November 29, 2010


This afternoon Gabe was playing with a hat and I couldn't help but be reminded of Snow White; particularly my favorite dwarf, Dopey. Especially in the last picture. What do you think? I know I am biased, but I think he is just one of the cutest little boys ever. :)

Eventful Morning

In the mornings I pick up the boys I watch at 7 am. I was on my way back home with them this morning when I saw someone fallen on the as yet unplowed road. ( We have had several inches of snow in the last 24 hours.) I honked at oncoming traffic so they would see her and turned around to see if I could help. The garbage man I had honked at stopped as well and we got her on her feet. Turns out it was an older woman in her seventies with a cane and a little wheeled bag, trying to walk from 4th north (where we found her) to the emergency room. She had been having problems for a week and decided to pick one of the worst times to get help. 7 am here is still pretty dark and cold. If she had been on my side of the street when she fell, I don't know if I would have seen her in time to stop. Anyway, we got her in the car and I called Adam. He had to get the boys up and dressed and come meet me with them at the ER so he wouldn't be late for work waiting for me to get back.
In the end, it all worked out. We got her there and handed her over to the capable people here at Logan hospital and I hope Virginia got the help she needed. I am just glad I was able to help in some small way. Definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit. Its all about giving and paying it forward. It was a small thing I did today and in no way pays back all the blessings and gifts I have been given, but I was grateful for the opportunity to help and give back at least a little. She gave me a kiss as I hugged her goodbye and thanked me for picking her up. Warmed my heart. Blessings to you, Virginia and may you have a wonderful holiday season.

Snowing and Blowing

The effects of the blizzard. Even at the back door, which was pretty protected, we got a good amount of snow.

Decorating the Tree

We had our FHE last night and we pulled out our Christmas decorations. Porter is old enough this year to be really excited about Christmas and he was delighted to get to help decorate the tree. We decided to just do a few things this year since Gabe is just the right age to be pretty destructive in his curiosity. The top of the tv got the bulk of it since it is out of reach. :) Once I put on the lights, we let Porter go to town with the decorations (all indestructible).

Gabe even got in on the action.
Showing off the icicle's perfect placement.

Ta Da! The masterpiece!


For Thanksgiving we went to my parents house. The kids had a great time and even though we didn't have everyone, it was a wonderful holiday. Its nice to be able to go home and have fun with all the family. We even got a puzzle in while the kids slept.

Our "big" black Friday purchase? Humongous campfire marshmallows to roast over the stove with Grandma. Porter loved roasting it, but not so much eating it. :) I loved being able to roast and eat the outside several times over. That is the best part and huge marshmallows just made it all the better.

Gabe had fun stacking and unstacking Grandma's food storage. Luckily none got spilled.

Up Close and Personal

Porter couldn't wait to dive into the awesomeness that is new fallen snow this morning. He and the boys had a ball.

Gabe stayed inside and he and Cheeta watched the fun out the window. I will have to take him out later when we find enough winter gear for him.

Ready to come in and get warm. The front doorway is now littered with winter clothes hanging to dry.

November 28, 2010

Put in His Place

Adam brought Porter to the window to show him the snow outside coming down. He looked out and said, "That's awesome. Its awesomer than you Daddy." Ouch! Parents are nothing to snow apparently.

November 20, 2010

Digital Age

We have been wanting to improve our kid friendly movie collection for a while now, but just can't afford to drop $30 dollars for one movie. Even if I could afford it, I am not sure you could convince me to pay it for a kid movie when I won't pay it for a movie I want for myself... Anyway, I bought some VHS Disney movies at DI the other day. When I put Aladdin in this afternoon, I told him it would be a minute because I needed to rewind it. He was very puzzled as he asked, "What's rewinding?" Hard to explain to a kid that has only known DVDs....

November 17, 2010


Its rather hit or miss whether or not I get my Christmas cactus to bloom, but occasionally I get it right. It needs about six weeks of dormancy without water or sunlight for it to be ready to bloom, but when it does, it is beautiful to watch the bud flower out. It sits by the sink in a shady spot and every once in a while I remember to let it go for long enough to start its blooming cycle. I don't know if all plants of this kind do the same, but this one only has one flower at a time. Once this one falls off, another one will start to bloom. If you look closely in the first picture, you can see the next one in line to bloom when this one is finished.

