March 31, 2009

Getting ready for baby

We have slowly been getting ready for the baby. We have eight to twelve weeks left, hopefully closer to eight. :) Since we have most boy items, we only need a few things so I have been pretty slow about getting them. We still have a small list of bits and pieces we need to get, but I now have an obsession with this dresser/changer/hutch. I found it quite a while ago and now I have decided I have to have it. We will keep the baby in our bedroom for a while since we don't know how soon we want to try and put the boys both together. I don't want to be waking up Porter in the night to change the baby and feed him, so he will probably be in our room for several months, until he is sleeping better. We need a changing table solution for our room, and this would be perfect. It would be a great nightstand/bookshelf/dresser for me once the baby doesn't need it anymore. And for the baby it gives me plenty of room to put diapers, wipes, creams, lotions, etc all out of reach or Porter and I can use the drawers for clothing, blankets, passies, etc. as well.

I have been searching high and low to find one at a great price. I have found one or two on KSL classifieds for a couple hundred, but it is so big, even in two pieces we have no way to get it home from SLC. I have yet to figure out a good solution. I can find a good price online, but then I have to pay exhorbitant shipping prices that bring it right back up to the expensive prices in the store. I may never get it, but for now it is on the wishlist.

March 24, 2009

Porter's destructive capabilities

Adam decided recently to take down the big origami tower he had made a work. He brought home the bottom part so we could see it in person, and Porter really liked it. Since were weren't going to keep it, we figured we would let him play with it until it was torn apart. That took all of about three minutes. He loved it.

FHE Bubbles

So for FHE last night, one of the few times we have remembered to do it, we went outside and blew bubbles with Porter. The temperature and humidity were just right for the bubbles to last a long time. They were floating out over the street, and sticking to the driveway. Porter had a blast running to catch them or stomp on them and just watch the pretty colors. Here are a couple pictures. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Porter. Huh.

Adam is always making these great dinners and I thought I would put a picture on here to illustrate. Doesn't that look delicious? Believe me, it was. He makes the best asparagus I have ever had. It is one of my favorites.

March 17, 2009

Bikeride of death; do not try this at home.

Today was playgroup and I got the bright idea to put all three of the kids in the carriage hooked up to my bike and ride to the church. It is only just a few blocks away, but by the time we got there, my legs were about to shake right off my body. The boys weigh a bit more than they did last year, and with semi flat tires and a slightly uphill climb to get there, it took everything this seven month pregnant body could do to get to the church. The way home was quite a bit easier since their weight pushed us some on the slightly downhill incline, but it will be a while before I try to attempt that again.

On the bright side, all three of the kids absolutely loved it. It has been too long since it has been warm enough to play outside for more than just a little bit at a time. It was nice to be out in the fresh air. They laughed and smiled the whole way there and back, especially over the bumps. They are the best part. :)

March 13, 2009

Wisonsin and snow

So it has taken me a few days to get around to getting pictures up from our trip to Wisconsin. We had a great time and then came home and jumped right back into work and busy schedules, but I unexpectedly had the day off today, so I have been able to catch up on a few things.

When we first got there, we spent almost the entire first day just catching up. We miss them so much and were so happy to just spend time with them and Esther. That afternoon, we took a walk around the neighborhood to see some of the cool houses, and play at the park.

Adam won the bounce-off. :)
Porter loved the park. This picture makes it look like he was flying down the slide with the wind in his hair. In reality it was probably one of the slowest rides in the history of that slide. Porter used his wet shoes to slow his descent and basically went down at a crawl. Mike had to come down after him to encourage him to go faster. It was too funny. As you can see, he had a great time. When I pulled up this picture to post it, he immediately ran up to the computer and shouted, "Whee!!"

We saw some great period houses in the neighborhood. I love the look of some of them, and it was neat to see what people had done with them.

The next day we went to free zoo day. It was rainy, but most things were inside, so we decided to go anyway. Most of the inside pictures turned out really dark so there aren't many. As you can see, Porter got a duck umbrella that we had to hide after we got home so he wouldn't play with it to death in the house. It was like pulling teeth to get him to let go of it.

Most of the big cats were sleeping the day away, but the Cheetas were constantly pacing, pacing, pacing. I am sure they can't wait for spring so that they can be outside fulltime again.

The penguins were great for taking pictures. They would come up and pose for the cameras it seemed like. But with the windows, it was hard to get a good one.

I love how both Porter and the duck have that inquisitive sideways tilt to their heads.

As we came by the habitat, a bunch of monkeys ran outside and sat for about a minute before deciding the rain was too cold and running back inside.

Porter loved the aquarium and there was just enough rim for him to stand and get right up to the glass to see everything.

Porter is in love with Esther. Everytime we pull pictures up for something, he asks for baby, meaning Esther. He loves looking at her pictures, and smiles and laughs every time he sees her.

I think she loves him too. :)

The first flash kind of surprised her so she looks a little stunned in this one.

So cute.

We were sad to leave. We all had such a great time. We were happy that the flights home went considerably more smoothly with Porter than the flights there, and we were all glad to crash that night in our own beds. We made it home at about 9:30 pm and had no idea it was forecasted to snow. We woke up to more than a foot of snow on the ground overnight. What a shock. Just about everything had been melted out of our yard and here was winter again. Porter and Adam got one more snow day to play and they built a snowman. He is currently melting away again.

March 04, 2009

Fun times--sort of

So Adam and I really like to drive around neighborhoods and look at houses for sale, imagine what they are like, talk about what type of house we want, etc. It is a great date for us, even if Porter is still with us in the back seat. :) He enjoys the ride too. It is just something we both enjoy when we have a Saturday afternoon free and want to do something together.

Even though we aren't nearly ready to buy a house right now, we have started looking more and more at what houses are available right now, getting a better idea of what would actually be feasable when the time comes. It would be nice to take advantage of the tax break and the interests rates if we were able to get something by the end of the year, so we have talked more about it.

A couple of weeks ago we found a smashing deal on a house not too far away and were curious about the inside. On a whim, we called a buyer's agent and scheduled a walk through. That was last night. Whoa! If that is what is going to be within our budget, we are definately going to be renting for a while. It was only ten years old, but felt like it was thirty. It smelled like pets and had who knows what kind of stains in the carpet. The rooms were all tiny with no doors on any of the closets. It felt claustrophobic. Not happening. Even the 'smashing' price on the home was not low enough to even grant a second thought. No thank you. To top it off the owners didn't leave for us to take the tour. It was probably three generations of that family living there and I think they were all home. Uncomfortable!!! The agent apologized; he hadn't been in the home beforehand and didn't know the condition of the house or that the people hadn't left so we could walk through.

There may be a couple of minor problems with the house we are living in at the moment, but it is worlds better than what we saw last night. It makes me appreciate our home all the more. We would definately have to improve on what we have now to convince us to get serious about a house. So for now, we will take our drives and dream. One day we will find that perfect house for us at a price we like and our dream will become our reality.

March 03, 2009

60 degrees!!!!!

Woohoo!!! I smell spring! It is in the sixties here and I am loving it. We are going to the park this afternoon to let the kids run around, and I am airing out my house today. I tried once last week, but it only lasted about an hour before it got too cold and windy to leave everything open. Today is the day!! Finally clean fresh air instead of stale winter air in my house. Nevermind the snow they say is coming in the next couple of days. For today it is spring!