November 26, 2009

Do the Happy Dance!!!!

So even though I remade my goal because I really didn't think I would make my first goal, I have still been keeping track and this last week I have started really making an effort again. My original goal was to lose 20 pounds by the end of November. (really by Thanksgiving since that is the big marker at the end of November but I was flexible; if I made it by the last day of the month, I would still count it as achieving my goal) This morning I stepped on the scale and wouldn't you know it, I am down 20 pounds exactly!!!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I did just over two miles on the treadmill this morning at a steady2.5 incline and for the first time since before having Gabe I am running again. Only in two minute increments, but running all the same. It is amazing what a workout in the morning can do for the rest of my day. Yesterday I had the day off, but I still got up and did a mile and a half and got a shower in before Adam left for work. I got so much done yesterday. I started on the final cover for my chair; the one with the material I finally found, and got about 2/3 of the way done. It took me several days last time, so that tells you just how on point I was yesterday. Why can't I remember how good this feels on mornings when I don't want to get out of bed, or when that fresh baked bread calls my name? I feel so much better when I treat my body well.

It reminds me of something I learned a long time ago. If something is addicting it most likely isn't good for you. Nothing good for you gets you hooked. Its all about agency. I have to make that choice every morning to get out of bed and head for the treadmill. Sleeping in, eating rich food, etc is habit forming. Running on the treadmill is a choice I have to make over and over again. Right now I make the choice to get up and walk/run.

November 23, 2009

Gabe loves Music

Gabe loves music. He especially loves when Porter plays with this toy with him, or when he gets to hit the buttons all by himself. It entertained him for quite a while this evening. Thanks Mom!

What a Day

So here is the run down of my day. Lets start with the night leading up to today. Gabe has been not really sick, but sick enough that he is not sleeping well. We prop him up a bit so he can breathe better and not cough as much, but some nights nothing helps. He wasn't really coughing last night, but he was up more than half a dozen times. Somewhere in there I just stopped counting. Pacifier didn't help, a bottle didn't help, adjusting the blankets; putting one more on, taking one off, etc. Nothing helped him sleep any better. At about 2:30, Porter had a bad dream and when I went in to comfort him, found him poopy. (He doesn't like to go in the potty so he waits until he has gone to bed now. I had checked him at ten before going to bed and he had been clean.) I changed him in the dark, so he wouldn't wake all the way up and not be able to get back to sleep, so I wondered how clean he really got and if I got the diaper on securely.

By 6:30, I had to get up and get ready and I handed another bottle to Adam, along with Gabe. About the time that I needed Gabe up to get him dressed, then he decided he was ready to sleep. I went in to get Porter up and found that somehow, although his diaper was on and completely dry, his pajama bottoms and his blankets and sheets were all wet. Wonder how that happened. After getting him all cleaned up and the bedding in the wash, we are running late.

I go to grab Gabe and put him in the carseat so we can run out the door, only to discover that he is poopy. And Gabe doesn't just do poopy. It is blowout poopy every time. So I knew I couldn't just put him in the carseat and change him a few minutes later when I get to work. (I used his extra set of clothes out of the car last week for a blowout and they haven't made it back yet.) It has to happen right now. So I run to change him, thankfully caught it in time to save his clothes and we make the run to work.

When I get there, I find that my boss hasn't had the time she usually has in the morning to clean up anything. The house is a disaster from six boys home all weekend long. I start cleaning up, only to discover that the floor of the bathroom is REALLY sticky with some mystery yuckiness. I see little pink crusty things on the floor and find out that the boys had gotten cotton candy over the weekend and somehow it had ended up all over the bathroom floor. Yegtch!!! The boys wake up crying because it is Monday and they are back with my instead of waking up with Mommy.

