December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me

Kohl's had great sales this week and I had a 30% off coupon on top of that, so I treated myself to a shirt for Christmas. I am not usually into frilly/lacy type things, but I LOVE the color and for some reason, love this shirt in particular.

December 19, 2010

Christmas letter

This has been quite a year. We not only moved, but moved into our own house. Porter turned 3 and Gabe had his first birthday. They are both growing by leaps and bounds. Porter is doing more and more and figuring things out on his own. He always has us laughing with the stories he tells. Gabe is also going a mile a minute. He has no fear and just goes for it, whatever he has decided he wants to do. Yesterday he tried to climb up to the top bunk bed. This morning he was successful and did it every time we weren't looking. We are going to have to take them apart, so he doesn't fall off and get hurt. He is so strong, he does a pull up with only his arms to get to the rung he can't reach with his legs. We also had our first family pet; Cheeta, join our family.

Adam has been doing well at his job. I have this one last year at my job with the boys I care for before they are in kindergarten. We spent our summer getting settled into our house and new ward. We were called to the activities committee not too long ago and planned the ward Christmas party. We were not all that disappointed to find out that the activities committee was being disbanded and we were to be released. That was a LOT of stress and I am happy to be done. Adam just got called to Young Men as a secretary and I got called to teach in Relief Society. It is one of my favorite callings, but there are so many wiser people in this ward that it is a little intimidating. We'll see how it goes.

I have had several small health issues this year and Adam has been such a huge help in keeping the family taken care of and I so appreciate him. Two in particular have had me feeling ill for a while. It took a few different rounds of antibiotics, but I finally kicked a bad sinus infection that has lasted for several months. I needed my thyroid medication adjusted, and it made all the difference in the world once we did it. I am feeling 150% better. I am sleeping better, my moods are so much better, physically I have so much more energy, I have more patience with and enjoy my kids more. It is amazing to me how much my whole quality of life is affected by my thyroid. The last few weeks have been far and away better than the whole last year, now that my thyroid is adjusted well.

We are so grateful for our blessings this Christmas season. Our family is well and happy. We both are working when so many aren't. Our kids are happy and healthy. We have a warm home and good friends around us. We have great extended family that are so wonderful to us. We don't always have extras, but we have always had enough. We have so much love in our lives and we are so grateful for all our blessings.

Merry Christmas to everyone and wishes for all the best blessings in the coming year. May the spirit of Christ surround you as you celebrate the birth of Christ and the life he led and gave for us all.

December 14, 2010

Christmas Train

I picked up a gingerbread kit the other day and the boys had a blast getting it decked out yesterday.

New challenge

Tawnya's post inspired me to do a puzzle. I haven't done one in a while since little hands tend to destroy them before they are finished. But it just isn't really the holidays without at least one. I would have done the same puzzle their family did, but didn't want to copycat (even though I really love that one). So this is what I found. I really enjoyed doing it. I did the easy version this time so it didn't take me years to do. ( There are numbers on the back that tell you what section the pieces belong to.) Next time maybe I will try the harder version and not use the numbers to help. I am not crazy about the subject matter, although cute, but there aren't too many choices in this type of puzzle. It was this or a map of the world. I chose cute babies.


Santa came for our ward party and Porter was very excited. Gabe on the other hand wasn't feeling too well and didn't really want to do anything but be held and snuggled most of the night, so he wasn't on Santa's lap for long enough to get a picture. He took his candy cane and held it all night. By the time we got home, even though it was still in the wrapper, it was just bits and pieces inside from his holding it and crushing it.
We asked him to smile big for a candy cane and he did, just not at the camera.
The mark on his chin is carpet rash from racing cars at playgroup. The car hit a snag and he kept going, right over the top of it.


Apparently you need to pile up in order to properly enjoy the Christmas lights.

December 06, 2010

News of Note

1. My treadmill only had to be on Craigslist and KSL for a day before it was sold and gone. Woohoo! Not only that, but it is selling now for twice what I bought it for so I recouped almost everything I paid for it. Maybe I should have listed it for more...

2. My new recumbent bike (my Christmas present) got here today. Woot!

3. My husband is awesome! The kitchen looked like a war zone this week and I just avoided it. Last night while I was on the phone with family, he cleaned it all; dishes, counter, table, stove, EVERYTHING. I love you! Now I can spend today assembling my present instead of cleaning. Yay!!

December 05, 2010

We went out with the boys yesterday and made a snowman. Porter loved it and Gabe had fun helping put the face in.
This is what our snowman looks like this morning after the rain. That little circle is one of the blocks we used to make his mouth which then melted off. Poor snowman. Let it snow, let it snow, let it we can make another one. :)

This morning I heard Porter moving around upstairs. When I came up to investigate I found him sitting on the couch with all the Christmas lights on, just waiting for me to come up and see them. He immediately asked to put the decorations on the tree that we got last night. (We got some more indestructible ones that Porter picked out) I told him we had to wait for Daddy. As soon as he saw Adam on the stairs, he ran over to him to ask to put on the decorations. So this is the result of our Sunday morning. Notice how there aren't any on the bottom? Gabe was very 'helpful'. :)

December 04, 2010

Waiting patiently for Daddy so they can help him make bread. Ingredients out and ready to go and chairs pulled as close as they can get. Please ignore the rest of the mess on the counter as I ignored dishes yesterday in favor of going to the movies.

Listening avidly to whats going to happen.

December 02, 2010

Little Helper

After putting up the tree, we let the kids use the little vacuum and they loved it. This picture was taken a good hour after Gabe had started using it. He started in the living room and worked his way to the kitchen. He even moved the garbage and the high chair out of the way so he could vacuum there too.

DI "Christmas miracle"

I have been watching previews occasionally for Storage Wars, a show where they bid on storage units and then sell the contents. They basically get five minutes to look around and see what they think is a good bid for the unit. Sometimes there is nothing and sometimes there are treasures worth a lot of money packed away in these units. It was with this show in mind that I decided to take a risk on a Christmas tree from DI today. We have looked at a lot of artificial trees in the last few years, but never found something worth spending the exorbitant amount of money one would cost. And I know I would miss the real tree smell in my house. However, today, I saw two boxes on the ground at DI marked Christmas tree and took a chance. I brought the boxes home and opened them up thinking that if its a dud, it isn't too big a loss; since a real one would cost $35 we would be saving money at least for this year. We would just have whatever it turned out to be for this year and keep looking for next year. But..... for $15, this is what we got; a 7 1/2 ft pre-lit Christmas tree, all parts and pieces accounted for and lights in working order. Considering how much we would pay for that new, I think we got a great bargain. And it doesn't look half bad. Once we get some decorations on it, it will be pretty impressive. (And I really appreciated not having to string lights on it.)

Apparently we have a little 'spirit' that got in this picture. :) What do they call those? Anyway, the start of our tree.
Putting on the first layers and testing the lights.

Porter wanted one with him saying Ta Da with this one like he did with the little one. I like it enough that it might just stick around as our permanent tree, at least for a few years.

December 01, 2010

Christmas Season

Porter has been looking at the calendar on the wall since Sunday night when we put it up for FHE, wondering why we can't put the decorations on it. He got to do the first one tonight. We also got them each a chocolate advent calendar so they both could do it every day. Gabe was very excited to see chocolate behind the little flap and devoured it in one bite. I tried to get video of it, but it didn't turn out really well, so you will just have to imagine. He kept looking to see if Daddy was going to open up another treat for him.