December 27, 2009


Its been a quiet morning at home with my little man. Everyone went off to church and we have just snuggled a bit on the couch watching Curious George. We have been able to get his fever back down with the Motrin. I can't imagine life without my little boy. I haven't been too upset about it and I think that is because as Adam said to me, I just can't imagine anything happening to take him away. My brain wouldn't believe it, so through the crisis, I wasn't extremely worried, not only because of the priesthood blessing, but because my brain just refused to believe anything that bad could happen to my child. But bad things can and do happen to people all the time. The last 24 hours have brought home just how precious life is and how easily it can be changed completely or even taken away. I am so grateful that we have out little family and also so grateful to everyone who helped us get through, our family here in NM who helped take care of Gabe while we were with Porter and for getting Adam to the hospital to meet the ambulance and for just being a wonderful support system all around. We love you so much and are so blessed to call you family. Also a big thanks to the emergency professionals; the EMTs, the nurses, and the doctor in the pediatric emergency room. You may not have done much more than re-assure us and keep an eye on Porter, but the peace of mind was invaluable.

1st Ambulance Ride

I have never been in an ambulance before. I have never really had an intererest in riding in one, but Porter and I got our first ride in one last night. That is a trip I could handle never experiencing again.

Yesterday started out pretty normal. We are here in NM visiting with Adam's side of the family for Christmas. We had a great Christmas and had just said goodbye to a few members of the family that were headed home. One of our nieces got sick in the car after they left, so when Porter started to act a bit sick, we figured it was just going around. He had a slight fever so we gave him some Motrin and settled in on the couch to watch a movie. About an hour later he got sick to his stomach, but after throwing up he seemed to recover quickly and was acting pretty normal other than being a little more snuggly than usual. We left him here with family and went to get a movie for everyone to watch. When we got back he had fallen asleep on the couch watching his movie and we took him upstairs to his bed. He seemed like he was fine and just needed to get some rest.

We settled in to watch our movie and about an hour later I heard Porter call out. When I got upstairs to check on him he was fast asleep and seemed fine. Two minutes later I heard him scream and Adam ran up to check on him with me a little behind him. Porter was seizing. I called down the stairs for someone to call 911. It lasted about half a minute and then all his muscles just clenched tight for a while. He was moaning and unresponsive. We layed him on our bed on his side and waited for the ambulance to get there. Adam and his dad gave him a blessing that he would be healed quickly and then the EMTs were there. As soon as they tried to get some readings; temperature (103.5), blood pressure, blood sugar (high-190s), heart rate (fast), etc, he started coming out of it and fighting them. He still wasn't really coherent, but at least he was awake.

They strapped me to the stretcher so that then I could hold Porter and we left for the hospital. Porter seemed to be starting to recover a bit, but was in and out of sleep most of the ride. The EMT, Dennis, explained everything as we went, what febrile seizures are, why and how they can happen. He said they happen when children have a fever that spikes too high, too fast. Kids usually outgrow them by 5 and they don't do any permanent damage. They did some more tests at the hospital; retesting his temperature and blood sugar. His blood sugar was still high, but the nurse said that probably was from the stress. They gave him some more Motrin and just had us stay for an hour to make sure his fever came down, which it did. We came home and he slept solidly through the night, only waking to take more medicine early this morning. He woke up seeming perfectly fine, acting normally and having fun. He didn't remember anything about the hospital or ambulance, but he remembers getting a stuffed lion (from the EMT in the ambulance) as well as a little bear.

About an hour ago, we checked his temperature because he seemed a little warm again. 99.2 Ten minutes ago we checked it again and it is back up to 102.2 More Motrin and we will keep an eye on him. Its going to be a long day.....

December 23, 2009

Frustration Vol 2

So I didn't exercise yesterday and I ate Costa Vida for dinner and this morning my scale says I am down 6 pounds from yesterday morning. 6 pounds! I am pretty sure I just need a new scale. My old one's battery finally gave out a couple weeks ago and I have just been using the new one, which does have a brand new battery, but I am pretty sure no one's body does that in a day. I can see a couple just with normal hormonal fluctuations ( I am a girl after all), but 6 pounds is beyond belief. I will be extremely frustrated if all this up and down in the last little while has just been because I need a new scale. $%(&%*%$# That is me throwing the scale against the wall in my imagination. Maybe I should have asked Santa for a new one for Christmas. Well, I am leaving for a week and not thinking about it and we'll see what it says when I get back. Then I am probably getting a new one just to be sure. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions on my last post. I am going to try and switch up my workouts sometimes and once the new season of Biggest Loser starts I will be back to my weekly postings.

December 21, 2009


I haven't posted since the Biggest Loser ended for a few reasons. Since it is over I figure I will wait to start posting weekly again until the next season in January. Also I have really struggled with everything in the last month and I didn't really want to put it all out there. However maybe some people have some wisdom that will help, so I decided to go ahead.

