April 29, 2009

Doctor's appointment

I am thirty-four weeks pregnant now and feeling every week of it. I had an appointment three weeks ago and didn't get to see the doctor because he was called into surgery. (After waiting for an hour in the office) I was happy to get in quickly and actually see the doctor today instead of just a nurse.

Results-- My glucose tests are back and look fine. Blood pressure 105/76, way better than the 130's it was at this time last pregnancy. Baby's heartbeat is in the 140's. I am measuring right at thirty-four weeks. I was measuring a couple weeks ahead a month or so ago, so everything has evened out. I haven't had any problems with swelling other than a day or two when I have overdone it and been on my feet too much, or when I have been outside in the sun too long. He said my weight looks great. I told him I was glad someone was happy with it. I miss my pre-pregnancy body.

I don't think I will put a current picture up next to this one. If you have seen me in person, that is enough. Hopefully your memory will fade once I have the baby and can start losing the weight again. ( I was happy to go to my class reunion a few years ago and see everyone from highschool. However, it was only a couple months after Porter was born, and I hated that everyone who hadn't seen me in years got my post Porter body to remember until the next one. Ugh.)

The only thing that wasn't perfect was the baby's positioning. He has not turned head down yet, or if he has, he hasn't stayed there for long. His heartbeat was at the top of my uterus today. It took the nurse a try or two to find it because he is basically sideways with his head in the upper left corner and his butt on my right hip. Makes sense now. I was thinking it was his head on my hip, but I had it backwards. They will check at my next appointment, but it is too early for it to be a concern for now. Hopefully by then he will have gotten with the program. I would hate for all my VBAC prep to be for nothing if he stays breech.

April 27, 2009

Origami genius

Adam has been learning, enjoying, and creating origami for a while now and he has been working on making a new creation. He had to invent the way to make this shape on his own because no one else had thought of a way to do it yet. My genius husband spent a little time and invented a new thing we are currently calling 'structural origami', new title pending. He also created a website for other people who might be interested in learning how he did it. http://sites.google.com/site/origamirevolution/

It is pretty cool, I think. Check it out. :)

April 23, 2009

Sit down, you're rockin' the boat

For several years now I have known that I have an inner ear disorder called Meniere's Disease. It basically means that the fluid in my ears doesn't stay where it is supposed to and it messes with my balance, giving me vertigo attacks when I am not careful. My ears send the wrong signals to my brain about my position in space and my movement. Usually I can avoid those things that would bring on an attack like carnival rides, swing sets, or riding in the back of cars. I haven't had a bad attack in a couple of years, just ordinary sea sickness type nausea when I get too hot or am a passenger in someone's car. As long as I can predict movement, my brain does a pretty good job of ignoring my ears and keeping me balanced. Its one of the reasons I always drive; then I can predict ahead of time the movement of the car and I don't get sick. (I am so glad Adam doesn't mind me always taking the wheel.)

In my last pregnancy, Porter was very skittish. If he moved and I wanted Adam to feel it, just my saying something or trying to reach for his hand would startle Porter enough to make him stop moving. It was frustrating in a way because it was difficult to allow Adam to feel it, but at the same time, if it was bothering me; I couldn't sleep etc., all I had to do was, talk, put my hand on my stomach, or move around a bit, and he stopped. Sometimes I wish he would do that now.;)

This pregnancy is VERY different. This baby is moving all the time, practically non-stop. One plus is that he usually sleeps when do, so I do sleep pretty well still, other than normal pregnancy discomfort. However, during the day, I find myself getting seasick from all the movement. The kicks, stretches, rolls, etc are so constant and unpredictable, it is messing with my balance. He is very strong and some kicks really are jarring. I feel like I am pitching and rolling on a boat, with no option of getting off. There is no way for my brain to prepare for the movement and ignore it, so I am constantly just slightly dizzy/nauseous. I am looking forward to getting off this ride in a few weeks, and letting him kick air instead of every one of my organs.

It can be funny sometimes. I enjoy reading on my kindle and it sits quite comfortably propped on my now ginormous stomach, but every now and then a particularly vigorous kick will practically knock the kindle right out of my hands. Makes me smile every time. He is so strong, so I have to be grateful for that. Since Porter was so shy in utero and now is so outgoing and loud, does that mean this one will be quiet and laid back? :)

April 21, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

It was my turn to host book club this month and to provide the desert. I decided on strawberry shortcake. It turned out so well, we had to make it again a few days later so I could share the masterpiece with Adam. The recipe is so simple, just some Bisquick, sugar, and milk for the sweet biscuits, strawberries and whipped cream. So delicious!!

Easter/Birthday at Great Grandma's

On our way to SLC. I love Porter in this hat. I love even more that he loves this hat. :)

Porter had a fabulous Easter/birthday party at his Great Grandparents house. This year, because my birthday and Porter's fall so close together and since Adam's falls about the time the new baby will be born and will probably get missed, we combined all our birthdays with Easter and celebrated them all with Porter's great grandparents, grandparents, us, and all Adam's extended family, who also happen to have about ten people with birthdays in April. We had a great cake that Grandma Sampson made, and lots of presents. Everyone got a birthday crown and they even got all ten names into the song.

