November 12, 2011

One more reason not to have guns in the house

If there was a title that could express me shaking my head in bewilderment at my son, that is what I would title this post, but I couldn't come up with something.

I left for book club on Tuesday and didn't get back until almost eleven. When I asked Adam how the boys had been, he said they had been a bit rowdy, hopping into each other's beds, but had finally settled down to sleep.

The next morning, I could hear Gabe talking and chatting and trying to get Porter to wake up. When I went in to get them up and ready Porter was still sleeping (I don't know how with how loud Gabe is), and I heard him say as he sat up, "The ball-shooter is stuck to my thumb, and it's never EVER coming off." I thought he was just talking in his sleep, not quite awake. Until he stood up and this was hanging off his hand.....

His whole hand was in the top and he had his thumb stuck through the ring that tops the spring mechanism inside. I asked him how long it had been stuck and he told me it had happened the night before. "But I still slept good, Mommy." he reassured me. I have no idea how he could have slept all night with that stuck on his thumb, but he slept deep enough that not even Gabe woke him up in the morning, so I guess he was right.

I pulled the spring out with his thumb in the ring and sure enough, it had been in long enough that his thumb had swollen just enough that there was no sliding it out, not with cold water or butter, etc. It wasn't budging.

So I went and got Adam up to try to cut it off, while I left to get the twins and bring them back to the house. By the time we got back, Adam had gotten it off and after an hour, Porter couldn't even remember which thumb had been stuck.

My crazy son. I'm just grateful it wasn't something smaller that would have been a bigger problem for his thumb. When I questioned him about what had happened he wasn't much help, but I think I know what happened.

Normally, we don't allow toys in the bed, other than a stuffed animal or doll. The day before, however, I had told Porter we would need to throw this toy away as it was broken; it had a crack that kept it from building pressure to push a ball out. I am pretty sure he hid it in the bed so I wouldn't throw it away. When that night he got playing with it and got his thumb stuck, he thought he would be in trouble for hiding it in his bed and so he kept quiet. Again, if there were a word to describe me shaking my head in bewilderment at my son......

Later that day, out of the blue, Porter says to me, " I don't think we have any other toys my thumb could get stuck in." Now, was he going down the list to reassure himself this disaster couldn't happen again, or seeing if there was a way he could try this adventure again? I YI YI!!


One day while Porter was at preschool, this is the game the boys played for what seemed like hours. They never got sick of it.


The boys had lots of fun with Halloween this year. They loved trying and retrying costumes. They ended up trick or treating in 4 different places; Adam's work, where they handed candy out by the handful, Main St, which was a bust with only dum-dum lolli's and most people ran out by 4pm when we went and a couple trunk or treats for our ward and stake. We got done by 6:30 and let them pick out a baggie of candy and then hand out everything else to trick or treaters that came to our house. It was the perfect thing. They got the candy they really wanted, and they had a blast handing everything else out to others. I didn't have to buy any candy at all. :) And we weren't left with piles of it in the house to tempt me.

I loved my little chicken. He bok bok-ed at everyone who asked for a trick.

It was so sweet and funny

Porter decided to be a wolf again. He got so hot that he had his costume

hanging off him almost from the start.

We used the Mr Pumpkin Head decorations this year.
I love them. No mess, and the boys love it.