February 26, 2009

Delayed Valentines day

So Adam was really sick over the weekend of valentines and we waited to do anything until this last week. Adam then surprised me with not one bouquet, but two of flowers. Some beautiful purple tulips and some he made himself. Here are the pictures. They were a much deeper purple that what it shown. So beautiful and I loved the smell.

He has been doing origami for a while now and I have neglected to get any on here, so for your viewing pleasure here is his largest project to date. This tower has thousands of papers in it. He told me how many and I forget, but it is in the thousands.

It is very tall as you can see (it sits on his desk), and very fragile so it will stay there until some flying projectile ruins it or until he no longer works there, which we hope will be a long time.

As we see more and more people laid off, we are more and more grateful that we have jobs and that we are okay financially. I watched hundreds of people living in tent cities yesterday on the news and my heart goes out to all those people who have lost everything. We may not have much, but we have a roof over our heads and food on our table. I'd say we are doing pretty good.

February 25, 2009

My Smith's card at work

So I just got a call from Smith's saying that some chocolates that I purchased from their store shouldn't be eaten. I could return them for a refund or toss them out. They were able to call me about the recall since I used my Smith's card for the transaction.

Unfortunately, when I buy chocolates, they don't sit on the shelf for two weeks. They are long gone. Fortunately when I looked up the information, the only product in the box being recalled were the peanut clusters, which I don't like and did not eat. Yeah for me. And yeah for Adam that I didn't save them for him, which normally I would. That day I just decided to trash them. So glad we didn't get sick.

Maxfield Candy Co. is recalling peanut cluster products. No illnesses have been reported, according to the company. Consumers might have purchased recalled items under the Maxfield's, Botticelli, Hallmark and Landmark brands. The company distributes its products primarily through traditional retail channels throughout the United States and Canada. Details by phone at 800-288-8002.

This is the first recall in the whole peanut debacle that has affected us. We hope it doesn't affect you. :)

bumbleride stroller

Bumbleride stroller giveaway
If anyone is in the market for a stroller, there's a giveaway at Supermom Central!

So I just found this stroller and love it. They are giving one away to someone who blogs about it, and I have no problem with that. Check out their website and all the nifty features. Personally I love that the handle is adjustible not only for height, but also front to back. Very cool. I could never afford one on my own, but I would love to win it.

It is my pleasure to intoduce to you the Flyer, from the innovative people at Bumbleride who no-doubt stay up nights brainstorming all sorts of wonderful ways to make families happy with their amazing strollers. Not only does the Flyer look gorgeous, everything about it is top-of-the-line which ensures you quality, durability, and the most luxurious stroller ride you or your baby will ever take.
Let me be clear: I don't just love this stroller - I luh-huve this beautiful, beautiful ride. Why? Because they've thought of everything. Let's start with the basics: amazingly light-weight, super easy open/close, tons of storage space below, front and back breaks, reclining position for sleepy babes and a five point safety harness that unlatches with one hand. Are you drooling yet?
The Flyer also has some creative features that allows it to "grow with your family". Removable infant headrests and shoulder pads, multi-adjustable footrest heighth, and even a zip-off rear canopy panel (which creates a breezy airway on hot days and better sun coverage!).
But I've saved the best for last. By far the smartest and coolest feature of the Bumbleride Flyer is the adjustable handle - not only does it raise and recline in 3 different positions (providing a comfortable hand rest for both tall daddy and short mommy, or the other way around), but it reverses! With the touch of a button, it flips over so that baby faces you as you push. Which means you can talk to, sing to or just lovingly admire your little one while enjoying a spring stroll! When I discovered this awesome detail, I wanted to kiss the nearest Bumbleride employee. They thought of you and me and all our little ones as they created this amazing stroller - and it is priceless.

February 23, 2009


So for the last week, Adam has been sick with a head cold and has been complaining about not being able to breathe, sleep, smell, etc. He has been miserable. He is finally on the mend and feeling much better. Friday I took Porter to the doctor for his cold that has hung on for ages because I was suspicious it might be allergies instead. That's what the doctor thought too, so he has been on allergy medicine for four days, only now his runny nose is all gunky instead of clear, so I don't know if his allergies are being helped and he has caught Adam's cold, or if the allergy medicine is doing no good. He may not have caught it, but I definately did. I woke up with a terrible head cold this morning. I fought being lightheaded and dizzy this morning, worrying that I was going to faint in front of the kids. Thank heavens I didn't. Wouldn't that be scary for a three year old? Of course, knowing them, they would just think it was a funny joke. :) Now I have just the achy stuffy running nose that keeps my head pounding. Ugh. Can't I please take some Nyquil?