I got an MP3 player that I LOVE. I can use it on the treadmill and it hooks up easily in the car so I don't have to lug a thousand cds with me on a trip anymore. That was wonderful for the drive to SLC. I also got some new hair doo-dads, and a great pair of earings. Adam thinks of everything. :)

Adam got a spice rack that he has been asking for. He is a fantastic cook and needs the right supplies for his greatness. :) He also got a new charcoal grill. I was quite pleased that I was able to keep that one a surprise from him. Its not often that I can pull enough out of my budget without him knowing to surprise him with something really good. I have worked a few extra hours lately and just kept that money aside so he wasn't any the wiser. I was a thrill to see his face. It is nice to give back to someone who does so much for me.
Porter got a rollercoaster ride for outside for his birthday present, and a bubble maker and sidewalk chalk in his easter basket. He stood at the window and watched Adam and Grandpa Sampson put the roller coaster together, just grinning and laughing with excitement. He loved the ride, and he and the twins have gotten a lot of use out of it since we have brought it home. We got out the bubble maker and it had some troubles. It makes a load of bubbles, but because the batteries are so strong the fan breaks the bubbles sometimes before they get in the air. As they wear down, I expect the bubble maker to make even more bubbles. Our driveway is covered in chalk. Porter asks all the time to 'color' outside. He is learning that the brick on the house is not for coloring. :) He got a duck book from Grandma and Grandpa Sampson that he has really enjoyed. Water is one of his favorite words right now and he loves pointing out the water on every page.

The shirt you see in the background is Adam's. When Adam gets home from work and goes to change, he lets Porter pick out a shirt for him, and this is always the one that he picks if it is available. He has no idea what is says, but I think he is right on the money.

Porter's feet were cold in the rain, so Grandpa Sampson held him to watch the bubbles.

It was really great so spend so much time with all Adam's family. Anyone who lived close enough made it over to the house to visit and over the three days we were there, we loved having so many people around, especially Adam's parents. We have missed them and are so glad to see them more often now that they are in the states.

Here are one or two more pictures. Porter loved playing with Kambrie and we are really going to miss them now that they are moving to Texas, but we are glad that they are moving on to better things for their family. They had fun 'playing' videogames, just like the older kids.

April 20, 2009

All things Dragon-- Fablehaven #4

I just finished the fourth book in the Fablehaven series; Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. I loved it. I bought it Saturday night and though it is just over 500 pages long, here it is, Monday afternoon, and I have just finished the final page. It was that good. I really enjoy Brandon Mull's writing style. It pulls me in. And he is really good at giving just enough of the previous book to remind readers of the story without repeating the whole last book. Mind you, when I read books like this it isn't to improve my mind and I cannot give an in depth review of characters, etc. I just have to say that I really enjoyed it, and anyone that lives close enough to is welcome to borrow it from me to read it themselves. I am looking forward to book five and, unfortunately, the conclusion to the series. It is one series I am happy to own in hardcover, and that is saying something since my getting the Kindle.

April 06, 2009

Feel the burn- heartburn that is

So I can tell that the baby has turned head down now, because all of the sudden the pressure on my diaphram, lungs, stomach, etc is incredible. Heartburn has gone from an annoyance that needed a rolaids and an occasional zantac, to almost unbearable pain that needs constant strong medication. I made the mistake of having a chili dog last night for dinner, which was delicious by the way. I almost never eat hotdogs, and rarely eat chili unless it is chicken chili, but it just sounded so good this week that I bought the ingredients and made a whopping chili dog last night. I was forgetting that the baby had turned earlier this week (I was fully medicated at the time or I never would have forgotten) and that it wouldn't be a good idea to aggrivate an already irritated stomach. I enjoyed every bite of the chili dog and paid for it all night long. Even with medication I was miserable. I woke up this morning feeling like I had the worst morning sickness imaginable because my stomach was so miserable. My entire esophagus burned and I didn't think I would be able to keep any breakfast down. An hour after another zantac and I am finally feeling some relief. I wish I could say that I won't eat another chili dog because it will be a strong reminder, but that chili dog was REALLY good! I always think people with lactose intolerance are crazy for eating icecream just because it tastes good, even though they know they will pay for it later, but I have more sympathy for them now. When the cravings call, who can say where my wisdom will go.

April 04, 2009


We just finished watching conference a bit ago, and both Adam and I had the same thought. There was so much that was great for us, but at the same time it was explained very well and even with a slight slant towards those who might listen that are not LDS. Things that we believe were explained in a very simple yet straightforward manner. Not only good for those non-members that were listening, but put in a way so that we have a good reference for explaining it in our own missionary work.

Several talks were very touching, especially hearing about the couple who lost two of their children so close together, and yet they find a way to rejoice and have peace in the gospel. They don't complain because of their faith. We can learn so much from those who have more experience than us. I can only hope that I can have that kind of faith when the rough spots of life come my way.

We talked together about the first talk on provident living, something I expect will be touched on tomorrow as well. We are so happy to be debt free right now, and so thankful that we have been able to provide for ourselves. We may not have the most up to date furniture or cars, but we own it all. We are so happy not to have to worry about missing payments on anything if either of us were to lose employment. We were reminded that we need to be aware of where our money goes and to be saving for all the important things. We are currently trying to save for a house, something that is important to both of us, and discussing getting some bonds for our children. It is very comforting to be able to start planning for our future and not be living paycheck to paycheck in the present.