May 25, 2011

Random moments

Porter loves building towers. Every one he builds, I have to come look at, even if I have already looked at and praised ten of them in the last ten minutes. :)

We are still working to teach Gabe to color in the lines. Thankfully the whole frig cleans pretty easily.

This is why I can never find a basket when I want it. There is a good chance if I can't find them, the kids are playing in them. I think I caught Porter mid-blink. He looks a little stoned. :)

Play around with hats, we put one on the dog. Gabe thought it was so great he tormented the dog the whole rest of the day trying to get it back on her.

Spring projects

There hasn't been a blog post in a while and there is a good reason for that. I have been too busy doing things to write about them. Well, at least that is the excuse I am going with. :)

Anyway, here are a few of our spring home improvement projects.

I decided a couple weeks ago that I really needed a shelf over my sink. I can't have a window there, so I wanted something nice to look at instead. It turned out great! Now I just need to find something pretty to replace the green valance that has been there for who knows how many owners before us.

I have been trying to find a great light for my vanity for a while. We didn't want to wire it in, but we couldn't find anything remotely vanity-like that had a cord. Then we took a trip to IKEA and found this. Adam isn't crazy about it, but hey, its my vanity, not his, so his opinion didn't really count. :) And we finally got my mirror hung. Thanks honey for all your installations lately!

Another thing I have been looking for, for what seems like years, is a good solution for hanging my necklaces. I used to hang them on several tacks, and it was in a word, 'tacky'. I thought about getting a couple key hangers and hanging them that way, but then I went to Hobby Lobby and all their home decor was 50% off and I found a lot of these little beauties. I had to put some back, there were so many I loved.

Now, I am thinking I should have gotten one of two more. I love how it turned out. Now, any great ideas for earrings?

May 21, 2011

Something Borrowed

I have had a couple of off days lately. Just feeling run down physically and mentally and I needed a break. Adam offered to take the kids so I could have some down time and I went to the movies. I don't mind going on my own and this time I am glad I did because the movie was awful. I am glad I didn't subject anyone else to it. Something Borrowed is about a girl who doesn't get the guy because she doesn't think he would choose her, and she hesitates until her chance is gone. Instead she lets her best friend go for it, and they end up together. She watches them together and helps plan the wedding, etc, all while pining for the guy who didn't choose her. And the ending didn't make it any better. It was a depressing movie through and through and left me angry at all of the characters for how they handled everything from beginning to end.

It reminded me of all the times I was the one not chosen. One time in particular, since it was my hesitation and feeling less than that played a big part in the situation. I was living in New York at the time. There was one man in particular that I had liked from the beginning. He hung out with us girls quite a bit just as friends. I was just working up my nerve to chat him up as more than friends when a friend of mine made her move. They ended up engaged within a few months. It was painful to watch. There was one day in particular when people were going into the city and I was invited. Somehow it ended up just them and me. Oh, the discomfort. I ended up crying on the way home. The humiliation! My friend kept asking me what was wrong, and of course, I couldn't tell her, though I am sure she had an inkling. It ranks up there with the worst days in my life. So horrible and hard and depressing.

In the end, they were happy, still are as far as I know, and I am happy too. It worked out the for best in every sense. But it was very painful at the time. This movie brought back all those uncomfortable moments of not being chosen. Of being the friend who watched everyone else find their special someone while I stood alone. And the morality, or lack thereof, in the movie made me hate them all. Why would she want to be with that guy anyway?! I would never be with someone like that. She should have gone off and found some other guy totally unrelated to the whole movie story and made her own happy ending. Ugh. Whoever wrote this movie was out of their minds billing this as a romantic comedy. More like a tragedy.

