April 27, 2011

Spring flowers

I am so happy to have flower beds. Also incredibly happy that someone else did most of the hard work. We only planted a few things last year, most of which didn't take. So this spring to see my flowers start blooming was very exciting. Just makes me smile every time I see another bloom. And then tragedy struck today by the name of Porter. I don't know what possessed him, but while he and the boys went outside to play, during the time it took for me to find and put Gabe's shoes on and come out, three of my plants got stomped into the ground. I have not been that angry in a LONG time. I was physically stiff with anger. My poor flowers! What did they ever do to him?!
This is what they looked like before, just starting to bud.
And this is what they looked like after Porter got done with them..... has me gritting my teeth even now.
Thankfully there are still some survivors. I have beautiful ones in front.

You can tell by the background that it is still practically winter here, but these were the first flowers to brave the cold.

And the lone survivors in the back. Thankfully he didn't get to these ones. There were just starting to bloom when we got back Easter morning. Beautiful.

Yes, my flower beds need tons of work, but did he have to destroy the few things that were actually growing there besides weeds? Why couldn't he have stomped all over the weeds?

Best news of the day

I read this blog today and after a horrendous morning, it put a smile on my face. Love it! I must be super smart. :)


April 14, 2011

Thanks Grandma Gibson!

My Mom brought a gift over the other day for the boys and it was a total hit. We didn't get to see her for Porter's birthday so it was a nice surprise last week when she and Dad stopped by after a temple trip for a few minutes. I can't believe we have lived here almost a year and this was the first time my Dad has seen the house. Dad, you need to get down here more often! :) Anyway, Mom pulled out this quilt and the boys fell in love, Gabe especially. He pulls it out and lays on it or jumps on it with the biggest grin on his face. She made it with matching squares so they can look to find the match, and we have played 'I spy" with it several times already. She also connected a bunch of M&M squares to make a road from one corner to the other, and all four boys have a blast racing on it. This is the boys figuring out where the next square leads on the road. They were so proud of themselves when they made it from beginning to end.

Then Gabe crawled over to the edge and got under like he was going to sleep, ending the road fun and the rest of the boys decided it would make a great bed since it would fit all four of them at the same time. After that things got a little crazy. They decided it would make a good hide out. Gabe climbed out and surprised them though. When I showed the video to the boys, Trey turned to Gabe and in his best 'mom' impression said, 'Gabe, what were you thinking?!" with a great big grin on his face. Too funny.

I love this last one. They were so noisy under there. My camera ran out of memory and cut this last one off before you get to see Porter's face. He was falling over in pretend shock that they would have to stay under there the rest of the day. The look on his face as he laughed at himself was hilarious!

April 11, 2011


It was also my birthday this week and my sweet husband took very good care of me. In the morning when I woke up, everywhere I went there were little sticky notes he had written for me, telling me how much he loves and appreciates me. It was very touching to read the things he notices. And Porter had a great time searching the house to find more. It was a treasure hunt. :) He also let me pick out a new bedding set. The one we had been using was a bit worn. It could only be spot cleaned since it was massive and wouldn't fit in my washer. I scoured the internet and found one I liked. It was machine washable, so I was hoping I would be able to actually get it in my machine when it got here. Not so much. Oh well. I can take it in to be cleaned I suppose. It wasn't exactly what I expected; its a little more silky than I was thinking, but all in all, I really like it. It matches our paint perfectly and the lighter color really brightens the room. Thanks honey! And thank you everyone else for the birthday wishes! Porter and I both felt very loved with all the calls and emails and e-cards we got.

Just ignore the brown bedskirt poking out. I forgot to put the new one on before making the rest of the bed, so it isn't on yet.

Porter's Birthday

I wasn't behind the camera for most of Porter's birthday. I was just enjoying the day with him, so there aren't many pictures. We had a very small party with a couple of his friends. Seven boys total running around the house, somehow didn't seem small. He has two sets of twins that are friends and his cousin Sammy was able to come too. Add a couple parents and the house was all of a sudden quite a bit smaller. Thankfully it was one of the few nice springs days we have had and everyone was able to run around outside. Pizza and cake. And loads of presents. Porter was a happy camper. I wasn't expecting so many goodies, but Porter was, and still is, in heaven playing with everything. Thank you everyone so much!

