January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

I haven't felt like blogging much lately, but I did want to get the Christmas pictures up. Its only a month later. That's not bad, right?

The kids with the nativity calendar. They were too excited to get on the road to Grandma's house to look at the camera.

Their cousin Eden. Such a cute reindeer. She was a gingerbread girl earlier, but somehow I missed getting a picture.

Porter Cracking everyone up before Christmas Eve dinner.

Gabe loves to play the piano. Thankfully his cousin was all to happy to let him plunk along.
Even taught him how to do a run, I think its called?

Getting ready for the Nativity.

Porter wasn't really into it at first, but he did great.

Gabe was very excited to see the baby Jesus.

He kept looking in the manger and then standing up and folding his arms. It was so cute.

The kids were just about done for the night, so it was hard to get anyone looking at the camera.

Gabe finally got to carry around the baby and he was in heaven. :)

New jammies and opening cards and gifts with Great Grandma Cole.

Christmas morning. Santa got them one big gift and a few puzzles. They have been playing with it ever since.

Gabe would touch something and hear its sound and not really have any visible reaction. Then he would touch it a second time and make this face. Hilarious!

Just before church. Having church made for a great Christmas spirit this year.

All set up at home and ready to play.

It was a great Christmas. It was so nice to be together with family and especially nice that Adam had the day after off, so he didn't have to rush back to work. We were able to really enjoy our holiday vacation this year.

January 09, 2012

Kids Say

Porter - I love you to the Moon and back

Me - I love you to the Sun and back

Dad - I love you to Alpha Centauri and back

Porter - Whoa

I pick up Gabe and we start.

Gabe - I love you to the Moon and back

Me - I love you to the Sun and back

Gabe - (With a giggle and a grin) Noo you don't!

So much for that game... :)

January 07, 2012

Kids Say

As I am getting Gabe ready for bed tonight, I take off his clothes and his diaper, and he starts laughing, saying "Naked Gabey, naked Gabey" and doing his little happy wiggle.

I reply, "All the better to tickle you!" and start tickling him.

Porter walks in and says "You are right Mommy. It is easier to tickle someone when they are naked. You are certainly correct."

Bahaha! I love my kids!