June 27, 2010


It has come to my attention that some people have made comments on the blog that haven't shown up. I don't know why they aren't showing up, but I haven't deleted them, I promise. Please keep commenting and I will try to get it fixed.

June 26, 2010

Our newest family member

I have been telling Adam from the time we got married that when we had a house, we were going to get some kind of pet and that he just needed to come around to the idea. Kids need pets. I grew up with cats and dogs and once I got a yard I was determined that my kids would have one or the other as well.

A friend offered us a kitten from their litter and I thought that would be great. We would take her home after we moved in here and once she got acclimated, she could be a mostly outside pet. That turned out to be a disaster. Within the first day, the boys had let her outside and chased her up a tree. After Adam got her back down, she went right back up the tree the first chance she got. Before we went to get her down again and bring her inside, she was gone. Within a few short days our pet ownership was cut short. I felt really bad that I hadn't been more vigilant at keeping her inside. I hope someone nice found her and is taking really good care of her.

So a cat was out. I apparently can't be a cat owner. This week another opportunity presented itself. I was bemoaning the loss of our cat when I saw an ad for Chiquita. Her owner couldn't take care of her anymore (she moved into a place where they wouldn't accept pets) and she was looking for someone to take her in. She is eight years old, so well past the jumpy, crazy, race around, escape age. Small enough not to be a bother or topple Gabe over, but big enough not to be pushed around by any of the boys.

I have to give Adam a whole lot of credit. He knows I have always wanted a pet and even though he is very much NOT a pet person, he willingly consented to our getting one because he knew it would make me happy. Thank you honey. I love her already.

Chiquita, or Cheeta/Cheeto/Kita depending on how close Porter gets when he tries to say it. :)This is the day we got her. She hadn't seen a good grooming in quite a while.

And this is after we took her to be groomed. Porter thought it wasn't our dog when we went to pick her up. What a difference! :)

It didn't take even five minutes after setting up her kennel for Gabe to climb in exploring and for Porter to lock him in. I remember the Gabe I used to tend climbed in the dog's crate all the time. Fun memories. :)
They love her. Porter follows her everywhere and needs to know where she is and what she is doing every minute.
She is a Bichon Frise and as adorable as they come. I was surprised the owner was offering her for free since they normally go for several hundred dollars, but she was pressured to get her a new home fast and since she is older, perhaps she wasn't as 'valuable'. She came with her kennel, bed, food, and assorted accouterments so we didn't have to put out a ton of money initially (other than the grooming of course).
She has hair, not fur, so she doesn't shed and is supposed to be hypoallergenic. We took her on a trial basis for a few weeks, so if anyone starts having a reaction to her she will get a new home, but so far everyone has done great. I didn't want a puppy that I had to train, which is why we picked a cat in the first place, but Chiquita is perfect. She is well trained, docile, friendly, quiet (other than when she found out she had to sleep on her own and not in our bed) and very patient with the boys. She is very social and loving. She follows everywhere I go and loves to come on trips with us already. (Such big sad eyes when I have left her home to go do something.) So far, she is turning out to the be the perfect fit for our family. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she stays that way.

June 24, 2010

Two of my sisters decided to throw me a housewarming party this last weekend and we had tons of fun. Bridget had everyone bring a plate for a wall in my kitchen and it turned out great. We didn't have a lot of people that day as the summer is so busy for everyone, but several people sent or dropped off plates ahead of time and we had tons of fun putting them up. There are still a couple that we need to get plate hangers for as we ran out of the right sizes, but they will go up soon as well. Thank you to everyone who participated either that day or in spirit. I get to think of how loved I am every time I look at the wall and see all the plates you gave me. It looks fantastic and makes my house feel even more like a home. Robyn, your plate gets a special place over the sink, but I didn't get a picture of it yet. I love it, and was really touched that you took the time to send something and even signed it for me. Thank you so much. Rachael, I was also really touched that you took the time to mail something. I totally didn't expect it, and loved them both. Thank you all.

