November 22, 2008


Porter's newest word is tada! He loves using it, so we took some video. I don't think he really has the concept down though. He thinks you say 'tada', not after you have built something, but after you have destroyed something. :)

November 19, 2008


Porter with his hair actually combed, and me on one of my more put together days, just before leaving for Mom and Dad's on Sunday.

Choo-choos and broken eggs

So Porter decided that eggs needed to decorate the living room today. We had just finished a carton of eggs and when I wasn't looking, he took it out of the garbage and threw all the eggshells on the living room floor. I am just grateful they were shells and not whole eggs; that would have been an entirely different story. Once we picked up most of it, the boys helped me vaccuum- one of their favorite things to do.

This video is of later on in the day. Porter's new favorite thing is choo-choo trains. The boys and he really like to make choo-choos out of their kitchen chairs and run them around the house. It is really cute, expecially now that he makes the noise with them.

November 13, 2008


So, I have had this picture of Porter for months and months, and I have always wanted to do it in sepia with the color of the hat put back in. Finally, finally, finally, I figured out how to work the program that Adam gave me for doing just this type of thing. This isn't the final picture as I still have some editing to get the colors just right, but I was so excited that I could actually do what I wanted that I had to share.

Here is one that is more green And one that is more blue. I can't decided which shade I like better, so everyone please give me your opinions, then I can get the best look for the photo before I print it for framing.

Pregnant dinner

So maybe I have eaten a stranger combination of food for dinner before, but if I have, I don't remember. Adam was out for home teaching and it was just Porter and I. He ate a regular dinner of noodles and veggies. I however decided to have a piece of steak followed by a bowl of fruit loops. It was delicious, but even I had to admit that it was pretty strange. Adam laughed at me when he got home and I can't blame him.

November 12, 2008

What a day

And it is only 9 o'clock. I can't imagine what the rest of the day will hold.

So the day before yesterday, I wasn't feeling so good. I just chalked it up to a particularly bad morning sick day. Then yesterday morning, Adam woke up sick. He ended up coming home from work to recover. We both woke up today feeling better, but Porter woke up sick. I should say Porter woke up feeling great, but had left the evidence of being sick all over his bed. It was not a great way to wake up, for him or me. After everything got tossed in the laundry, he got a bath, which he loves. I was struck by how different he looked this morning, (I think he is finally growing into his head) :) so I took a couple pictures.

You can't see it, but Porter is hoarding all his toys in his lap. We have to be careful not to put too many in the tub at a time, because he gets frustrated if he can't keep them all in his hands together.

This it what he looked like just months before. No teeth, no hair, all cheeks. :) What difference.

I couldn't get him to look at me and smile at the same time. He was too busy watching the twins be silly.

Porter doesn't understand yet that he has to wait until I take the picture before he can come see it, so he is always running over to see the picture before I have taken it. This was the solution this morning; taking a picture with him in my lap, so he could see the camera while I took it.

He also does this often. I get down on my knees so that I can take a picture straight on, and he thinks he should do it too. So, lately I have a lot of pictures of him sitting or crouching low to the ground. This was the day I finished Sammy's new hat. He had outgrown last years, so we made him a new one and took it over. Naturally we had to find Porter's, so he would leave Sammy's in the bag.

November 10, 2008


So, it is Monday. I got a good night's rest thanks to Adam taking the monitor, but the day started early with a flock of magpies in our back yard just outside our window. We tried to sleep through it, but there is no bird as annoying as a magpie.

I had my first dr. appt today, if you could call it that. I thought it was for Tuesday until last night when I was looking over the paperwork and noticed the date for the 10th was Monday. Its a good thing that Allison didn't mind the switching of days. She is so great about those things. I try to work it around the schedule, but some days I can't and she is really good about working with me. So, I can't see the Dr. until I see the nurse for a consult, presumably so that they can check that I really am pregnant. Last time they didn't do that; he just saw me and went ahead with an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat. Things work differently here I guess. So I went back with the nurse, and she made sure I was taking a vitamin, gave me a big bag full of samples, and took some blood. She didn't even take my weight, (not that I am complaining.) I see that number every day. I don't need to hear it again.

