July 29, 2011

Busy Signal

I have been m.i.a. on the blog for a while because we have had a very busy summer. Adam has done the gardener's market for a couple years now, and this year I decided to join him. I have spent a lot of time at the sewing machine, learning as I go (sorry to those who bought the very first bandanas, they were pretty rough). Mom has given me some good tips and I have gotten better and better. I can say I am pretty proud of what I am doing now. The curling iron covers are awesome, if I do say so myself. :)

It has been a challenge having the boys with us there for all five hours; from set up to take down, so we ended up lining up a sitter for every other weekend, and that seems to work pretty well. They love their sitter and we love the time together on our own. It is a good family experience on the weeks that they are there, so even though it is a challenge at times, it has been good for our family.

Adam's booth. He does money origami and now origami earings. People love it all and he is kept pretty busy trying to keep up with demand.

His earing stand, on a lazy susan. They have all turned out so wel and he laquers them so they will hold up better to wear and tear.
A few of his most popular money items. He came up with the scorpion on his own. Pretty cool!
By far the best seller; the catfish. If you look closely, you can see the eyes.

My booth. I do bandanas that slide over a headband. I also do insulated curling iron pouches for traveling. And I have started putting a little beadwork in as well.

The regular curling iron holders.

The quilted varieties.

It took a while to find something I liked to display my beaded bracelets, but today I finally found it. I mounted a picture frame on a candle stick. The top is lined with velvet, which was a bit of a challenge, but turned out nicely once I finally got it to lay smooth. The frame allows me to attach most of the bracelets so they aren't sliding off or piling up, and protects them from someone walking away with them. And the top allows for a great display option for the larger bracelets so you can see the details against the velvet.

The bracelets that will be on the top. The cream and pink one is my latest and I am loving it. The base is cream beads and then it has pink vines over the top with larger beads on the sides for flowers. I might just keep it for myself.

July 17, 2011

Gabe Went to Church

I don't think there was one person at church today that was unaware that Gabe was there. He was so talkative and would just laugh when we tried to shush him. He would shush us back and just keep on talking. In nursery, not such a big deal. In sacrament meeting - a little more disruptive...

While the sacrament was being passed, Gabe had a hymnbook and started 'reading' out of it.
"'pon.... time.... was.... PINCESS." He said it over and over grinning and giggling and getting louder through our trying to hush him. Then when we took the hymnbook away, he loudly says, "All done. Over!" We tried to give him some snacks to keep him quiet, but he just kept saying, 'Snacks!' Hilarious, but embarrassing all the same. He said some other funny things, but I can't remember them all.

We both took turns trying to quiet him, but nothing stopped his exuberance. I finally had to take him out. He played with my phone in the hall and kept saying "OOOH! every time he hit a button that would make it vibrate.

It helps that he is cute. People just smile at whatever he does. He is so happy all the time. People can't help but smile back.

July 04, 2011

Summer projects

As just about everyone is, with the economy, we have been trying to come up with ideas to make a little extra money. I have a few things I enjoy that I am hoping others will too. The last few weeks have been busy with getting started on these projects.

The first one is a swappable bandana. With summer comes a lot of times when I wish I looked good in hats. Hot days when no hairstyle works in the heat, pool days, camp days, etc. But my head just looks odd in a hat. Bandanas are something I like, but with short hair the ties in the back just look funny and they never stay in place without some bobby pins. So this is my solution. I have made bandanas that fit over a regular headband. They slide on and off so you can switch out what you want to wear that day. I love them and I am hoping someone else will too so I am not losing money making them. :)

Porter wanted to be my model. He didn't really believe me when I tried to tell him that it was a girl thing. lol He didn't want to give it back.
Just a few of the choices that will be available at the farmers market and on Etsy once I get going with that.

My second project is just getting started. A friend gave me one of these years ago and I have used it until it is falling apart. It is a lined pouch for curling/flat irons. It is lined with the same material used for ironing boards so you can put your hot iron straight into it and pack it away without worrying about the heat hurting anything else in your suitcase. I have used the one I had until it is completely falling apart and I have wanted to make a new one for years. Now is the time and, like the bandanas, I am really hoping others think it is as cool as I do.

July 03, 2011

This Complicated Thing Called Motherhood

Things I have heard in the last three days.......

"That was so nice of Daddy to let us go to the pizza cafe, huh Mommy?"

"I love you to the sky and back, and back again!"

"I love that dress!" Its always a 'dress' no matter what item of clothing is being complimented.