Anyway, it makes me think about my own insecurities. Does my feeling of less than make me still hesitate to go after things I want? Unfortunately I think it still does. Life gets in the way and sometimes you can't have everything you want, but I am sure I could have some things, if I just tried harder and believed more in myself. It is a never ending journey to keep going after the worthwhile goals and those things that will make me a better person, and those things that will bring me the greatest happiness. I can't listen to the less than self talk and still move forward. They are pretty much mutually exclusive. And I need to feel more worthy of the things I do have. I have a pretty fantastically great life, with a wonderful husband, two great kids, a great job, a home that really is a home and not just a house, and wonderful loving extended family on both sides. I have good friends and all in all, I am really blessed. Yet there are times when I feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the floor to be tugged out from under me and everything taken away. Who am I to deserve all this? I haven't done anything to merit all these gifts.

And who am I to want more when I have so much? Why do I care what the scale says when I have a husband telling me I am beautiful every day? Why do I care that I didn't finish college when I have a job I love? And a million other things I want to do so my family can have a better life, when in reality our life is pretty dang good right now.

Where is the balance between wanting more and being happy with what I have, between wanting to do more/be better and being happy with what I have already accomplished and who I am right now?

May 07, 2011


The flowers in the back are blooming now. There are several clusters of white and one cluster of pink blooming. Even one or two blooming in the clusters that Porter stomped. And one group of flowers that I am love with. They are white with little blushes of pink, with just one pink flower blooming in with them. Gorgeous.

May 03, 2011

Random pictures

Porter with his super hero mask from preschool and Gabe loving his overalls.

I just can't get over how vibrantly red these flowers are. I just learned that they are wild tulips and I love them.

They make up the majority of what I have in my front flower beds. Thank you to whoever planted them before we got here.

Gabe LOVES having pockets.

'Helping' clean out the flowerbeds and carrying his truck that we bought from the kids across the street at their 'toy car stand'. Too early for lemonade yet, I guess.

Adam made breakfast for dinner the other night with a rainbow of potatoes ( I had to get used to the black ones) and cinnamon bread hole in ones. Delicious!

Best Buddies

A glimpse into his future; Porter wanted to try on Adam's glasses the other day. Funny thing is they pretty much fit. They weren't falling down or anything. :) What a noggin.
The boys hanging out. Literally.

Gabe 'snuggling' under the table. He snuggles with just about anything lately. Kind of takes the special out of it when he wants to snuggle with me. Forget chopped liver. I'm on equal footing with the table or the exercise bike. lol

He put his coat on and then wanted Porter's too.

The trip

On our trip to Mesa, we stopped and got some pictures. It was called cliff dwellers something.

You can't tell by the picture, but Bridget and I are perched on a little ledge with just ours toes trying to balance to be up high enough for this photo.

Adam's turn.

One of the few photos of us as a couple that I like. Thanks Bridget or Sara, whichever one of you took the picture. :)

In one of the cliff dweller houses.

My favorite of the day.

How we got that picture of Sara.

Ice cream cone.

On our way back we stopped to get a few pictures over a bridge.

It was a LONG way down.

There were several vultures just hanging out at the bridge.

Holy swelling batman!!

These are my feet. Don't enlarge the picture. You don't really need to see my chipping polish or calluses any bigger than they already are. My feet aren't pretty, its not about the pretty.

These are my feet after a whirlwind 14 hour drive down to Mesa, two days in the heat and then another 14 hour drive back. I should have taken a picture from the side too, as they were swollen really badly over the tops of my feet as well.

I don't think I've seen them that bad since I had Porter and they left my IV drip on full for several hours before someone noticed. Thankfully they were back to normal in a day or two, but for a little while they were quite the sight, not to mention pretty uncomfortable. I kept thinking my feet ached just because I was tired and we had been driving for so long. When I got undressed that night when we got home, I was a bit shocked. It was no wonder my feet weren't fitting into my shoes.

Wedding for Rachael

Gorgeous wedding. Gorgeous couple. We are so happy for them. And also happy to be back home and away from the heat. How did I do that for years in Vegas?
Rachael, if you like any of them, feel free to copy them. :)

Just coming out of the temple


Almost the whole family

She's finally mine! We made them follow the Sampson tradition and get this photo. :)

Then the photographer got in on the fun and we tried to get a good one of them both leaping. Here are some of the results.

I love Rachael's expression in this one.

The best one I got.