February 24, 2011

Musical beds

So, as anyone who follows this blog knows, we were having a problem with our little climber scaling the bunk beds and something needed to be done. We wanted to take them apart to prevent a fall, but then there wouldn't be room for the crib too. We didn't think he was quite ready to stay in a regular bed yet, so we decided to put the playpen in there short term until he was ready to use the regular bed and stay in it when we laid him down for the night.

That obviously is not working.......

Strangely enough, for now, he stays in there when we lay him down at night. But all day long he is climbing in and out of it. Once he decides he doesn't have to stay in it at night, we will have more trouble on our hands.

February 14, 2011


Adam really gave me a wonderful evening today. He surprised me with a delicious homecooked lobster and steak dinner. He also surprised me with this gift. He cut all the snowflakes himself. As the snowflakes fell down the bed, they became hearts and rose petals. A wonderful letter and Michael Buble (we went to his concert on our first Valentine's). While we dated, I had to travel a lot and then he went to Germany for ten days. 'Home' became our song, so Michael Buble is special for us. I am so blessed to have Adam as my husband. He is beyond wonderful. Home really is where I want to be.

For some reason I couldn't get this picture to turn right. Sorry.

Donald Cole

Donald Cole went home early yesterday morning. He had 88 wonderful years on this earth. He was a father, a brother, a husband, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather. He will be sorely missed. We love you Grandpa.

February 07, 2011

Gabe is funny

Often Gabe will put his nose to ours or we will put our nose to his and he will say 'beep'. He loves it and if I am not paying attention, he will even sometimes grab my face to bring it to his to do it. Last night the boys and I were all snuggled up watching Cloudy With a Chance or Meatballs. In the end there is a kiss and as their faces come in close together I hear Gabe say "Beep!". I could just picture the look on the girl's face he tries to kiss for the first time. :)

February 03, 2011


Were EXPECTING AGAIN! I know, I know, it's crazy isn't it? I can't believe it myself. I wasn't going to put it on here yet, but decided to make it official. I mean who would have guessed that we are expecting AGAIN!! Yup it's official.. We are expecting freezing temps today and AGAIN tomorrow!!

February 02, 2011


What happens when Daddy leaves his chocolate unattended......

Doesn't even bother unwrapping them

February 01, 2011

Random pictures

Gabe getting his groove on. :) Gabe just lights up a room with his smile/laugh.
Playing picnic on the blanket.
My new shoes. Love, love, love them!