"I want to help sing 'rock-a-byes' to Gabey, Mommy"

"You are the best Mommy ever!"

"Can I help you water the flowers?"

"That was SO nice of Gabeeral" I can't convince him to switch the last two syllables. Who knows how long he will be Gabeeral to Porter.

"I helped Cheeta get her food Mommy because she was hungry."

There are so many times when I come into the room and catch Porter doing something nice or kind. He helps Gabe read books. One morning he heard Gabe wake up before I was out of bed and he went in and talked with him and told him stories until I got up and came to get them. I loved listening in on the monitor. He likes to do chores to earn privileges. He is so proud to tell his dad that he helped clean up his toys, or made his bed, or took his laundry to wash. He is just so out of the blue sweet sometimes. He makes me smile, laugh, and shake my head at the logic he uses and the stories he comes up with. He is very polite and if he knows he has hurt you, he is quick to apologize. At the farmers market yesterday he was telling people all about how great his dad is and the origami he does, and asking people if they would like to buy a bandanna his mom made. One of his favorite words is awesome, and when people would say they liked something in the booth, he would say, "Yeah, its awesome!"


Sometimes when we go in public, its like a switch is flipped. So few people get to see the really sweet, loving side of my little boy. And its not that he is intentionally mean, but he gets wound up and somehow stops thinking about what he does and says. Someone said once he is like the class clown and I think that is a bit true. He loves attention and when he gets in front of a group, he is 'on'. And anything that gets a reaction, is okay in his book.

He also considers himself a 'big boy' and as such, he should be able to do anything he thinks up.
I hear assurances all the time such as, "I promise I won't get hurt, Mommy", "I promise I will be careful and won't break it", "I won't get lost", "I know how to do that, because I'm big".

I love/hate that he is fearless. I don't want my children to grow up being afraid of life and trying new things. I have put off teaching them about some dangers because I don't want them to learn that fear. I don't want Porter to stop talking to people because he is afraid a person could be bad and try to hurt him or take him. I don't want him to not try things because he is afraid of them. But at the same time, I need to teach him a healthy respect for things and situations that could be dangerous.

I am struggling with that balance right now and it was brought home to me this weekend. We were at the farmers market and my SIL offered to take Porter with her son to the park. Partway there, in the crowded market, he decided to run off for whatever reason, and she had to chase him down. Normally when he is out shopping with me I keep an eye on him and he knows he can't go beyond where I can see him. In the market however, he could have been lost in the crowd in an instant. I am sure my SIL had a heart attack trying to chase him down. He just figured he was a 'big boy' and was just going to do whatever he had it in his head to do and it would be fine. Just before they left, I had the thought to remind Porter of the rules and that he needed to keep her hand and listen to her, but I dismissed it. Unfortunately my SIL payed the price for my negligence. I struggle with how to teach him safety rules without making him afraid. Obviously it is NOT safe to just run off into the crowd. But I don't want him to be afraid to go to busy places for fear of getting lost or taken. Does that make sense? Those are real dangers, but I don't want my little boy to be big enough to need to be afraid yet. (Yes, I am in a bit of denial) How to I teach him respect for the rules that will keep him safe in a way that doesn't engender fear?

I am also struggling with people's perception of my child. Part of it is that sometimes I overemphasize his bad behavior when I talk about him. I get frustrated with his mischief and talking about it helps, but I am starting to realize that only talking about that side of his personality can lead others to think worse of him than is the complete picture. And part of it is that he is so overactive in public that he gives a bad impression of himself. I wish people could take a peek into my home and see the sweet, sensitive side to him. I heard an off-hand negative comment about him the other day and I wanted to retort with, "But you don't know him like I do!" And how much of his more challenging traits are his own personality and how much can be laid at my own feet as bad parenting? I don't know. How do I shape that energy and curiosity and exuberance into a good direction?

I know this is jumbled and I don't really know how to say/write it better. It is just all the thoughts running through my head right now. I LOVE my Porter-man more than I can express. He lifts me up, makes me smile, challenges me in ways I never thought of, and fills my life with love. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world and I want the very best of things for him. And I want everyone else to see what a wonderful little man he is too. I want everyone else to love him just as much as I do. I want to keep him safe and at the same time give him wings to fly to whatever heights and whatever places he dreams of as he grows up.

How did my life get so complicated?

And just so you don't think I have forgotten him, I love my little Gabey-baby just as much, he's just too little to cause such angst yet. :)