Porter picked out a bug cake for his birthday, go figure :) and then wanted a dinosaur to go on it too, so he picked one out to add to it. It turned out great and I wish I had gotten a close-up of it. This is as good a close-up as I could crop from the next photo. Kind of grainy. After he blew out the candles, several of the boys were sad that they hadn't gotten to blow them out too, so we re-lit them and let everyone take a turn blowing one out.
I had to add this picture, just because his face is hilarious. Total Porter. :)
Ta-Da! All my loot!!! Gabe couldn't be bothered looking at the camera. He was too busy plotting how to sneak a toy away without Porter noticing.

April 01, 2011

Porter's Birthday

This year Porter is very aware that he gets a gift for his birthday. The twins had their birthday in January and ever since then he has been talking about his birthday. He came up to me about two months ago and said he wanted to tell me a secret. He leaned in super close and whispered, "I want a tractor for my birthday".

I asked him why he was whispering it and he looked at me and grinned like I was an idiot for asking and said, "Because it is supposed to be a surprise!" After that I can't count how many time he has seen something and said, I want that for my birthday. Something in the store, something advertised on tv, something the twins have that he doesn't, all kinds of things. But at least twice a week, he still comes to tell me a secret. And that whispered secret is always, "I want a tractor for my birthday".

Did you know how hard it is to find a tractor that doesn't make all kinds of really annoying noises? We have seen and heard them all I think. We did finally find one that we were willing to have in the house, so hopefully he will like it. Originally we were thinking that we would love to give him one of those diggers for the rock box that have a seat and handles to work the bucket to dig and dump rocks like what you see at parks sometimes, but holy sticker shock! That isn't going to be able to happen this year. Hopefully we will be able to do it for them another year. I think they would both love it.

Anyway, he will get his tractor and hopefully it is what he was hoping for. We are celebrating pretty quietly at home this year on Wednesday evening, so anyone in the vicinity is welcome to stop by and have some cake with us. We were very behind in getting something planned this year but since he is still pretty young, I don't think it really makes a difference to him. Since it is spring break Iam thinking we will do something fun during the day, have cake and pizza that evening and call it good. Anybody have a tractor and want to give him a ride? That would make his day. :)

Gabe is talking

Gabe is saying all kinds if things now. He even tells stories in his short worded sentences.

The other day he was playing with the cordless vacuum and he hit one of the twins over the head with it on accident, but pretty hard. He had his first real time out. We have been working with him on how to say sorry and I told him he couldn't go play again unless he said sorry. He went over and said it and got back to playing. That was early afternoon. When Adam got home later that day I was starting to tell Adam about what happened when Gabe took over. 'Vacuum, bonk, sorry." Concise and to the point. Exactly what happened. :)

I am also constantly surprised at the things he knows and puts together. Yesterday we turned on the tv in the morning to watch a cartoon. I heard Gabe say, "Choo, Choo...Rawr!" I turned around and what was coming on was Dinosaur train. We all had a good chuckle at his interpretation.

He loves go places and has decided on a way to get involved with every trip. If he see anyone getting ready to leave the house, he shouts 'shoes!' and runs to get them so he can go, or if he thinks you are heading out without him, he will turn to everyone else and wave while shouting 'later!'-his version of see you later, and run after you with a big grin. He's just too cute to turn down, so the vast majority of the time it works and he gets a trip. Little stinker. :) He does this little happy wiggle dance when he knows he gets to go that is just adorable.

His two favorite things lately are Dora and Spongebob. We haven't been too involved with either show, but he has grasped on to both and anywhere we go we are informed at high volume if he spots one. Often we are telling him that there isn't one there, when if we look closely we will see one poking out from behind something or nearly hidden in some way. He has an eagle eye for them. Once this started, I got him a pair of spongebob pajamas and if he sees them (me putting them away or spotting them in the drawer when I am getting out something else) he will demand to have them put on. He calls them 'bobbob's and adores them. He also got a small spongebob blanket that he likes to use at naptime. Whenever I put him down for his nap, he always asks first for his 'fire' pacifier which we really need to get rid of at night now, sheesh he is too old for that now, and his bobbob blanket. Every time as I lay it over him he is all smiles and giggles - he is so happy to have it.