December 16, 2011

Mover and a Shaker

We had an Dr appointment yesterday. Since I am not quite 13 weeks yet, and due to my recent history, they went ahead and did a full ultrasound to check the baby instead of just using the doppler. The boys loved it!

They were so excited to see the baby dancing around, frustrating the doctor because s/he wouldn't stop moving around long enough to get a good count of the heartbeat. He did finally get it, and it was beautiful and strong. This little one is doing really well and we couldn't be more grateful. After twelve weeks, where we are now, the danger of miscarriage goes way down, so we are counting our blessings.

Porter has decided it is a girl. As soon as he saw the baby on the screen, he started saying 'she' and 'her'. Funny, since to this point, he has been steadfast about wanting a brother. After seeing the baby yesterday, he keeps saying he is getting a sister. Gabe too. Hmmmmm. Wonder if they have the inside track on something? :)

Quote of the day - On our way to the appt yesterday, we passed the hospital, and I told the boys that was where Gabe was born. Porter's reply, "Did you 'pop me out' there too?" I have no idea where he heard that phrase, but it really cracked me up. If anybody else said that, I would think it a bit crass, but from him, it was just plain funny.

When we got home Porter was asking how the baby would come out. I should have known it was coming. He is at that stage where he has 3000 questions about every subject. I borrowed the answer from my friend Camille and just said Mommy's have a special place for babes to grow and come out. He was very sad that boys can't have babies in their tummies. He kept saying when he is a grown up, his is going to have a baby in his tummy, and he was upset when I said he wife would be the one to have the baby in her tummy. He didn't really understand even when I explained it, that the baby would still be his - just like he is daddy's, even if he didn't have it in his own tummy. Crazy kid. He has got to be one of very few males that would want the experience. :)

Especially this pregnancy. I wasn't throwing up with either of the boys. Nauseous a great deal of the time, but never throwing up. This time around, a day hasn't gone by that I am not sick. All it takes is walking down the stairs to have me heading for porcelain, which is a bit tough in my house since we live in a split level; unavoidable. My gag reflex is on a hair trigger, and oddly enough, dryheaving has become the most common occurrence. Sorry for TMI. I thought it was odd, so I looked it up, and apparently there are a lot of people out there who have that during pregnancy, rather than actual throwing up. Because of it, dryheaving and losing my meals, I have not had my voice for the last week. Crazy. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have it back by Sunday because I am supposed to sing and I don't want to let people down if I can't hit the higher notes. And then I sing again in a couple weeks. Hopefully by then, I will be starting to feel better.

Really I can't complain too much though, as it has been very reassuring that things are going well. On the rare day that I don't feel sick, there is always this niggling thought in the back of my mind, what if something has gone wrong. It is a new thing. Adam and I talked about it recently - after we had gone through a couple miscarriages, it takes some of the joy out of pregnancy, because even when you have a healthy pregnancy, you can't help but worry that something will happen and you will lose this one too. I never had that worry with either of my boys. Not that there wasn't the same chance for something to go wrong, I just never gave it a thought. Now, I count being so sick as a blessing from God, to let me know that things are going well. I have also been much more sick in the afternoon/evenings than mornings, which has been a blessing, since I work mornings. I can drop the twins off at school and usually get my boys down for their naps before I hit the worst of feeling sick. And the occasional flutter in the last week have been the same for me. I know it is incredibly early to feel movement, but I feel like that has been God letting me know that this little one is happy and healthy. His gift to me to set my mind at ease. I have so much to be grateful for.

December 13, 2011


The last year has been a rough one for us. We felt strongly that there was another child for our family, but each time we tried, we ended up losing the pregnancy early on. After four miscarriages in less than a year, we just weren't sure it was going to happen, and it was taking a toll on me physically and emotionally, and on our relationship as well. We decided to give it one more try and then be done with it. With the help of our doctor and a little progesterone, we are happy to finally say, we are expecting. :)

We bought these shirts a while back to use for our announcements, and it was sad putting them away when things didn't work out. But it was really fun pulling them out now and seeing that they still fit so we could use them. My boys are really excited and love to tell everyone that they are getting a baby. They still haven't wrapped their heads around the fact that the baby isn't coming any day now, but rather in the summer.

We are due at the end of June/beginning of July. I have been denying that the baby could possibly be born in July because my heat intolerant body just can't handle the thought. If I run true to form, I will be two weeks early and it will be mid June. That is my vote. :)

More Pics

I got looking through pictures and just had to post my favorites from the last year. The kids have grown so much and we have had so many great moments caught in photos. Here are my favs of the kids.

The penguin hair - always a hit

These pictures remind me why we will never shave Porter's hair again.

Way too many cowlicks.

Found his own little seat to read.


Trains with the cousins

Must have been something good on

Reading time is a favorite of both boys

Porter's birthday haul

Follow the M's!

Glimpse into the future - trying on Daddy's glasses

Gabe's birthday

Mom's gardening hat

I'm cool!

Family reunion

Summer fun

First day or preschool

Still loves 'Spongy Bob'

Brotherly love

Random Pictures

In no particular order, here are some pictures from the last month.

Yesterday (on the day we were supposed to have pictures taken), Gabe fell on some ice on the driveway at a friend's house and got quite a lump on his head. It was a loud crack, and I worried about a concussion for bit, but he seemed fine within a few moments, and as you can see, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Thankfully, I had taken some pictures at home a few days ago that we can use, so we just cancelled the photo appt.

Gabe finally fits into these jammies. He loves them! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

We had some friends visiting the other day and everyone decided to try and fit into the shelves. I didn't think they could do it, but they were happy to prove me wrong.

As soon as it got cold, we got out all the winter gear and the boys have loved playing with the hats and scarves. Porter has this black hat that makes him look like a burglar and he put it on me and then proceeded to wrap me up in the scarf as well.

Al Quaida anyone?