December 25, 2008

Once every third Blue Moon

This is Adam posting today. I give you a moment to get over the shock.... Ok, Merry Christmas to everyone. We had a great Christmas up in Grace, Idaho. Amanda's family is a lot of fun. We wanted to spend Christmas Eve in Salt Lake, but it looked like a winter storm would have caused lots of problems getting home. We have a friend that wanted to spend Christmas in Portland but is currently stranded in Seattle because of the storms. Poor Gal.
It was nice to talk to family for Christmas, many of which are in Singapore (my side of the family). It sounds like they are having fun over there too.
Porter had a blast with his Christmas gifts, although we had a hard time getting him to wait until Christmas to open them. He wanted to open all the gifts this morning, and so he "helped" open just about every gift. We should have taken more pictures but here are some of the good ones:

We wanted him to pose near the Christmas Tree in his new Christmas PJs, which looks great except for the chip in his hand.

Porter got a set of blocks and loved stacking them high...

Surprize, Surprize, he loved knocking them down even more.

This is Amanda with her big gift from me. She has that dazed and confused look on her face because I really surprized her with the Amazon Kindle. We have been talking about it for months but she never thought that we could afford it. But unbeknownst to her I sold my laptop and used that money to buy the best gift ever. She likes it a lot. :-)

Thats all for me, but I am sure that Amanda will shore up the missing parts. Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2008

Porter's Jammies

The jammies that that Grandma and Grandpa Sampson gave Porter fit him now. We were so excited to put them on. We still had to roll the pants a little at the top, but he loved them. He kept rubbing them on his skin to feeling the silky material. Here are several pictures from that evening. He was so cute.

He has started shrugging again. I never know what he is shrugging about.

Classic Porter. Definately looks like he is up to something.

Kung Fu Porter. Those are my fuzzy socks that he is wearing on hands. He really likes gloves of any sort.

Porter and Daddy. My two handsome fellas.

We didn't put the calendar quite high enough. Porter has figured out that chairs can get him almost anything he wants. I had video of him putting the ornament on, but it was sideways. I always forget not to turn the camera vertical if I am filming. We will probably take another and I will post that.

December 07, 2008


So Saturday we went to Walmart to get some more lights for the tree and while we were there, they offered us a free picture with Santa. I thought for sure Porter would be nervous about it, but Santa held out a candy cane and he was quite happy to sit on his lap. He didn't like the candy cane, (takes after me in not liking peppermint) but we got a pretty good picture out of it. He wouldn't look at the camera, but at least he was smiling. I remember so many screaming Christmas pictures with the kids I have taken care of, so it was nice to have a good one for a change. The Santa's face was so Santa-like. He did a great job.

December 04, 2008


I forgot to say in my catching up that we had our first Dr. appt last Wednesday and along with it, our first ultrasound. once he had it in place so that we could see on the monitor, he asked me if I would believe him if he told me I was having twins. I said yes, but I only see one in there. He was dissapointed that I had ruined his joke. Wouldn't we all be surprised if he hadn't been joking. :) But I am pretty sure there wasn't another baby hiding in there.

Last time our first ultrasound to see the heartbeat was early enough on that all you could see was a little blob, but this time we are far enough along that you can actually tell its a baby. The first one is of the heart beat, something I think is odd to take a picture of. Why do I need a picture of that? The second one is the baby, who Adam is convinced is a girl. I kind of think so too. I suppose since Adam is really in charge of the gender, I should trust him to get it right, right? lol We would both be happy to have a girl, but we will just have to wait and see. I am pretty sure Porter would be happy to have a brother who could partner with him in crime. :)

catching up

So this week has dragged by. All of us have been sick since Thanksgiving, so it has taken a while for me to sit down and write about the week. We are all starting to feel better now, just a few lasting sniffles.

Thanksgiving was loads of fun. We went home to see my family, and we had lots of the family who were able to come. We missed Josh and Kim, and now the new baby, and Rachael, and Isaac, Tawnya, and Sammy. Otherwise, I think we got to see everyone. There was enough food to feed an army and we got to take enough leftovers to last a few days. It was great. We put up Mom and Dad's new artificial tree. Mom got a great deal on it early this year, and I must say, it has ruined me for other artificial trees. It looks fantastic. No need for any ornaments or trim. All they need now is at least one real wreath to bring in that Christmas smell. :)

We haven't gotten a tree just yet here. We are waiting for the ones to come in to the mall, where we bought ours last year. They had a great selection at good prices and they trimmed the bottom for us before we took it home, so we didn't have to go buy our own saw. Now if we can just remember to water the tree this year, we will be set. We have been looking at what is available in artificial trees so that we can get a good deal after the new year, but like I said, Mom and Dad's is the standard now, so I haven't seen one yet that I like enough to want to buy it, even on sale.

I have been pretty derilict in my shopping this year. We are pretty far behind, but I think I will have most people's taken care of soon. Usually I write out a list of who all I need to get for so that I don't miss anyone, but I haven't done that this year, so I hope I don't forget someone.

We had a dusting of snow on the ground this morning. It has all melted now, but it looked great while it lasted. Gets me in the mood of Christmas. I got out our little charlie brown three foot tree and put lights on it to hold me over until we can get our real one. With lights on it, it doesn't look too terrible. :)

Here is Porter in his new Old Navy hat. It is the only hat he will wear for more than a second or two.

Porter in his hat with Daddy's coat on. He loved having it zipped onto him.

Kicking back relaxing.