July 30, 2010

Minute to win it

We had a great time at the family reunion and I will put up more pictures on another post, but this picture deserved its own post just for Taggart's expression. He was really determined to get that ball to stick in the peanut butter. :)


Gabe loves his pacifier. He thinks it is really funny to have one attached and find his other one. He switches them back and forth over and over again when he gets them both. He isn't super attached to it though. We can take it away and he is fine. However, there is one very good reason why we haven't taken it away permanently yet.......

Gabe also loves dirt.

July 28, 2010

Liquid nitrogen fun -aka- the hottest/coolest place to get icecream

So today I cleared all the junk food out of our house. There are still snacks for the kids, but all the grown-up sweets/junk food is gone. We are starting to get back to eating healthy, so starting fresh with the pantry too.

Anyway, since everything is cleared out, we decided to have one 'last meal' before our sweets fast begins. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden and decided to try someplace new for dessert; Sub Zero. It is located between Jimmy John's and Cafe Rio on Main street and it was a really fun experience, and of course, great ice cream too. You pick your base; basically how much fat you want in it. They have everything from Premium (14%), to custard (my personal favorite), to frozen yogurt or soy (0%). Then you pick your flavor (lots to choose from), then you pick your mix-ins (basically the same types of things you would find at Coldstone). Then, ah then, you get to watch them shoot liquid nitrogen into the mix and freeze it all right in front of you. Very cool! Porter loved it even though he was a little nervous about it at first. We have been wishing for a custard place here in Logan for a while and I am happy to report it was pretty good. Not Wisconsin good, but still pretty good. We all had a great time and I highly recommend it as a family outing here in Logan.

July 26, 2010

Silly Porter Man

Porter came to me today and asked me to watch his hotdog dance. He spun around in circles and then said to himself, "I gotta get it right" and spun around again. He looked at me and then said, "There, that is the hotdog dance" with a big grin. What a goof. :)

July 10, 2010

Closet remodel

When we looked at the house for the first time, this room seemed kind of small for a bedroom, but we thought it would be great for a closet. So we decided to put our bedroom downstairs and use it as such. But it took a lot to get it from this.....





to this........

First we had to take out all the shelving.

Then we had to demo the existing top half of the wall so we could build it out.

Then we built the new wall.

And installed new drywall.

Adam did the taping and mudding.

I did the sanding and texturing. I was happy to find out you can buy a can of wall texturizing spray. So easy. I found out this is called 'orange peel' texture. Not too bad for a first try, but I should have sanded more. Oh well, it is hidden behind our clothes for the most part anyway.

I also did the painting. Can you tell that Adam let me pick the paint color? :)

All painted and trim installed. Ready for the next step.....

The all day project of putting it together. Adam worked really hard to put everything together and even had to do some Macgyvering to make everything fit. (It said it fit a ten foot room. Ours was exactly ten feet, but it was about four inches too long.) Grr. He had to cut down both the poles and shelving and then restain the cuts for the shelf. This is him about 75% done.
The shirt is appropriate I think. Some of the directions were wrong, there was a missing piece and no extras, and overall, it was just time consuming to get finished. But he did it, and WOW do I love it.

The rest of the closet. (I love that there is room for everything in there.)
My shoe shelf, of which I need another.

The newly finished dresser.

And my vanity. I still need to hang the mirror and get some lights for it, but you get the idea. Everything fits in here and still leaves plenty of room so we don't feel cramped.
LOVE IT!!!!!
We are never moving again because we are never leaving this closet behind. I am sure we will never find another house (one that we can afford) with a closet like this. So I guess we just have to stay. :)

July 07, 2010

Gabe's first word

I finally got Gabe's first word on camera. He loves to wave and grin at everyone and say hi. He had people at the restaurant grinning and laughing tonight at dinner. He is such a charmer.

Gabe, waving hello.

I told Porter to stand by Gabe. He is a bit too tall to put his arm around him yet.

Happy dance! :)

My almost done kitchen!

We got our table this week and we took down the old vertical blinds in the kitchen. Now all that is left is a good garbage solution that puts it out of sight and we will be finished. I have the table this way, but am considering turning it the other way. What do you think?

July 05, 2010

My boys

My boys; lights of my life. This last week has been really full of fun times and good moments. They always make me smile.

Gabe is a climber. Loves to climb on anything he can. He is starting to figure out how to go down the stairs on his bum. Any time I leave the gate down now, he beelines for the stairs so he can practice. He throws a toy down the stairs as if that is his excuse to go down them. "I just have to get my toy Mom." The other day he was trying to climb on the bunk beds and this is how he ended up.

This suit is just a little big for him still, (the pants are really big), but he is just too adorable in it not to dress him in it on Sundays. Amazing what blue does for him.

Cheesy grin. He is so happy to have his picture taken.

Porter is his new suit. This year, I made sure to buy the next size up when I found them, so I didn't have to go looking all over for one when he outgrew his old one.

Another grin. I was trying to get video of Gabe saying his first word; hi, and Porter was sad that he wasn't in it. Taking his picture got him excited.

All my boys together.

I still don't have a good video of Gabe saying hi. We went for a walk last night and he was saying hi and waving and grinning over and over again. After we got home and I found the camera, he wouldn't do it anymore. One of these days I will get him doing it.