I have been doing really well with eating healthy, but this night and morning just throws everything out the window and I NEED chocolate. I read this morning that coconut M&Ms are back in stores so I get the kids ready and we head off to Walmart. They have no coconut M&Ms. Dang it!!! So I get something to subsitute and we head home. The kids want chicken nuggets so I stop at Arctic Circle and we grab some lunch. It isn't until we are on our way home with said lunch that I remember the goal I made with Adam a few weeks ago not to eat out again until after Thanksgiving. Dang it!!!! But, you know what, that hamburger tasted so good! I couldn't feel too guilty over it.

I came home after my hectic day, and my wonderful husband took both kids to the store so I could have some time off, and then came home and made me a delicious dinner followed by some homemade pumpkin muffins that I got the recipe for from a friend on facebook. Delicious. He tried to get me the M&Ms at Smiths and found out that althoug they got a shipment, they are already sold out. As Porter would say, 'Oh man!!' followed by 'Try again!' Maybe I will be able to get them next week. I am just glad this day is over. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Gabe sleeps better tonight and tomorrow will be better. Everything is better on a good night's sleep.

November 18, 2009

A day of firsts

Gabe had a couple firsts today. This evening at dinner Gabe was sitting beside Porter at the table, ogling his food, trying to get it. He has been doing this for several days now, reaching for others' food and grunting. We tried rice cereal and he doesn't really care for it yet. I remembered that I had a few biter biscuits left over from Porter so I thought, why not? Little did I know the love affair that would ensue. He LOVED it. He kept moaning and grinning as he ate it. I reminded me of that movie, (was it What About Bob?), where he keeps making noises as he eats because it is so good. He was hilarious, moaning and groaning over his food. He was not happy when I took it away to clean him up, but once it broke and fell on the floor, I had to take it away. Poor guy. He kept grunting and reaching for the wet wipe I wrapped the pieces in.

Because he had loved his biscuit so much, he was then in need of a bath. He kicks so much now laying down in the tub, getting everything and everyone soaked, that we decided to try it sitting up. He did great. He still splashed, but since he was using one hand to steady himself he was only able to use one hand to splash. I escaped with only a few water spots.
A side note- I was finally able to find a new Sunday suit for Porter. I guess they only sell them during the holidays. Makes me want to get one in the next size up too, so I have one when he outgrows this one.

November 17, 2009

Returning from my break

So today is Tuesday and my usual weigh in day. I have decided that rather than beat myself up over a deadline that is approaching that I am not going to meet, I am starting over with a new 20 lb goal. I would like to get there by Valentine's Day. That gives me about three months, and I think it is pretty doable if I put my mind to it.

I remember someone once teaching me as a kid that I shouldn't use IOUs in my tithing. Pretty soon you get behind and then you can't catch up. Then later I had a bishop teach not to try to catch up everything if I got behind because I would just fall farther behind and the guilt would create a cycle that would keep me from paying tithing. I should just repent, and start from where I was moving forward. So that is what I am going to do here. I know I can't make my goal by next week. Rather than let the guilt of that stop me from moving forward I am just starting from where I am. No regrets. I needed the time off when I didn't worry about it and now I am ready to get moving again. The treadmill is finally in the guestroom where I can go in the evenings and use it even if the kids are up. Adam has graciously agreed to watch the kids whenever I want to exercise, be it morning or evening. I am so grateful for his help. Without his support I just couldn't do it. Thanks honey!

November 09, 2009


So I need a vacation. There are days when I could cheerfully give my children away and not even start to miss them for about a week. An entire week of sleeping through the night. An entire week of not reminding anyone to use the bathroom, to put their shoes on, to take their shoes off (the couch), to be nice, or to eat their dinner before leaving the table. An entire week of not having to put anyone in time out, including myself. An entire week of having time to read a book, do laundry, watch a show, take a walk, all without interruptions. Yes, I think I could cheerfully give my children away for a week.

Today and for several days previous, I have woken up just foggy and overly tired. I get as good a night's sleep as is possible with two kids, and yet, I still wake up feeling like I need another couple hours of sleep. But extra sleep wouldn't solve the problem. Every now and then I get in an emotional slump and it takes me a while to move out of the fog. I am in one of those now.

