October 31, 2009

This is Porter is December of 2007. He would have been about eight months old. These were great Christmas pictures.
This is Gabe in October or 2009. He is just about to turn five months..... And we thought Porter grew fast. We had to use it as a Halloween costume before he outgrew it.

My treat for Halloween

I am not going to go wild with the candy, but I have eaten really well the last couple days so I could treat myself. Porter even got his own little pizza from Papa Murphy's. They were giving little personal pizzas for trick or treaters. I am so excited to eat it. :) Yum! can't you just smell the aroma from there?

I could barely eat one piece. This thing was HUGE!

Halloween 2009

We had a great time with trunk or treat. We had gotten a frog costume similar to Porter's costume from last year for Gabe, but then realized that he is bigger than Porter was at this time of year, so Porter's Christmas outfit was just right on him. He made a great Santa Claus. Porter Loved wearing his dinosaur costume. It is so big that he will most likely be able to wear it next year. I had to roll the legs way up underneath so they would be short enough for him. :) I have given up on getting Adam to wear a new costume, so this year we just added horns. I went today to Kings and everything was half off so I got some ears and a tail and was a bunny. All together we were quite a group. We also found some Mr "Pumpkin" Head stuff for our pumpkins since the one we were given had a hole in the bottom and was starting to rot. I did not want to move that pumpkin, let alone try to cut into it. As you can see by the hole they made today, I was on the money.

October 29, 2009

Pt 2

..............................Later on Today

So after reminding him that he gets an M&M when he goes, he got excited about it again. So far so good. No accidents yet today. I just put the potty out in the kitchen where he can sit on it and still see me. I have tried not to push too much, just a reminder every now and then, but he has been asking me for M's and I just remind him that he can have one when he goes. Little stinker had it figured out this morning that if he just went a little at a time he could get more, so he was going every few minutes. Too funny. Whatever works.

Potty training - To do or not to do

So yesterday I went to the store. I knew we would probably want to start potty training in the next few months, so I let Porter pick out some underwear he liked and the potty he liked. He was very excited to try it out. He spent most of yesterday back and forth to the potty. He only had one accident, unfortunately on Adam's lap. He went several times and was delighted to get an m&m. We don't usually do candy in our house so he loved the treat. I thought, well huh. I suppose maybe he is ready and we should just go with it and get him trained. Today, he has no interest in sitting on the potty, if fact he started to whine when I asked him if he wanted to try it when he got up. So now I am wondering if it is best that I let it go for a while or should I stick it out. He is 2 1/2. I hadn't really planned on getting serious about it until he was closer to three (the whole boys training later thing). But now that I have gotten the ball rolling, should I try to keep him going? Today I am home for the most part, so I am just going to let him play in just his undies and see how it goes. If anybody has any secrets I am all ears.

October 28, 2009

Growly Giggly Gabe

Random pictures

We found Porter's costume for Halloween the other day. They had a really cute doggy that was made the same way; into a coat, but once he had seen the dinosaur/dragon, he wouldn't consider anything else. It also has pants with a tail that I will have to shorten for him. He kept putting it on and roaring at everyone. It is now hidden until Saturday so he doesn't lose interest before then..... and so that I don't have someone roaring at me every few minutes. :)

Just for Lesley, well and Joe, and I guess Sara too. :)

Gabe and the pumpkin patch

Gabe loves to be upright. We do whatever we can to accommodate him since we are much happier when he is happy. He loves to sit up, but at the moment, he only last about 15 seconds. If we put the boppy pillow behind him, it gives him just enough support that he can sit up for quite a while on his own. If Porter leaves him alone, that is. In this video, he was very aware that I was filming, so he HAD to get in on it. They really are quite cute together. The growling at the end is what we hear all the time from Gabe. He loves to growl. And his laugh I will have to record some time. He had this really cute wheezy laugh. Adorable.

We have been doing quite a bit lately. We went to the pumpkin patch and got a few fun pictures. I wasn't really excited about this year's theme, but Porter enjoyed it. It was pretty much one commercial after another. There were only one or two that stood out.