After Thanksgiving, a meal I was very good with by the way; I didn't overeat at all and only had one slice of pie, I came home and two days later weighed myself to find I was nine pounds heavier. What the what!!?? How does that happen? My first thought was maybe somehow I was pregnant (I gained nine pounds instantly with both pregnancies) despite taking precautions. So I took a test, which was negative. I also thought maybe there was something wrong with my scale, but as you will recall, I have two of them and they both said the same thing; major weight gain. It really depressed me and I stopped really worrying about what I ate. I did make a goal that week to exercise six days a week for all of December and see if that made a difference. (Before I was pretty hit or miss on finding time for it.) I have now gone a month and haven't missed a workout. I haven't eaten all that great, but I haven't eaten rottenly either. I have gained two more pounds!

It is utterly frustrating. I have gained back half of what I worked so hard to lose and I don't really have the emotional motivation to try something different, if I even knew what to try. It is depressing to work my butt off on the treadmill and not actually have my butt come off. What is the point of getting up at 5:15 in the morning so that I can get a workout in, and going to bed early and missing time with my husband so that I have the energy to get up and do it all again if it isn't going to make a difference? It makes me want to throw a tantrum! Sigh.......

So Biggest Loser starts again the first week of January. I am going to try and forget about anything weight related for the next week. Since its Christmas and we will be traveling, I don't see how I could really gear up right now anyway. After we get home, though, I am getting back in gear so that I can have my first weigh in with the first show. I will probably also pay a visit to my doctor and see if there is anything else that could be contributing to the struggle. Anybody here in Logan have a good recommendation? We have a good pediatrician now, but not a doctor for Adam and I.

December 20, 2009

Solo Church

I went to church on my own today. Porter had still been sniffling a bit and we wanted to make sure he had at least one down day to recover before we started our holiday travel plans this week. I was doing the sharing time lesson today so Adam stayed home with the kids. I was amazed at how much more I got out of Sacrament meeting. I could hear everything that was said. There were no interruptions for shushing, spit-up, potty brakes, time outs, snacks, musical laps, bottles, diaper changes, crying, rescuing hymnbooks, not so quiet quiet books, etc. The list goes on of the distractions. It was the choir's Christmas program and it felt wonderful to just take in the spirit. I did miss my family of course, but truthfully, not that much. It was really nice to have the bench to myself and just relax into the Christmas mood with the music. A big thanks to the choir for providing my Sunday escape with a soundtrack.

December 11, 2009


We made Ghirardelli brownies today and Porter helped. This summer I had brownies at a birthday party and the mother had made them in cupcake tins. Fabulous!! Its the only way I do them now. Grease the pan and they pop right out. No worrying about whether they will cut well or not and every piece is just the right size. And since I like the edges, every brownie has them, as well as a chewy, melt in your mouth center. Love, love, love it. Everyone should do them this way. I decree it! :)

December 08, 2009

Gabe is Six Months Old

Gabe turned six months old on Sunday. Hard to believe half a year has gone by. He has been growing like crazy and is such a sweet kid. He really is a delight. I couldn't decide on just one picture of each so this post has a few.

Where's Baby? Peek-a-Boo! Or Peek-a-Goo! as Porter would say.

December 06, 2009

Sunday at the Sampson's

We have had an eventful day and it isn't even over yet. We decorated the tree this morning. Porter had fun 'helping' put on the tinsel that we decided to try this year. Once we took a bunch off, (we really overdid it) I liked it better, but I am not convinced that we will ever do it again. We did all unbreakable ornaments this year, for obvious reasons. All in all, it turned out pretty good. Thanks Adam, for letting my get a live tree. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without it.

Last night I put a plastic waterbottle with ice in it in the microwave to thaw it out a little, and the microwave starting sparking. I wondered if there was something metalic in my plastic bottle that I was unaware of. Then today when Adam got home from church, he put some chicken nuggets in to cook for Porter's lunch. He went to unbuckle Gabe from his car seat when it started sparking again. In the two seconds it took for him to turn to the microwave to shut it off, Gabe arched out of his carseat and fell on the ground. He got a scratch on his chin a slight bloody nose, but other than that he is okay. He just gave both of us quite a scare. If we had ended up in the quickcare again with another of our kids getting a concussion, they might call CPS on us. There are days when we don't feel like we are quite up to par as parents. Thankfully we aren't asked to be perfect. Hopefully our kids will grow up to forgive us the mistakes we make and love us anyway. I know I need that mercy just about every day.

So tomorrow, the only day of the week that I didn't have something already planned, we will now be shopping for a new microwave. Any suggestions?

December 04, 2009

Porter is Funny

As I was putting Porter to bed one night this week, I accidentally bumped his arm. But instead of telling me I hurt him, this is what he said, "I hurt you, Mommy."
Playing along I said, "Well if you hurt me, you should probably say sorry."
Porter with a big smile and in a singsong voice, "Sorry"
A few minutes later, "Where did your owie go?"
I smile and shrug, "I don't know."
Porter- "We should find it."
A minute later as I put him down he grabs my hand and says, "There is is!"
Me-"Well, you should kiss it better then." Which he did. Such a funny kid.

December 01, 2009

The final product

I was looking at a friend's projects on facebook and it made me want to finish my own projects, namely the chair cover I have been working on. I have had the ottoman done for a long time and now I finally have the chair cover done. I was disappointed at first that I had done all that work on the previous one before I found this material, but in the end, it was good to have a practice cover first. This one turned out a lot better. And I am still in love with the material. :)