I will see the 'real' doctor at the end of the month. We should be getting an ultrasound that day to see the heartbeat, and we will post pictures then of our new little one.

For now, we are doing well, though I stress about how we will do everything once the baby comes. The mental transition to stay at home mom will be a tough one for me. I am used to providing some income and having a regular schedule. It will be hard for me to give up that independence, but hopefully by then we will be steady enough on our feet that it won't hurt financially for me to stay home. I just need to adjust my thinking so that I am okay not holding a job. I don't know how to change that mindset. I suppose we will take it as it comes.

I am feeling okay. I have had worse morning sickness this time around, but I definately have nothing to complain about when I hear what other people go through. I keep pretzels close by to stave off the nausea and I do pretty good. By the time I have run out of steam Adam gets home from work and gives me a break.

I was very glad of that last night. I always have Adam chop onions for me because my eyes are very sensitive to the scent, but last night I forgot and started chopping one myself. BIG mistake. My eyes starting stinging/burning, my nose started running, and I immediately had a whopper of a headache. By the time we had eaten dinner, I was just ready to go lay down, and Adam took Porter so I could do that. I don't know what I would do without him.

Porter is great. He is having a grand old time straining my patience to the breaking point. He can reach the edge of the counter now, so if anything is left too close to the edge, it ends up in his hands. The other day I used the scissors for something and set them down far back on the counter. When I turned around again, Porter had taken one of his little chairs over to the counter, climbed on it, grabbed the scissors, and was trying to cut his favorite blanket; the one we got in Las Vegas, and can't replace. I about had a heart attack. Thankfully the scissors were pretty dull and he hadn't had them long enough to figure out how to really cut with them so the blanket survived its attack. I have now taken all the little chairs and put them away for a week or so, until I have the patience to keep him out of trouble with them.

November 04, 2008


So I just got back from voting. Got my "I voted sticker" and everything. I won't tell you who I voted for, but I will say that no matter how it turns out, I am glad I put my two cents in. It is important to care about our country. Not caring is one of the reasons we are where we are as a country. So, I hope you all voted and had your say for your country and your state.

November 03, 2008

Hot Cocoa

So today had been cold and overcast. A perfect day for my first hot cocoa of the season. I decided to give some to Porter, thinking he would love it. Not so much. He held it in his hands a while, trying to figure out why it was warm and not cold. I told him to try it, and he took one sip and threw it down. He tried it once more when he saw me drinking mine, but he still didn't like it. Oh well, more for me this winter then. I guess nothing beats ice cold milk.

"Maybe if I shake it, it will taste better"

Random Porter Pictures

So it has taken me a couple days to get the Halloween pictures up, but here are a couple. We took Porter to Trunk or Treat for our ward. The twins came by beforehand in their cute Salt and Pepper shaker costumes. Isaac and Tawnya also came by with Sammy, and he looked adorable.

Here is Adam in his forever costume. I have never seen him wear any other costume. :) I tease him that I am going to hide it so that he will have to come up with something else. In the end I am just glad he is willing to put on SOME kind of costume.

I wasn't too original this year either. It was in the closet, handy, and warm, so on it went.

So we were playing hide and seek with the ball, which Porter loves. Here he is with an impression of me in a few months. So cute.
Adam won this massage chair a week or so ago. He put it all together and sat in it a while before deciding we didn't have a place to put it where the kids wouldn't tear it apart. He and Porter took a break and relaxed in it for a while before we put it away.

Book of a Thousand Days

So I had a coupon for 40% off at Borders this weekend, and had earned $5 on my borders rewards as well, so I went to find a good book. I had read a book by Shannon Hale called The Princess Academy and really enjoyed it, and I have been eyeing her new one called Book of a Thousand Days. I was able to get it in hardback with my discounts for what it will eventually be in paperback, so I was very excited. It is a retelling of a Grimms fairy tale called "Maid Maleen".