February 13, 2009

Tax Returns and Debt

Yeah!!! And Woohoo!!! We got our tax returns and boy are we happy. Between the new year sales and the bad economy bringing prices way down, we were able to use our tax return to get a great new treadmill for me, a fabulous laptop for Adam, and pay off the last of our debt. It worked out pretty much right down to the dollar. We are now officially debt free. It will probably only last seconds, so we are definately celebrating while it lasts. Adam wants to have a debt free party with the cheapest meal we can come up with and take pictures, which I am sure we will post here. Most likely something like Mac and Cheese or Ramen noodles. :)

My valentine

A friend had this on facebook and I thought it would be fun.

My Valentine!Kind of a fun one since Valentine's Day is coming up ...

1. How long have you been together? three years and a bit
2. How long did you know each other before you started dating? about six months
3. Who asked who out?... He asked me out
4. How old are each of you?...We are both twenty nine, soon to turn thirty.
5. Whose siblings do you see the most? About equal right now. We live right in between.
6. Do you have children together?...Yes, one son and another on the way.
7. What about pets?...No, I would love to, but Adam is allergic
8. Did you go to the same school?...No
9. Are you from the same town?....No
10. Who is the smartest? I think we are equal, but about different things.
11. Who is the most sensitive?... He is, definately.
12. Where do you eat out most as a couple?..We like to try a new place all the time, but lately it has been Angie's for their scones. yum!
13. Where is the farthest place you have traveled as a couple?...Alaska
14. Who has the craziest ex's? Me, I don't think he has any crazies, whereas off the top of my head and I can think of a schitzophrenic and a stalker in my dating history. So glad I am with Adam. :)
15. Who has the worst temper?...Neither of us loses our temper often, but I definately get annoyed most often. Especially with the pregnancy hormones.
16. Who does most of the cooking?..Adam does. I don't even want to look at raw food right now.
17. Who is more social?... I am, though both of us are homebodies.
18. Who is the neat freak?... me
19. Who is more stubborn?... We both can be.
20. Who hogs the bed?...Neither of us, that is the beauty of a king size bed. :)
21. Who wakes up earlier?..Usually me, and then his alarm goes off and I laze in bed until he is ready for work before I get up.
22. Where was your first date?... His house for dutch oven dinner and then the Belagio to see the water show.
23. Who has the bigger family?...My side has more nieces and nephews, but he has way more extended family
24. Do you get flowers often?... Once in an blue moon
25. How do you spend the holidays?...mostly at home, but Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families.
26. Who is more jealous?...Neither of us really
27. Who does the laundry?...me
28. Who is better with the computer?...Depends on what we are trying to do, but most of the time, he is.
29. Who drives when you are together?...I do always. I had someone the other day tell me I was crazy because I drove us to the hospital when I was in labor with Porter, but I never even thought about it. I get car sick, so I always drive.
30. Is your family still growing?... Bigger every day.

February 05, 2009

Flowers and hairdressers

I have loved watching the cactus bloom. I took a few more pictures as the second flower bloomed.

Looks like a bird so me. So pretty.

This is just Adam being silly. They have fun on the mornings that he gets to be home. Saturday and now Sunday with a later schedule are great at home mornings with Adam and Porter loves it. So do I. They are a hoot to watch. I don't know what possessed Adam to tie Porter's blanket around his head, but Porter thought it was hilarious. We couldn't get a good picture of him smiling for some reason. Before this picture he was laughing and grinning like crazy.

One of Porter's favorite things is to have his hair combed and teeth brushed. If I suggest it, he races to the bathroom for the comb and water sprayer. On this day Adam let Porter brush his hair. By the time Porter was done with the water sprayer both Adam and the couch were soaked. :)

Can I just lock myself in a room until this is over?

So.... pregnancy insanity. I don't remember having it last time. Adam says I had a bit towards the end with Porter, but nothing this bad. I am irritable all the time. My whole body feels like it is on a rollercoaster I have no control over. I am usually a fairly rational person with occasion bursts of insanity. Now I am an insane person with occasional bursts of rationality. It stinks.I just want off this hormone train. There is no surrendering to this process. It has taken over without so much as a by-your-leave. Thank goodness Adam has been levelheaded and not only taken care of me, but been patient with all my craziness.

One of the bright spots in my day is always Porter. He is a happy child, though I think he has felt my unrest as he has been a bit more tantrum prone lately. He is learning new words every day. He loves, and I mean LOVES to have us read to him, especially Adam who has found a couple of websites with great childrens books to read online with him. Porter and the twins run wild every day making each other laugh and scream in turns. The twins favorite phrase lately is 'silly goose' and they use it often on everybody. So cute! Porter just got his 'big boy' bed set up in his room and though we don't expect him to actually sleep in it for a while, he is excited to see it and talk about it. Hopefully by the time the baby gets here, he will be used to it and wanting to sleep in it.

And the end of the day is one of the best times. Adam has been working some overtime to get us some extra funds since my hours got cut down. He gets home a little later and it makes our time together all the more precious for how short it is. Last night we just cuddled on the couch and talked for a while, and I am sure he had no idea just how much I needed that. It was wonderful. He is the best.