July 29, 2009

More Gabe pictures

I don't know why this won't load upright, but I think it is cute anyway.

So solemn.
Daddy has him wrapped up like a little papoose.

Gabriel Otto Sampson

There have been a couple confusions over the spelling on Gabe's name. We never expected that there would be any problems, but our insurance came back last week with Gabriel A Samson. We could understand the missing p in Sampson, but had no idea where they got the A from for his middle initial... until the blessing on Sunday. My sister was writing down the blessing in case I missed it taking care of Porter and on top of the page is Gabriel Auto Sampson. Mystery solved. So for those of you who didn't know, it is Otto. It does have German history that is significant to us, but from a relative and not our love of cars. Adam has many members of his family that have been named Otto, in particular an Uncle who he became fond of who lives in Germany. His Grandmother also has a brother named Otto. We are happy to pass the name on to our son.

The blessing on Sunday was beautiful. It was wonderful to have such a large circle of family willing and able to stand with Adam in blessing Gabe. We were so far away with Porter that we only had a few and it was really nice to have everyone there. We were able to get a family picture with both sides of the family, and just about everyone was there. On our side, Rachael was the only one who couldn't make it. She is in New Mexico and too far away to come. On Adam's side we were only missing Chris and Joyelle's family, and Robyn and Mike's clan, both of them out of state as well and too far to come.

The blanket Gabe was blessed with was made by his Great, Great Grandmother. It is really nice to have that tradition.
Adam picked out the blessing outfit and it is even more adorable on Gabe than it was on the hanger. Gabe's aunt Lesley made the booties he is wearing. They were the perfect touch.

Family reunion

Over the weekend of the 24th, the LaMont Gibson family had their reunion. It was our turn to host it and we had a blast. We went out to Hyrum Reservoir to swim, canoe, and relax on Saturday. We all hung out at the house for a barbeque that evening and then the next day we blessed Gabe and both of our families were there for that and dinner afterwards. It was really great to have so many of our family and friends around us all weekend long. Adam and I have both said several times to each other how much we love having people come and visit us. We love that we have a guestroom and extra bath so that people can come for a weekend or just a night. We want all of you to know that you are always welcome. We love to have you. Thank so much for making the weekend such a great one.

We went out to the reservoir a few days early to check out the water. Porter loved it. We went to another reservoir in Mantua after that and Porter loved it so much he walked right into the water until it was over his head. Neither Adam or I had expected him to do more that splash in the shallows, so we hadn't put our suits on. I was quite wet after pulling him out and also quite surprised that he wasn't upset about it in the least. He loves the water.

Gabe didn't get in the water, but he loved the outing anyway. This hat never fit Porter because his head was too big but on Gabe it was falling off. :)

All the girls getting ready in the spare bathroom. Everyone had fun rearranging the letters in the shower after we got back and the next morning.
Preparing the next onslaught of water balloons.

Launching the water balloons. I need to make one of those hupchuckers. Thanks Mom for bringing them.
Porter had his first taste of Pepsi. He kept saying, "Pessy yummy."

Everybody hanging out in the shade. We are so glad that Andrea could make it too. This is unfortunately the only picture I got of her. She and her kids came all the way from New York. Not just for this, but thankfully she could fit us into their trip.
Kickin' back.

Sammy loved our little roller coaster ride. Even the big kids were riding it. It has a little ramp with a couple bumps in it and then you coast down the drive.

Watching the invisible piano with the guy who plays Mr Bean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plQmTJbqJis

Everyone loved the Wii. Isaac brought Rock band and we played that quite a bit as well as Raving Rabbits.

Home made rootbeer. Our first attempt. I am excited to try it again, now that we know a little more of what we are doing.

There were so many people here over the weekend. Sammy found the onle semi quite spot on the house; in Gabe's chair under the food table.

July 26, 2009

Porter is polite

I am going to get the reunion and baby blessing stuff posted in a couple days, but I couldn't resist quickly posting a Porter moment. It is about 8:30 and I just told Porter that he had about two minutes and then it was going to be time for bed, to which he replied quite politely, "No thanks." You gotta love a kid with manners. :)

July 20, 2009

Porter funnies

I am sitting at the computer checking my email when from the couch behind me I hear, "Ow." A few seconds later a little louder and whinier, "Ow!" When there is still no reaction from me, a few seconds later I hear, "I'm ok." I guess I tell him he's okay often enough he can do it himself now. :)

July 16, 2009

Adam's Origami

This is Adam posting today, I am showing off some of my origami again. It seems like that is all you hear from me, even though it is not all I do, but it is the most photogenic thing I do. :-)
I like all kinds of origami, and lately I have been doing more money origami. It is fun to create something from money because that creation is inherently valuable.
I love to fold something and leave it as a tip. I have done pyramids, baskets and other stuff. My latest is below, my own creation with the head and the shirt I learned to do from a diagram I found online.

I call this one "Hamilton's Night on the Town" Did you know that is who is on the ten dollar bill? Alexander Hamilton. Appropriately enough I plan on giving it away as a tip when I go out to eat at a steak place called "Hamilton's."

This next one is one of the most difficult shapes I have ever folded, a coworker sent me a picture of the original and said I couldn't do it. So I did. I think it is rather impressive myself.

Won Park's Dollar Koi folded by the great Adam. ;-)

July 11, 2009

Tiedye Porter

I don't know how long Adam has had this t-shirt hiding in the closet, but Porter found it and ran around wearing it all last night.

"NO!! Not want it!! This is what he yells at me what seems to be at least a dozen times a day. It is what he is saying about me taking his picture. The terrible twos have hit him (and us) hard.
Then he perks up and is happy to have me take the picture once he remembers that then he can run over and see it on the camera.


More smiles

There were no more smiles yesterday, but again this morning, he woke up all grins. So cute! And this time the pictures are much better.

July 10, 2009

1st Smiles

Gabe gave us his first real smile today. He was happy to repeat it for a while so I could get a picture, but we were in front of the window so the lighting was too bright. I tried to fix it, but it just washes out all the color. I might try a different editing program to fix it better, but for now, here are a couple of his first smiles. Reminds me of Porter's big open-mouthed grins. When we did family pictures, even the photographer couldn't convince Porter to smile with his mouth closed. :)

Need opinions

So when Porter was born I was given this great scrapbook. It has a page per month for the first year with the idea that you take a picture each month with a stuffed animal beside them so you can see how they grow. I never got around to using it for Porter, but I want to do it this time. We have two choices for animals to use. Tell me which you like better.

Fourth of July

We had a great day at Grandma and Grandpa Cole's for the 4th of July. We had a picnic lunch and barbeque dinner and plenty of socializing in between. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for always opening your home for all the family gatherings. It feels like home and we love coming to visit.

Porter and Grandpa Sampson

While Adam's parent's were here we went to Logan's Summer festival. We had a great time. Porter was very good, even though by the end, he was very tired. Grandpa helped out by giving him a lift.

Robyn and Mike's visit

We had so much fun last week when we got to see Robyn and Mike and Esther. It was great to just relax at the house with them and catch up. We also went to see a movie; Ice Age 3, Esther's first movie. Gabe's was UP the week before.

We miss them and hope we get to see them again soon.

Gabe pictures