October 11, 2011

First Field Trip

Porter had his first field trip in Preschool recently. They learned all about firemen and firetrucks and then went to visit the fire station. I was able to go with them and take the twins and Gabe as well. They all had a great time. Porter's attention was held completely the whole time we were there. Everything fascinated him.

Learning about the medicines they keep on the trucks. Including the bone drill, which does just what you think. Ew!

When given the opportunity to go inside a fire engine, Porter jumped at the chance. He was first in line to see everything close up.

I waited until all the class had gone through and then was able to let Gabe have a chance.
You can see just how much he loved it. The fireman was even kind enough to give him a great experience. He strapped him in and let him have the headphones. Gabe was in heaven!

After that, they let everyone sit in the driver's seat to have a picture taken.

Next up was the fire pole. Porter was sure he was going to get to slide down it. He piped right up to ask if he could. The fireman demonstrated it instead. :) He had all the kids count how long it took him to get upstairs so they would see how much faster the pole is than taking the stairs.

Everyone waiting to count how long it takes to slide down the pole.

I don't know if it was originally part of the planned tour, but since Porter asked, the man was kind enough to let everyone get a picture on the pole. He held them up a few feet and let them slide down to the bottom. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at how excited Gabe was at everything. He wasn't afraid at all and jumped right up to take his turn. As you can see, the fire man loved Gabe just as much as everyone does. He wraps people around his little finger. :)

Porter ended up getting two turns. He was first and then hopped back in line to go again when no one was looking. Little sneaker! Class picture at the end. I love this preschool!


Over the last couple years, we have gathered quite a few Halloween costumes from the Divvy Up. We got them out so the boys could decide what they wanted and they couldn't get them on fast enough... or off... or on again. I think everyone tried on everything at least twice.

Porter was too quick for me to get many pictures,

but Gabe stood still for a few seconds for me to get a couple.

The winner winner chicken dinner :)

Cutest chicken ever!


Its been a few weeks since we went backyard camping, but I am finally sitting down to get the pictures posted. Here you go.

Setting up the tent.

Porter's hand when he discovered the outlet hole.

Figuring out the flashlight

Its not camping unless you have your trusty toilet paper binoculars

oh, and your 'so big I can't stand it' ring :)

Roasting hot dogs over the 'fire'

Excited for bedtime stories

Gabe loved bedtime stories, but he saw a fly in the tent (he has had a horrendous fear of flies for some reason) and he fell apart in fear as soon as we turned off the flashlight. He was sure that fly was going to get him. So, he and I went inside for the night. We had decided to camp in the back yard because it was maybe supposed to rain and I wasn't sure about how the boys would do.

Turns out it was a good thing for Gabe... and it did end up raining just about the whole night. I was surprised to find in the morning that Porter had slept soundly all through the night and loved camping. I think Adam would have happily come back inside if Porter hadn't been sleeping. Besides the rain, we had teenage neighbors that were up all night keeping him awake. Maybe next time we will make it to the quiet woods with no rain. By then hopefully Gabe will be past his fear of bugs.