Random pictures from last month

I am pretty sure he had no idea he was holding the telescope backwards.
Gabe's favorite part of Halloween; playing peek-a-boo with his empty bucket.
Someone the other day said their husband called hats like this potato hats, because it reminded him of Ireland and the potato famine. Since the color of this one is pretty close to a potato, it makes sense to me. :)
This is a pretty typical expression for Porter. Just that little bit of mischief showing through.

November 13, 2010

As promised.....


1. Porter has a double ear infection. He had so much wax in his ear they couldn't get it out with normal methods. They had to dig it out with a stick with a tiny spoon on the end.

2. Porter and Gabe have both thrown up in the last 24 hours.

3. Migraines suck!

4. Back pain still has no answers.

5. Medical bills are racking up as we do test after test to try and figure out what it is. Not kidney stones. Cat scan rules that out as well as anything with my pancreas, gallbladder or intestines.

6. Muscles relaxers aren't working either, so still no answers and no relief.

7. Babysitter forgot she was scheduled to come last night. Thankfully she came once I called and we just went late.

8. The movie we thought we were going to see wasn't at the theatre. Apparently a lot of people had the same problem because the movies were wrong online. We ended up seeing Easy A. Could have happily lived without ever seeing that movie. Dumb.

9. The dirty dishes never end.

10. I hate beige carpets. There are stains coming up from the carpet pad that weren't there when we moved in. Yuck!

So just to even things out.... Blessings

1. Two beautiful boys.

2. Amazing husband.

3. Great house.

4. Wonderful job!

5. Doctors who are doing everything they can to help me.

6. Working appliances; dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, freezer, microwave, etc.

7.Wonderful extended family.

8. Cooler weather!

9. Lovely fenced backyard for the kids to play.

10. New kindle to replace the one that broke.

11. Comfy bed to sleep in at night.

12. Heat for the house, and a cooler basement.

13. Great online community to ask questions and get support.

14. Beautiful fall leaves to look at.

15. Mountain views that feel like home.

16. Testimony

17. A dog that loves to snuggle.

18. Medicine that helps my kids feel better when they are sick.

19. Playgroup that gives me some adult time during the week and gives the kids good friends.

20. Being able to work at home this year.

It is easy to focus only on the hard things in life. When you really sit down and count your blessings, they always outweigh the hardships. I had a hard time getting to ten on my complaints and I could have gone on and on with my blessings. Life is good.

November 04, 2010

When its gone its gone

The boys I watch have their hair cut pretty short most of the time. It is very fine and gets tangled easily if it gets too long, so they keep it short. The other day when they were all playing at their house the twins found some scissors and tried to cut each other's hair. They offered to cut Porter's but, he said no. Their Mom ended up just shaving the boys heads to hide the cut marks, which for boys isn't too big a deal. Porter loves their fuzzy heads and has been asking to have fuzzy hair like theirs for a while. I guess he regretted not taking them up on their offer. :) He said he didn't want to get poked, which I suppose is a legitimate concern when a four year old is holding the scissors. Smart boy.

Today I decided to give in. I shaved the back part, thinking he could just have that for a while and that would satisfy his want of fuzzy hair. The whole rest of the day, he kept asking and asking for me to do his whole head. I knew it wouldn't look great. My son, love him to death, but he has a huge head. However, we have a fight every bath time over washing his hair. He screams and cries the whole time as we wash it and rinse it out. So, thinking it would simplify bath time at least for a while, we went whole hog and shaved his head. My goodness. Now I have a very strange looking little man. Adam thinks he look a bit alien. I think he looks like he has been on chemo for a while, but Porter himself LOVES it. He keeps rubbing his head and saying 'fuzzy wuzzy was a bear....' Gotta love that kid. :) And since one of the joys of having boys is short hair that grows really fast, it is fun to let him experiment with what he likes. I left the middle and asked him if he wanted me to leave a mohawk for a day or two, but he was very sure he wanted it all gone. So off it came.

Halfway there. He is still determined to have it ALL gone.

He was not too happy about getting hair in his mouth and he kept sticking his tongue out to show me and getting more hair on it. It was hard not to laugh, though he didn't think it was too funny. Once he saw what he looked like, however, he was all grins. He loves it! So much hair gone.
Once its gone, its gone. Hopefully his love of it lasts as long as it will take to grow back.

Apologies all around

Anonymous wrote a very nice apology to me and honestly I owe an apology to her to too. Since I publicly addressed it, I will publicly apologize too.

