May 28, 2010

We finally have a house!

We went in last night and signed all the papers for our house and it is now officially ours. I have been packing here and there, but have waited to pack in earnest until everything was official, so now I have to really kick it in gear. We are moving in two weeks; June 12th. I think our realtor was expecting more excitement as he handed us our keys, but it really took a bit to sink in that it really is done and it really in ours now. We are so happy! The rest of the evening, we just kept turning to each other and getting more excited. All the plans we have only talked about can now really happen. We are quite pleased that our new ownership happens to fall on a weekend when all sorts of things we need will be on sale. Bring on the shopping! :)

P.S. We went out to dinner to celebrate last night at the new Iron Gate Grill. Loved it! Atmosphere was great, food was great, desert was fantastic! Definitely give it a try if you are here in town.

May 18, 2010

Dresser Before Middle and After

I have halted progress on the DI dresser to put a finish on my dresser. We bought it unfinished about four years ago and I never got around to finishing it. It got a bit weathered, but once I sanded it down, stained/sealed it, and then finished it with new knobs, I think it looks fantastic. We were thinking about putting it in the boys' room, but now that I see how fabulous it turned out, I am not giving it to the boys to ruin. No way.

Before, with the old wooden knobs, in low lighting and bright lighting. Not great either way, but serviceable.

After staining. I considered just leaving it raw wood with the stain because I really liked the look, but I knew it needed the protection of a stain sealer.

Gratuitous picture of Gabe in front of the 'new' dresser.

After stain and two coats of sealer. Adam picked out new knobs for it and they look great. I considered doing a third coat just for extra durability, but since we found out we would be moving a few weeks sooner than we had originally thought, I really have to move on to the other dresser and get it finished, or the boys won't have anything to put clothes in at the new house.
I just can't tell you how proud I am of it. Any Joe off the street could read directions and do it, but I did it. I love it.


I just got a call from our realtor. Everything is in line. Our appraisal just came back and everything is good. All our financing is done and great, just waiting for closing next week. And we just found out that we get to move sooner than we thought. We had previously thought that the current owners needed until the 21st of June to move out. Now they are moving out by the 6th of June, so we will have three weeks to move and get this house cleaned out. Woohoo!! I don't know when we will have our official move out with all the heavy furniture, but I will update when we decide so people who are willing can come help us with that. Thank you ahead of time for everyone who will help us. We know it is an effort to take time out of an already busy summer schedule to help us out, and we really appreciate it.

May 16, 2010

Gabe is 11 Months Old

I didn't get them up earlier this month, but the pictures were taken. I just haven't gotten the time to post them. Hard to believe Gabe will be a year in just a few weeks. Crazy cute little boy.

Baby blessing

Somehow I didn't get a close-up picture of the lady of the hour, but here are a couple from the day. Welcome to the world Eden.

Garage Sale

This coming Saturday, we are having a garage sale. Anyone here in Logan is more than welcome to bring some of your stuff and sell it with me. We have all kinds of kid's items and several household type things. Here is just a sampling. Since we are starting to get ready for the move, we are sorting through everything we have accumulated over the last two years in this house and deciding what comes with us and what doesn't to the new house, so there will be much more by Saturday. Come one, come all, 9am-12pm May 22nd. Go to the farmer's market and stop here on your way home. I won't post my address here, but if you want it and don't have it, give me your email and I can send it to you.

pillow hugger

Remind me again why we got him a twin size bed??

We went and saw How to Train Your Dragon this week. We loved it. It was funny and the #D was well done. I would recommend it. Porter wasn't too keen on the glasses and watched most of the movie without them. But he was more than happy to put them back on for a picture. Just ignore the ketchup on his cheek.

'butt-flap' jammies

There will be more updates soon, but for tonight here is a cute one of Gabe's tush. I loved these when Porter wore them. I just think they are adorable. And of course, Gabe looks just as cute in them.

May 03, 2010

Inspection results

We just got back from our house inspection and it went as good as we could have asked for. There are one or two very small things; we need GFCI outlets in the bathrooms and the kitchen, there is a small leak under the sink from a pipe that needed tightened and the owner did that even before we got there today, and there is one small piece of flashing on the roof that is missing and needs replaced. All very small things. The inspector was very happy with the house. He even went so far as to say that he would let his kids buy the house. He made sure to point out every little thing, even as he was saying that he knew it was just nit picky kind of stuff. I was happy to hear that he had to get nit picky to find things wrong.

We are very happy and breathing a sigh of relief that everything went great. I still want to have my family take a look at it just for my own peace of mind, but all in all, we are ecstatic! Now, on to the appraisal. :) Yay for us!!!!