If you can't read the tag, it says, "Do not removed under penalty of law." I enjoyed that one.

This one was impressive simply for how much work had to go into it. The tree itself had to take all kinds of time and there were two of them. It was quite a large display.

I thought Rachael would get a kick out of this one. The Jolly green Giant in front of his garden, all out of pumpkins.

We also had the obligatory photo ops at the end. Porter looks cute no matter what, so I loaded them all.

This one looked even better in person.

October 27, 2009

Biggest Loser Week 7

So this week I lost four pounds. That gives me a net loss of one pound if you don't count the three I had to re-lose. I figure that is pretty good. I will take it. :)

October 23, 2009

Best Friends

I am so excited, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to update the blog. I found one of my best friends from high school again. Well, she found me. Facebook is AWESOME. She moved away in high school and we lost touch. She moved to the west coast and I moved to the east coast. I got a call one day that she had called my parents and gotten my number. She left her information on my machine and I saved it so I could write it down later when I had a minute. Later that day we had a bad storm and lightening struck the house. Power outage and I lost the message. I was never able to find her again. That was about seven years ago. Then tonight I check my email and there is a message from a David Smith on facebook. No one I know, but I open the message and there she is. Zula Strayer, not Strayer anymore. I was so happy. :) She found me and used her cousin's account to send me a message. I can't tell you how good it feels to know I can contact her again. She is in Colorado now, so we are still pretty far apart, but at least it isn't the whole continent and due to facebook, we can talk whenever. Whoohoo!! I can't wait to catch up with her and see how she is doing now. Yay!!

October 20, 2009

Where did my little boy go?

What happened to my little boy? We got him a haircut, going really short for the first time, and I got back and little man. It seems like he aged in a matter of minutes in the salon.

Where did my hair go?!

Bring on the girls!

There are a couple reasons we haven't gone this short before. First, we were trying to camouflage his big head. :) Second, that first short cut seems to add years to a boy. I love the little surfer look, but he really is growing older and I suppose it was time to let him; as if I have anything to say about it. Hard to believe from these pictures that he is only 2 1/2.

Porter is hilarious

Some days Porter cracks me up. He is two years old and this morning he was out in the garage riding tricycles with the twins I watch. He comes in crying that his "sippy runned away". I love how his brain works. (He had dropped it and it had rolled under the van.) Then he races back out with an idea. He goes and gets the broom since he has seen me get things out that way before and shouts, "I do it Mom!" He starts randomly poking the broom under the van from every side. The really funny thing is that he did it. I expected him to come back in asking for help, but he actually got the sippy cup out on his own. When I went out to check if he needed help, he was back on his bike telling the boys "I did it" and he had even put the broom back where it goes. Some days are great to be a mom. :)

Biggest Loser week 6

Ugh. Accountability isn't so bad on weeks when I do great. But accountability really stinks this week. I gained back 3 of the 5 pounds I lost last week. To be fair, my entire family has been sick, so putting time into preparing healthy meals was not a priority; I wanted anything quick and easy, but one would think that would just mean no weight loss, not weight gain. I don't understand why other people always seem to lose weight when they are sick and I always seem to gain it. It was that way when I had my tonsils out about five years ago. Everyone said they had lost so much weight, some even 15-20 pounds. I looked forward to that part. It was not to be. I gained 2 pounds. I don't know how when all I could eat for more than a week was a few frozen popsicles. It just lends further credence to my theory that my body is fantastic at storage. If I am not right on top of eating on a schedule, and very conscious of getting the right nutrition, my body goes into starvation mode and keeps everything. Sigh....Hopefully this next week will be better.

October 18, 2009


We had a great weekend despite everyone being pretty sick. We had another divvy up here (thanks Chris and Joyelle for turning us on to it). We got a lot of great things including this. He is not really big enough yet to do more than scoot backwards, but he likes it better than the swing now and a happy baby means a happy Mommy.