Gabe loves baths

Gabe loves taking baths. He gets all excited and starts practically hyperventilating when he hears the water turned on in the bathroom. This picture was taken once I had him nice and clean and jammied. I went in to get Porter out and Gabe followed me in. I kept putting him back by the door, but he snuck past me, climbed over the side, and dived back into the tub fully clothed as I was getting Porter out of the tub. I wish I had thought to take a picture while he was in the tub, as it was pretty hilarious(he was so proud of himself), but I was too busy laughing and pulling him back out.

In June!! Come on people!


My cute little man. First day of school. He was so excited to go with with the twins and not have to stay in the car while they went in and had all the fun. And he never got tired of it. He was excited to go every single day.

As we were unpacking into the new house, Porter decided the suitcase would make a great bed. He got his blanket and pillow, crawled in, and pulled the top over himself. He just figured we could take him with us like that wherever we wanted to go next.

Porter loves getting a mohawk. Once he saw the twins' older brother give them mohawks, he had to have one too.

We went and saw How to Train your Dragon a little while back and Porter liked it. He wouldn't keep the 3D glasses on for the movie because he said they hurt his face, but he really liked wearing them at home. Go figure.

This is usually the reaction I get now when I try to take Porter's picture. He hides or runs away so I can't get a good one.

Gabe, Gabe, and more Gabe

Gabe LOVES to feed himself.


I think Adam called this dish 'dirty corn'. Gabe took him literally. :)

Gabe's 1st Birthday Part 2

We closed on our house a couple weeks before this, but we rented the house back to the last owners for ten days while they moved out and Gabe's birthday was the first day we could go in our new house as owners. We decided to have a picnic on our new deck with pizza and cake for Gabe's birthday. The house was empty, but we had a lot of friends over and gave them the tour and ate lots of good food. We had a great time and so did Gabe.

Yes, Mommy forgot to have them write on the cake. Oh well, he is one and I am pretty sure he didn't care about anything but eating it.

Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Gabe's 1st Birthday

So, he had his birthday a couple weeks ago, and we did have a party for him, but with all that happened in the last few weeks, I haven't taken time to sit and document it yet. So, here are his monthly pictures. Now I just need to get them all printed out so they can go in his scrapbook.

He kept trying to throw the duck off the couch and then dive after it, so it was hard to get a good picture this time. Its a good thing I only planned on doing this for the first year; he is too squirmy now.

June 14, 2010

Settling in

We only have internet on the laptop for the next day or two until the desktop is set up, so this post will be short and won't have any pictures, but we are finally settling into our new house, learning its quirks and making ourselves at home. I put my back out Saturday morning, so I wasn't much help for the big move, but luckily almost all of the boxes had already gone over during the week, so it was only the furniture and books that needed to be packed in the moving truck and a few of the guys from our old ward came and helped pack it all up.

When we got over to the new house, I think the whole block was here to help unload. We had probably a dozen men and a few wives and kids that all came over to lend a hand. It was wonderful. It went so quickly and Donald and faith came and kept the kids busy so everything went remarkably quickly and smoothly. They even got the treadmill and washer and dryer downstairs after taking off a couple doors. We are so grateful for everyone who came and helped. We couldn't have done it without you.

We have already had several people come introduce themselves and bring by goodies to welcome us to the neighborhood and we feel like we are part of a really friendly neighborhood already. There are a lot of kids Porter's age and all the kids come out in the afternoons to play in the culdesac. It just makes me smile to think that we get to be part of that now. I am already loving living here. Our house still needs a few things, but it is already home.

To do list:
change out the cord on the dryer so it fits our current outlet and hook everything up. (Anyone want to help with that?)
finish painting the boys' dresser so they have somewhere to put their clothes
get a jack installed so our computer can be hooked up
mow the lawn
change out the sandbox for gravel (anyone want some sand?)
figure out the closet wall
unpack the bathrooms
unpack the bedrooms
unpack the library
unpack, unpack, unpack......