hip for a few years now. It comes and goes, but with this pregnancy it has been constant. Now my left side has sciatica, sending shooting pains from my hip to my foot. Sitting is uncomfortable, standing little better, and walking can be quite painful.

My blood pressure has been fine. I will be taking my monitor with me to my next appointment just to double check that it is calibrated correctly, but all my numbers at home have been fine. I have had one or two highish measurements, but a retake a few minutes later is always in the normal range. I am much more likely to have low readings. 95/70 is not uncommon. But until I get the go ahead from my Dr, I am still supposed to take it easy.

Both these things leave me with very little activity, making my whole body/mind ache to move. And now that my body is starting to gain a little weight and my sweet tooth is returning, that leaves me feeling worse emotionally. I know that every pound I gain is one I have to take off again and though I am fine with gaining whatever she needs to be healthy, I don't want to gain unneeded weight from inactivity. In the end, I will do what is best for this little baby, but it doesn't make it easy to take.

Heartburn has started and isn't easily controlled with Zantac this time. I have had some gallbladder issues as well, something no pain medicine can touch. I have terrible round ligament pain, especially at night, just about every time I roll over. And crazy dreams don't help in getting rest. And the maternity clothes. Ugh. Nothing fits right. I don't mind the tops, although I would like to have a little talk with whoever designs them to show maximum cleavage for women who are struggling with out of control cleavage anyway. But the pants, oh the pants! Nothing fits right. Underbelly pants cut in all the wrong places, and overbelly ones just slide off me. I keep having to adjust and pull them up every few seconds. Ugh. and at least $50 for a pair. Are you kidding me?! I hate spending money, especially that kind of money, for something I don't like and will only wear for a few months at most. Ay yi yi.

All, in all, I just want to whine and complain today. All these things are fleeting and I would take them and much more for this little one, but for today, I just feel like wallowing.

One thing I have noticed this time is that I feel a much stronger connection with this baby than I have previous. Maybe its because I can't take a moment for granted. Losing a few pregnancies has made this one all the more precious, and I have tried to enjoy and take in everything. So far, I have been able to do that. I was grateful every time I threw up because it meant my body was doing what it needed to give life. I have been okay with being overwhelmingly tired some days because I know my body needs to give this little girl everything she needs.

I am sure in a day or two, I will be right back to enjoying what may be my last pregnancy. You never know when it will be the last, and I want to take it in while I can. But honestly, I don't feel that today, and that is ok. For today, I hurt physically and emotionally, and I am going to give myself permission to wallow and feel bad for myself.

Since I don't have a tub nice enough to get some Calgon, icecream will do today. Mmmm, Dove icecream bars. Yup, that'll be just the thing...

March 03, 2012

Pooping chickens

We went to the store today and the boys found these squishy light up chickens. Since they were only a dollar, both of the boys got to pick one out.

In the car on the way home, Porter says to me, "My chicken pooped."

Playing along I reply, "Ew, I don't want a pooping chicken."

He quickly returns with, "Its okay Mommy. I have a little tiny box for him to poop in. He's a potty trained chicken, you know. "


So its been a couple weeks, but I have been trying to figure out how to burn the ultrasound dvd to the computer so I could load it, which I ended up not being able to do, and I am usually on the laptop and too far away from the scanner to put the picture in (too lazy). Anyway, I am at the desktop this morning and finally got it scanned in.

There she is. Yup, it is a girl. If I don't have contact with you on facebook, or in person, here is the news. We are getting a little girl! I am pretty excited about it and the boys are over the moon and telling everyone they see, including perfect strangers. It is kind of funny to see their enthusiasm. Porter even took the ultrasound pictures the next day for his show and tell at preschool.

Anyway, things are good. The baby looks great. There was a little concern over my boodpressure, so they had me get a monitor at home to keep track of it. I have only had one or two pressures go slightly high and keeping my activity down has kept my bp down, so everything has been fine with that too.

Thanks so much for all the support we have gotten from everyone. We have felt very loved.

March 02, 2012

The New Do

He loved getting a haircut and he loves his new do.

He reminds me just a bit of his cousin Sammy in this picture. Except WAY shorter. :)

*Yes that is a gigantic hole he tore in his pants today while he was supposed to be sleeping....

Here We Go

This is what my days look like now. I had been putting off potty training Gabe until the baby was born, because I didn't want to deal with the regression I was sure would happen. But he is very ready, and has been eager to use the 'froggy potty' to get M&Ms. So far, so good. Porter is even enjoying showing him just what to do and cheering him on when he succeeds.

Oh, and all those beautiful curls on Gabe's head - gone now. I took him in for a trim and he left with practically no hair. :( He is still incredibly cute, but it is always sad to see his curls disappear with a haircut.