March 27, 2010

#2 Look what I did!

Here is the second one I made and it turned out great. The pattern on this ribbon was much easier and the paper I used this time was self adhesive, so it went on really quickly. I think I may go back and glaze these ones so they look even dressier, but I like the matte look too. What do you think? Now I just need to get a shirt to wear it with. :)

finished product

It only took another half hour to put on some color and re-ribbon it. I used less of the large washers so it wouldn't be quite so heavy. The orange is a little less loud in real life, but I wanted something that matched the scout emblem on the ribbon since its meant to be a gift for a scouter. I am debating putting it back on just the silver washers. I can't decide which is better. I think it looks okay for a first effort.

new craft

I am teaching a craft this week to the young women. We are doing washer necklaces. I went online to look at how other people are doing them and if there were different options. I found a project I wanted to try with washers. It is a multiple washer necklace. The blogs I read said they were difficult, but I found the pattern itself to be pretty easy. Perfection however is going to be hard. This picture is my first attempt. The pattern on the ribbon will take me a while to get in the right place to look good, but my other ribbons don't have the pattern issue. I saw one blog where the washers were modgepodged with cool patterns before stringing them on the ribbon and I think I want to give that a shot. Should be fun!

March 18, 2010

Sunday Morning

Gabe is just big enough fit into this little outfit. The pants are still a little long, just like they were on Porter. Porter was cute in it, but Gabe gives him a run for his money.
I couldn't get a really good one of Porter. He doesn't like to stand still for a picture anymore. This is the best I could do. He loves the dumptruck he got for Christmas and uses it all the time, but I think this is the first time he has stood in it. Surprising really.

Bed Head

Its still not much, but Gabe finally has enough hair to get bed head. I had to use the flash to show it because it is so blonde it is invisible without it. When people get close, they stop and say, "oh, he does have hair." It has happened a few times and it makes me laugh. He really is white blonde.

Muscle Man

I have been working out on the Wii in the living room lately and Porter likes to do it with me. He always asks if he can run too and use the weights or resistance band. It is cute, and hopefully teaching him something about staying active and fit.

Monkey Boy

Porter and the twins have a lot of fun pretending with their zoo hats. There is a giraffe and two monkeys. That day Porter had the monkey and was goofing off. Probably just what a monkey would do if he could.
Whenever we take the monthly pictures of Gabe, Porter has to get in on the fun too. I just wish I had combed his hair first.

Monkey baby

Gabe loves climbing. Our table chairs are the perfect obstacle course for him and he does it all the time. I am a little nervous to see what he tries when he is old enough to play on playground at the park.

Gabe is Nine Months Old

Such a cute kid. He is all smiles. We have people ask us all the time if he is always so happy, and for the most part, he really is. He has had some cranky days lately because he has a couple teeth trying to come in, but he really is a joyful little boy. He is sleeping really well through the night. I have just marveled this week that we have had almost a full week or sleeping through the night for both the kids. Other than Porter talking in his sleep, the kids have both slept really well. I am not counting on it lasting, just counting my blessings while they are here. :)

He is standing on everything and crawling almost faster than we can keep up with. He loves getting in the bathroom. Whenever someone leaves the door open he races for it, trying to get in before we can get there. He goes right for the tub so he can yell into it and hear the sound amplified. He definitely has loud baby genes, although maybe not quite as much as Esther. :) He loves to growl and yell when he is happy.

He really enjoys trailing after the boys and watching whatever they are doing. It was warm enough the other day that I put the walker outside on the driveway, and he was in heaven chasing after the boys on their trikes. It might be the one thing that gets him to walk. He is so good at crawling that he hasn't yet expressed an interest in walking, but being able to follow the boys might get him interested. Especially once they are out in the grass and at the park where the walker can't go.

We love our little Gaby baby. I told Adam the other day that when we have a girl, we should name her Addelaide and we can call her Laidy. Then we will have Porter Man, Gaby Baby, and a Little Laidy. He wasn't very excited about it. :)

Fabulous Dinner

I never posted this one, but Adam has come up with a meal that has now become my number one favorite meal, and he has made it a a couple times for me on special occasions lately. This is the most recent dinner, I think it was Valentine's, but it could have been more recent. It has been a while since I have downloaded pictures from the camera.

Anyway, it is baked asparagus with a little olive oil and spices, red potatoes with a parmesan topping and capers, and steak. I have always been a meat and potatoes kind of person and this dish takes the cake. Literally, I would take this over cake just about any day. We can only have it occasionally because I don't know, and I really have no desire to know, the calorie count in it, but I am sure it is high. But some days are for celebrating and not worrying about that. I have the best husband.

The New Do

I have been wanting to cut my hair for quite some time now, but I didn't want to do it and then regret it, so I have waited and waited to see if the urge went away. It was getting really long, well, really long for me anyway and the weight of it was pulling all the curl out. I never left it down anymore because it took so long to dry and style it. It was always in a ponytail or up in a clip. Rather than stylish long hair, I had ragged trailer trash hair ( my own opinion, and that is what counts.) It had been a couple months and I still wanted to cut it, so yesterday I did it.

I had a momentary urge to cut it quite short in a Kate Gosslin-esque style, but decided to go halfway and see what I thought before a drastic cut. I had her cut three inches, and then since it was still a bit long, I had her cut two more. I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I always think that when leaving the salon because I never like what they do to it. Later that day, I finally got around to picking up some color and after coloring, washing and styling it myself, I really like it. It has so much more movement and body. It actually gets dries on its own now, where with the old length, it could stay damp for two days if I didn't dry it. It is a younger style, I think. I hope it doesn't look like I am trying to be too young. I am turning 31 soon. Odd that I have to think about that now - what is appropriate for my age?

And yay! now, no more grey! :) I thought briefly about going a lighter color or even going back to red, which I have done often, but then I have to really keep up with it, and the older I get and the busier I get, the lazier I get about doing it, so I went with a chocolate brown that is pretty close to my current natural color. The color on the box said Deep Beige Brown. Ugh! Who thought of that name for the color? Not a good marketing strategy, unless you are like me and can't use the gold tones without going orange, and can't use the ash tones without going green. Then beige it is. :) I think it looks good. A bit dark, but few washings should lighten it enough.

March 15, 2010

Sick Again

This winter has been terrible for the Sampson family's health. Today is no exception. This last weekend Porter and Gabe threw up a few times, they seem to be better now thankfully. Last night I (Adam) was sick the entire night, throwing up every twenty min or so. It was terrible. I am still weak, thankfully I was able to take the day off today. Amanda got the day off too, and it is a good thing because she is sick to her stomach now too. So far not as bad, lets hope it stays that way.
I am ready for the winter to be over so we can all stay healthy. Isn't spring supposed to be here by now?