I really like it because it sits low enough for our very short legged kids, because the wheels are multi-directional, and because it doesn't have a bunch of useless crud on the tray. It has one easily removable toy and we love it. Porter loves giving him rides in it. We have a video of it, but it is having technical difficulties loading, so we will have to put that up some other day.

I went to a bridal shower for one of my best friends. While there we had a great time creating wedding dresses out of toilet paper. Here are the results. The third is ours and we won. Woohoo! The model is Denise, who happens to be a girl Jen and I knew when we lived in New York ten years ago. It was fun to catch up. Sister Allen also was there from New York. She and her husband now live in Utah. We all reminisced about our years in New York. I miss it some days. Especially in the fall when I remember the beautiful leaves.

For those of you who don't know, we have been pretty sick here this week. When we went to the doctor, he said 98% of the people they have tested have had swine flu. We didn't get tested so we don't know for sure that is what we have had, but it seems likely. We are no longer contagious, and we are on the upside now, recovering pretty well, although Porter, Adam, and I have a lingering cough and runny nose. Hopefully we are through the worst and won't see it again this season.

October 13, 2009

Biggest Loser week 5

I just stepped on the scale and I have lost a whopping 5 pounds this week!!!! To be fair, two of those pounds really do probably belong to last week. After I weighed in and wrote my post, I weighed myself the next morning and was down two pounds, so I probably just stood on the scale funny last week. This week I weighed myself a couple times to make sure it was correct. I just couldn't believe 5 pounds. Weeks like this are what keep me plodding along. Yay!! Maybe I will come close to what someone loses on the show tonight. Those days always make me feel good because I am doing it without a trainer and still living my normal life. Its harder, but I hope it helps me keep it off better because I am learning to do it in my own environment and finding what works for me. This means that I have lost a total of 12 pounds in just over a month. Woohoo!

October 06, 2009

Four Months

He is getting so big. He is rolling, and chattering, and laughing. It has gone by so fast. I remember with Porter it seemed to go by really slowly. We couldn't wait until he would sleep through the night and stop spitting up, and be able to hold his own bottle etc. Time seemed to crawl those first six months. This time, I don't know how four months have flown by. Probably because we are getting a full night's sleep most nights. :) But it just seems the days dissapear without enough time to enjoy his different stages. Here he is today, on his four month mark.

He never was what I would call tiny, but he was definately much, much smaller. He was nine pounds when he was born, and he is just over 16 pounds now. Growing like crazy.

Biggest Loser Week four

No weight loss this week. I wondered if that weight loss last week would come back to bite me, but I do have some positive news to report. This week I tried on a pair of my old pants (one size smaller) and they fit. I wouldn't say they are a loose comfortable fit, but they fit well enough that I can wear them all day without feeling smushed in/can't breathe. Adam likes the tight jean look anyway. He is probably pretty sick of my post pregnancy baggy pants. I wore them for our date night and they looked great. Woohoo!

So, question, I always thought that older pants that are worn in would fit looser, but I have found that I can try on a pair of pants at the store in my size and they are too big. I can wear a size down in the pants I just bought. But when I went to look at the pants I wore prepregnancy, I still can't fit into most of the next size down, only one or two. Are clothes manufacturers making clothes bigger? Sneaky people-- I wouldn't put it past them. Has anyone else noticed this or have I somehow shrunk my old clothes?

October 03, 2009

Gabe, Gabe, and more Gabe

Not much to update except Gabe is rolling over like a champ now, but he is not happy about it at all. He rolls over constantly, and then cries. Tonight he rolled over about ten times in a row. Roll over, cry about it, I roll him back, roll over, cry about it. Again and again. I decided to take some video of it. I rolled him to his back and went to get the camera. By the time I got back, he was on his stomach crying again. I rolled him onto his back and by the time I got the camera ready he was on his stomach crying again. Third time was the charm and I caught it on camera. At least that time he waited to cry until I was finished taping. :) Oh, and here are a few recent photos. I love that little grin of his.