Its days like I have had recently when all the problems that I have all the time and don't really worry about start to really bother/worry me. We did have the primary program yesterday so now I can let go of that stress, but now I am faced with a decision I don't want to make and it has been the catalyst for my worrying about just about everything today. The stress has led me to decide that I need a vacation from worries/stress for a while. Some things I can't do anything about. They are just going to be a part of my life no matter what. But one thing I can set aside right now is my biggest loser weigh in. I don't even want to see what the scale says tomorrow. I don't want to know that not only did I not meet my goal early like I was hoping, but that I most likely gained weight. Even though I haven't eaten terribly, I always gain weight when I am stressed and this week has been overloaded with it. So I am taking a temporary hiatus this week. I am not going to worry about it. I am also not going to worry about the unvacuumed floor, the clothes in the dryer still waiting to be folded, or the dishes in the dishwasher that haven't been put away. I am not going to think about it. And my lovely husband has given me permission to have a three hour vacation and take the night off. Neither one of us is going to get that week anytime soon, but I intend to take full advantage of those three hours to take a long hot shower, put my feet up and read a good book. Thanks Honey. I love you.

November 07, 2009

Wedding pictures

One of my best friends got married a couple weeks ago. I forgot my camera so we used a couple disposables hoping to get at least a couple good pictures between my Mom's and mine. I don't recommend it. Even after trying to lighten them up at home with my editor the photos still didn't turn out great. We used the flash most of the time and still a lot of them came out too dark to fix. But Jen was absolutely radiant. She and Abraham make a great couple and I am really happy that they finally had everything come together for them. You can see in one of the pictures, the dresses we had as bridesmaids. Jen got the material in Africa and we made them into wrap skirts or sashes. I am so grateful to my Mom for helping me make mine so that it was something I could keep for a long time. It is so special to me. I was going to do it on my own, but I was so nervous about ruining irreplaceable material that I asked Mom and she pitched in and helped me do it (really pretty much did it for me), with a lining and everything. Thanks Mom!

I don't think I have ever been to a more fun reception. We loved it. They had several Hawaiian dances, a friend sang a couple African songs and they had an African drum song that Abraham did with a friend. We had a really great time and we are so happy for them. We wish them a long and happy life together. Congratulations Jen and Abraham!!

November 06, 2009

Gabe's first bites of cereal

Gabe started eating a bit of cereal yesterday. Most of it ended up on the bib, but he was quite interested in the experience.

Gabe is five months old

Time sure flies. Gabe is five months already.

November 03, 2009

Biggest Loser week 8

Today makes my two month mark. This week I have lost three pounds. I had a plan this week.  I didn't get Halloween candy until just before Halloween and I got rid of almost all of it the day after.  Saved me having to stare at a bowl of candy until I gave in.  Thankfully I have a two year old who doesn't care yet that all the candy he got just dissapeared. :)  I still had a few tootsie rolls and we did have a great pizza that night, but overall it was a good week.  I will have to have a similar plan for the other holidays.  My goal by the end of November was 20 pounds and my total now is 16.  Just four more pounds to go and then I will have to reset my goal.  I find it works better to do incremental goals instead of one large one that seems impossible.  I have more impetus to make it to the 20 than my over all goal of 60.   If I take it 20 at a time it seems more doable.  If I work really hard this week, maybe I can meet my goal three weeks early.  Here's hoping!  I am SO looking forward to being in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Maybe in a couple months.  It seems like the weight comes on so quickly with pregnancy, and then leaves SO slowly after, even though in reality for me it takes about the same ammount of time to lose it as I spent pregnant.  And its effortless to gain it.  Why can't  it be so easy to get rid of it?  And why can't I be ten pounds lighter after having a ten pound baby?  Funny how there is no corolation there.