She was having a bad day, and, being down with the flu yesterday, I was too. I was in a mood to go off and her comment was just the light for a short fuse. If it were someone I knew, I really would have felt the need to be more circumspect and polite, but since it was anonymous, I wrongly was a bit gleeful at the chance to 'let it all hang out' as it were. That was wrong of me.

I am sorry I didn't leave it alone and assume she was having a similar day to mine and let it go. It just teaches me once again (somehow I have to learn this lesson over and over) to look at things from another's perspective because you never really know what is going on in someone else's life. We both reacted from our own insecurities, not really to the other person. I truly am sorry for not considering her feelings in my reply.

That being said, some of the things she said hit home with me and perhaps that is why I reacted strongly. Its good to do a selfcheck occasionally and her comment has spurred that in me. I do worry about being a good mother and I have seen how depression has affected my life lately. It is amazing what sleep deprivation can do to your quality of life, but I need to be more aware of how it affects those around me, and by extension, those that read about it. :) I am trying to find answers and in the meantime I will also try to keep up a better face for those I love and care for.

November 03, 2010

Addressing a comment

A comment was just left on my blog by Anonymous that I would like to address. I love comments on my blog and encourage them, but if you are going to dish it out, especially anonymously, please don't be offended if I defend myself.

"Do you realize that all you do is complain in this blog, every entry is you complaing about one thing or another... You had a bad day, you seem to have a bad day at least 2 times a week where your husband has to take over for you, have you thought of getting help if it's so bad, your the mother you need to stop thinking only of yourself and think more about your beautiful kids and your husband.... Oh you are so sick ( What you have is nothing major there are so much worse sleep disorders out there as for the woman snoring in the other room most likely she had sleep apnea and is in much worse condition then you are but you are only concerned about yourself and how well you slept. Also you have mad some bad choices in your life STOP BLAIMING others and realize that you are the only one to blame for what happens to you. "

My first thought is WOW that is some major vitriol coming from someone I most likely don't even know. Since you didn't name yourself, I can only guess, but I am assuming you don't know me or you wouldn't be so offended at my blog.

Yes, I have some bad days, more lately, and I do choose to blog about them. I blog about my bad days on my own blog. I don't think my bad days are more terrible than anyone else's; they are just my bad days. I feel that is my right; it is my blog afterall and no one is forced to read it. This serves as my journal as well as a way to keep my extended family up to date on the goings on in my family's life. No one's life is made up of all good days. I don't leave out the harder days just to make my blog more fun for someone to read. Yes, I have made some bad choices. I own them and try to learn from them. Hopefully my talking about them will help others learn from my mistakes and avoid them.

I may not be the best mother all the time, but thank heavens I do have a husband who can and does step in when needed and take over. I take over for him when he has a bad day too. I think that is one of the great things about a good marriage. Team work and taking turns when you need to. I thank God every day for my amazing husband, and I like to give him credit on this blog as well for being amazing. I am not ashamed to admit that I got the better end of the deal when it comes to the person I married. I don't deserve how good he is to me and I say it all the time. That having been said, I also throw myself into serving him in my own way as well. I just don't declare it here.

You think I have blamed others for my problems. In fact you state it rather emphatically. I try to take responsibility for my actions and I don't think I have blamed others for my problems. However, I do like to learn and any constructive criticism you would like to give, I am open to it.

The woman sleeping next door the other night was snoring loudly and I don't blame her for it. It was just one more reason I wasn't sleeping. I was at a sleep lab. I certainly expected people with sleep problems to be there. Yes, I was being dramatic in describing all the things keeping me awake. I am dramatic. I don't plan on changing that and since I don't know the other woman or think she will ever have cause to read my blog, I am pretty sure she wouldn't be offended. If that was you, I am sincerely sorry you snore and I hope they found some answers for you. I know people who have sleep apnea and wasn't intending any slur to the other woman at the lab that night. I talk in my sleep, so hopefully I didn't keep her awake at all, but I wouldn't be offended if she complained about it on her blog.

I was surprised by the Anonymous comment, but not offended. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and hopefully I have answered some of this person's concerns. If my blog continues to be offensive or depressive, I won't be offended if you stop reading. I write what I feel like writing when I sit down at the computer to update my blog and it won't always be sunshine and lollipops. In fact, I should warn that the next post is probably going to be another complaining one so I can keep my averages up. You probably won't want to read it. :)