I made the mistake of starting it at 10pm on Saturday night. I wasn't quite ready to sleep and I thought I would read for twenty minutes or so and be sleepy enough to go to bed. I read right to the end in one sitting. Adam eventually kicked me out to the livingroom so he could sleep, but I just couldn't put it down. At 1:30 I finally made it to bed. It is a good thing it was daylight savings because I definately needed that extra hour of sleep. Porter was even nice enough to sleep that extra hour as well.

Now I won't say the book was life changingly good, but if definately held me captive for those few hours. I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to the next great coupon I get so that I can go get another of her books. She has also written The Books of Bayern; The Goose Girl, Enna Burning, and River Secrets. They are next on my list. These are her young adult books, but I just learned she has written a novel for adults called Austenland that I will have to look into. But the one that sounds most intriguing is the one she is currently writing, titled Rapunzel's Revenge. Doesn't that make you want to crack the cover and found out what its about?

Ok, so I am not the most intellectual of readers. Mostly I read for pure enjoyment, and I find it torture to read nonfiction most of the time, so sue me. I love a good young adult novel like The Frog Princess, or Harry Potter. It is just who I am. :)

November 02, 2008

Missing Mike and Robyn

So today is Sunday. Fast Sunday so we did a great dinner. This week there were roasts on buy one get one free at Albertsons, so I picked up a couple. Adam made roast with carrots from the garden and potatoes. So delicious! Adam is a fantastic cook. But it made us miss Sunday dinners with Mike and Robyn. We would have loved to share it with you guys. We love you.


So, I have never heard of this as a pregnancy symptom, but I am suffering more and more. I am getting paranoid and anxious about things, and it is annoying me that I can't get past it.

Cleanliness is one of those things. I worry about germs, especially right now as Porter and the twins all have runny noses. Also the twins are potty training, so there are messes with them all the time that drive me crazy. Logically I know it is no big deal. I keep everybody pretty clean, but emotionally I stress, without even being able to figure out why it stresses me. Having toys spread all over the house or things on the counter, or dishes in the sink, all used to annoy me a little, but now it is as if I can't rest until everything is organized and put in its place. I have always kept a comfortably clean house, without feeling the need to be super organized, but I am heading that direction. I catch myself cleaning up the toys sometimes even while the boys are still playing with them. Its aggravating that I can't just let it be.

Spiders are now another. I have never been afraid of spiders. I would never let them crawl on me, like I remember Bridget doing once as a kid, but I have never been afraid of them. We never had spiders in the apartment because we were on the second story, but once we moved into this house, we now have spiders. Little house spiders that really are not harmful at all. We have killed four hobos and maybe that is where it comes from, but no one has been bitten at all, and I know that there really is nothing to be afraid of. But I am killing at least two spiders a day it seems, and it is starting to get to me. I have had nightmares about spiders and wake up thinking, why was I so scared? I did have one experience a month or so ago that may have started it. I went to get Porter a sippy and when I looked into the top before putting the stopper in, I saw a film of soap in it. I banged it on the counter to loosen it and when that didn't work I tried to stick my finger in and get it out but couldn't reach it. I looked again and saw something moving under the film. Turned out a spider had built a web over itself in the sippy cup spout. I set it down on the counter and as soon as I did, a white spider popped up through the web, and ran across the counter. Adam came and killed it, but it still makes me shudder to think about it. If I hadn't checked it and just put the stopper in, Porter would have been drinking spider legs. There isn't a word in English that really portrays how gross that was to me. Blegch! just doesn't really express it enough.

It makes me think about people who have phobias or stuggle with OCD. I don't know how they do it. I know in my mind that there is nothing to be anxious about, but I can't stop the anxiety. I hesitate to reach into a cupboard or into a box without checking thoroughly for spiders. I know that the spiders I see here are pretty harmless, just ugly looking, but I am still nervous about one biting me.

I don't remember having anxiety crop up in my last pregnancy, but since these two didn't start until just recently, I do think they are pregnancy related. I hope they go away afterwards.